382. Meeting 1

Meeting 1

Skyscrapers are calm, sitting on the couch.

There is also a white old man on the opposite side and two distinct, serious elderly people.

At an average of over 90 old fogey, the three age groups were staring at the crafts.

“Glad to have a genuine and friendly consultation with the noble ranker of the Temple. I'm the president of the Royal Night Mei College, and you can call me Nix. ”

Sit in front of the white old man, and show a soft smile, a rumor.

“To be sure, Your Honor, is the head of the Temple of Miga, the Skyscrapers?"He apparently heard additional information from other sources.

It's Lin Sheng who sat next to the Skyscrapers.

He was at this point trying to figure out three people sitting opposite.

He was surprised that, of the three, the ranker of that conversation, although very strong, seemed to feel a little weaker than the one who had been overturned by astronomy before.

This feeling is strange, just like the lack of offensive nature of this power field.

“What's the matter with you? Just say it. ”Skyscrapers are light.

Nex, President of the Royal Night Meyer School, showed a charity and smile on the old face.

“This time we come with the goodwill of the Miga Government and White Paper.

We hope that the Temple will be invited to join forces against 7 Locks Tower. ”

“7 Locks Tower carried out terrifying, indiscriminate raids of large seaports and terrifying attacks, resulting in a large number of civilian casualties. It's a breach of peace throughout the world! ”

He speaks with justice.

“So, after hearing the rapid rise of your organization and strong news, we went here for the first time.

In particular, when it is known that Saint Force of the Temple, there is a certain use of restraint in Black Tide, the three Secretaries are very surprised. ”

Nixpaused, show a sense of sentiment.

“Even, not just surprises, but more like excitement.

Because, we know, against Black Tide's hope, it's finally there! ”

He directly raised the temple to the level of confrontation with Black Tide.

“So what? What's your purpose this time? ”Calmly said.

Nick smiled, stretched his fingers lightly and knocked on his hand.

“Very simple.

Saint Force's encryption, at the disposal of the Temple, is the purpose of our presence on behalf of Miga, on behalf of the Secretariat.

We hope that the Holy Mosque will be open to the sharing of Saint Force's secrets for the sake of humanity. ”

He looked at Lin Sheng, the cold side of his eyes, and he went back to the skyscrapers.

“In fact, in this case, Saint Force's encryption you must not be able to keep, and all forces need it so much to fight 7 Locks Tower, against Black Tide.

But we can compensate you for the temple. Even to give you two personal compensation. ”

Speaking of this, the power and background of the representatives of Nix et al., the dagger of poverty has been seen.

Their purpose is to get Saint Force's study from the outset.

Saint Force and Demonic Ability were mutually stimulating and dramatically scaling up the model of strength, giving rise to a sense of crisis in the eyes of other forces.

It may not take long to go on like this, and the temple will explode into a giant mass.

This will not be allowed, both in the three main contexts and in other forces.

Because this represents a division of original interests, it must be re-planned.

The new temple, too many forces can threaten.

“Moreover, as far as I know, the Saint Force Series Act, at its core, is in Palace Lord's hands, and only Palace Lord can teach Ash Seal down.

The saint who gets cultivation, once he's long gone without Ash Seal's meditation, can even affect his own cultivation speed.

Moreover, all the rebels will be regulated by Palace Lord. ”Feeling a little dizzy, Nick.

He laughed.

“So what we really need is the Force Saint Ash Seal, which Palace Lord had at his disposal.

Palace Lord will be the highest honor of all mankind as long as you wish to hand over Ash Seal. "

After all this, Nick looks at Lin Sheng and Skywalker.

In fact, in this case, the end is clear.

The Temple is unable to keep Saint Force cultivation law.

Because this is about all Demonic Ability cultivation's power today.

The practice of the Temple undoubtedly undermines the balance of existing forces. Plus, it's not really strong.


Nex faces are warm, inside calm.

This journey, the Temple has no choice. The results have been identified at the outset.

Lin Sheng is sitting in the chair, staring.

He thought he'd come for Saint Force, but he didn't think that even Ash Seal would have wanted it.

In the face of three major contexts, two ranker battles in the Temple Zone are basically a water truck salary. Can't resist.

Now, while Benne University has almost joined the Temple, it has become part of the Temple Division.

But in the face of a large number of ranker, the gap is still very far.

“Seems to think of a way…"Lin Sheng's mind turned around.



“This is it.”

Just when Lin Sheng's Skywalker met Nix and others.

The Centre for Ground Studies of the Temple, which is very important outside the gates, has come to a crowd of unstable guests at this time.

Three silhouette, wearing black clothing, with masks covering most faces, are standing near the premises of the Research Centre.

Three people were silent on the Temple Patrol patrol, which was patrolling the villa.

A total of three patrols, the night and night, are constantly being replaced with archs.

Such a shield can't be leaked, even a fly can't fly in, that's where it is.

The three people, who were so defensive, saw no trace at all if they did not see it in general and walked through the patrol's defense circle, just like invisible people.

Three people, like invisible, didn't hit anyone at all, pencils went straight through the door and entered the villa.

“The bell, in the basement."A man on the left whistles down.

“Well.”The leaders have a bunch of fancy pink eyes, and they look like they're wearing beauty.

Three people visited the perimeter and soon discovered the underground entrance, which was not harsh.

“Let's go, the fastest to harvest everything."Lead calmly said.


The remaining two follow closely from behind. Together, three people cross defensive metal doors and enter the basement.

It's just for the chiefs to just get into the door, and it's easy to say.

“Here…What's the difference? ”He's underhead sweeping the ground, and he's always feeling a little wrong.

“The air is fine, the ground is fine, the walls are fine…Like, all of us? ”The first bell expression is serious.

Three people stood at the door and looked down at the lab where there was less than a few meters. There's no vibration at all.

“How do you do it now?”One on the right side asks. “Why don't you just kill him in there, whatever danger he's in. The three of us have to do it ourselves. Do we have to think so much? One common denominational laboratory in the district. ”

“Then try it.”The bell spot, the pink hole slight.

He stretched right hand with a blurred symbol on his back.

“Music, shock."He's low.


The brakes, a circle of red waves, slowed out of his arm and went into the lab area.

(This chapter is over)

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