383. Meeting 2

Meeting 2

redwave tattoos are a mystery wave.

It's the powerful power of the bell family.

If ranker is breakthrough's limit, it will be possible to obtain an alienation from an equal sea.

So the ancient family like them inherits the power of the ancestors to pass into the bloodline after their ancestors have seen ranker, and generations to pass through special methods.

It is not necessary to enter ranker in order to be used. Rather, the capacity in the bloodline can be stimulated sooner or later.

Just a lot less powerful than ranker.

red wave tattoos are used by bells to detect traps, find special risks, and use strong audio waves.

At this time, however, it has left him without a negative and powerful voice wave, and it is not possible to continue its construction.

red wave tattoos are progressing very slowly when entering the experimental area.

It's like a movie pushed down slowly, red waves on the ground and walls of the experimental area, ceilings and various instruments, slowly like snails.

“Something's blocking.”The bell said coldy.

“Forget it, just go inside. I don't believe this shrine can hurt us! ”

The man on the right side is in a state of silence.

And he stepped forward and shined on his body, and he was dizzy.

In a dizzy, a tiny Demonic Ability bee, floating out, surrounded by his continuous dancing.


He stepped a heavy foot into the ground of the experimental area.

He just walked in, and he looked like he felt something wrong.

“My power is repressed!”He had some surprised and angry in his heart.

“Do it! We only have ten minutes. ”The bell no longer hesitates, looks forward, lightning goes into the experimental area.

Three men flew at the same time and scratched around the lab.

One piece of information, one drawer.

Whatever the alarm method, or smart electronic equipment, is at this time like a total failure.

The whole underground research centre, like an unsafe beauty, was completely open to them.

Test data, studies, even the holy water tanks Lin Sheng just found out, were quickly found by three, bringing them to the door.

Soon, the bell came up with a very special black safe placed underneath the laboratory centre.

This safe is completely linked to the ground and cannot be moved.

“Here, there must be something good!”He's moving his heart, staring at the safe.

“Open it!”His arm was dizzy, lightly on the surface of the safe, and his hands were tight.

A wave of invisible shocks, transmitting the safe from him, and continuing to shock within it.

The sound wave is shattered, and in the ongoing transmission, the source feeds a lot of information.

Soon, the password of the safe was completely cognizant of the bell.

He retrieved his hand and quickly mobilized several figures in the locker.

pā tà.

The safe is loosely open, revealing dark space in it.

“Is this…”The bell eye moves and quickly extracts a black laptop from the box.

A black laptop, which seems to be normal, can be bought on the street.

The notebook covers two words of record.

The bell slows down the first page.

You can keep such a good thing for the owner here, and it won't be ordinary cargo.


The pages are in motion.

The notebook was slowly opened.

On a clean page, a line of language and symbols he totally does not understand.

“This is…Ancient Rennes language? Do you know any more symbols? ”The bell has a heart, and I'm afraid it's something good to find.

I don't understand. It's okay to go back to a language scientist.

There's definitely a record of the most precious things in here!


He suddenly joined the laptop and went up.

Huh?It is at this point that a path of black smoke is suddenly flowing inside the basement.

The black smoke is synthesized and landed into three strong soldiers wearing red armor.

This is Lin Sheng's most significant experimental area, with a wealth of valuable information stored. So the safeguarding of nature is the strongest.

There's a red Warrior coming in for a personal tour every other time.

As summon, Lin Sheng doesn't trust anyone, only his own summon creature. That's his biggest fight.

So Red Warrior comes here every five minutes to determine if there's a problem.

Three red Warrior came out and didn't let the bell hit.

They don't move their eyes, and they don't seem to be worried about being exposed.

And when they just scratched, they put things back where they were, and it looked like they didn't move.

That particular hidden capacity, so that they can stand before others, and they will not be found.

At this point, however, it is not surprising to three that Red Warrior just showed up, that his eyes looked at the laboratory's regional eyes, and that the alarm button on on the broken wall was taken immediately.



The alarm of the ear exploded instantly, and the entire lab was soft and yellow, turning its eyes into an eye light.

The bell's three people don't move, bring up a big pocket full of stuff, and move to the door is rushing.

“Get out of here! There's too much abnormal energy concentration here, and there's no way to build a channel! "


Three people are like locust crossings, and the entire laboratory is prepared to establish rare materials for the Demonic Spirits Gate.

Still, Lin Sheng used to record the experimental computer hard drive. It is also a non-networked data disk that preserves organic confidential content. And the most important record notebook.

They were all loaded into big pockets at this time.

The other one was scratched, and Lin Sheng came up with some little stuff, experimental samples. Especially in glass cups of holy land.


Together, three people were exporting to the lab, making curiosity and leaving the Saint Force area.



In the independent conference room.

Lin Sheng, in his holy capacity, represents the astronomy and confronts the three Neks across.

The attitude of the three of them is little less sincere. In his view, this is basically the pressure.

How many ranker are the three big Secrets? The State forces of the government sector should also be added.

It is civilized to be able to notify the door of such a giant mass in the face of only two ranker small sectarian organizations in the district.

Lin Sheng is well aware of this, but he knows that, in any event, the Ash Seal control method of Saint Force is absolutely impossible to pass on to foreigners.

So no matter how the Nex three persuaded him, he was dead and bitten.

“The Saint Force Ash Seal Series Act can only be truly held in the hands of those who are truly interested in Saint Light, no matter whether or not we teach the outflow.

The mind is not pure, even if you get the cultivation law, you won't learn. "Lin Sheng said resolutely.

“It's okay. Your temple will take out the cultivation law first, and we will study it ourselves. Don't worry about it. ”

Nick said with a slight smile, it doesn't seem to care about talking to Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng is also confused by the fact that the opposing side has come with intense pressure, but the attitude is now like a hundred and twenty degrees of turning, and it seems that whatever it is, it can be negotiated.

Not exactly with swords drawing and bows bent, as initially.

‘There must be cats in here.'Lin Sheng's heart is cold, but he can't believe that these men and women are good men and will be so kind to accompany them here to waste their time.

One ranker, two six Wings with very limited eminent powers, or White Paper.

Will you be willing to accompany the head of a weak little church, where boring bullshit takes time?

I don't think so.

"So…Their purpose is to…

Lin Sheng thought swiftly.

Now, throughout the city, he has placed the police and patrol forces at the very limit.

Almost three steps, four steps on the first floor. Even if it was a mouse, he'd be shot first.

(This chapter is over)

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