385. Chapter 385 Assassination

Chapter 385 Assassination


Four beam of light swords from above and down.

The sword took the tremendous shock and the craziness, from the bell head to the next.

Lin Sheng expressionless, with his arms and behind Crystal Warrior, faced half of his opponents, and he was no less hostile.

As soon as it comes out of hand, there is no reservation.

After holy amplification, his power amplification nearly doubled, with amplification doubling, more resistance than amplification.

Large power and speed break the air, and even bring four blurred lights in the air.

The bell is all over the loop of freshwave tattoos, like circles, and he's completely covered.

In a huge crisis, he was surrounded by demonic Ability as exploded and turned into substantive flames.

If it were usual, Demonic Ability would explode enough to completely destroy every 100 metres of life.

But at this point, Demonic Ability, who erupted, was like being crushed by some kind of pressure to death, could only be packed in less than one metre next to him.

Demonic Ability's red light shows a big and small bell.

All bells are shaking, a path of strong noise that can crush metal and keep trying to expand around all the time.

The bell used to kill a real six-Wings capped man.

That war, he came together with each other's means, but eventually he had a high chess and launched an extinction at the end of the day.

“Even if it's a stronger opponent than me, I can hit you through an offensive!

If you keep going down, I'll be with you! "

The bell has a hard heart, and that's what he's always got, and if he doesn't do, he'll do his best, even give up his defense, and all his power turns into an offensive!

If this recruitment is replaced with anyone else, he may succeed.

But at this point, he faces Lin Sheng.

So he's thinking wrong.

red Demonic Ability, like the waves in the water, is spreading around. It seems that strong forces have been accumulated to try to counter the eruption of volcanoes.

Unfortunately, however, it no longer has the opportunity to accumulate strength.

Four white swords, like lightning giants, crushed into the volcano.

Turn your eyes all silent.

A few seconds later.


A circle of red light blew out.

On the streets ahead of the Centre, a circle hole was blown up on the scene.

Smoke is surrounded, dust floats, and all over the world is blown out with a wolf.

In dust, Lin Sheng pulled out four Saint Light giant sword, slowing out the mass graves.

Behind him, the position of the bell station has left only a few pieces of black clothing fragments.

At this time, two other black-clothed people have quickly fled with large pockets full of stuff.

They seem totally disregarded for the death of the bell, but everything is aimed at fulfilling its mandate. without slightest hesitation, no more.

But they're fast, the holy Warrior around the Temple is faster, and there's an emergency patrol captain.

A group of supermen blocked them, and a weapon of Demonic Ability was far targeted at them.

Once they stop the next minute, they may face a large number of gunfire attacks and St. Warrior attacks.

Even if the strongest six Wings are the most powerful, there is no doubt in the face of thousands of extravagant people who have flown.

Lin Sheng follows the direction of two people fleeing, chasing quickly. There were numerous delays and marked tracks, and he had no fear of how far the two people had gone.

Now, he, the clothing of dawn, together with the powerful amplification of the holy land, has gone far beyond the last time he fought at the gate of Benne University.

If he had to fight another blue tail, he would have taken care of killing each other completely within ten years.

“Strengthened, accelerated, plus neurological reactions, restored amplification four times, and full resistance, 400 percent…Now I've been above six Wings. ”

Lin Sheng's step-by-step move towards two people escaped from the direction.

Those two took his treasure notebook.

Unfortunately, he added special electronic markings and Saint Force markings to his laptop.

So I can feel the other guy stole his stuff.

If he said something else, he could have nothing to say, then the notebook would never have allowed the privacy to go out.

So whoever stole him, it would pay for blood!

On the crossroads, Lin Sheng was aware of the fighting fluctuations and Demonic Ability waves that were sent forward. Then turn to the left.

His foot is not fast, but every step is long away.

Step out and walk over the distance of five or six metres.

Just didn't walk out a few steps, beneath the bottom of the corner of green light.

a The path of the ink green chain breaks through the surface, and the speed of the swift sequestration of Lin Sheng's legs.

It was then surrounded by two sides, and there was also a path of ink green chains flying out, and Lin Sheng's arms and waist were surrounded by layers.

In an empty sound, several chains in the back have been blown, and the precise tie of Lin Sheng's neck has also been crushed.

hua la.

The chain makes metal noises, like in kind.

All chains are linked to the ground, to the house, and to the top silhouette that slows down.

These four silhouette colours are dark, similar, with short hair and high arms muscles.

The strength of its arm is not exactly the same as the rest of the body, and it is very uncoordinated.

“Save Your Honor Sacred!"St. Warrior, a team from a distance team, is approaching quickly, trying to use Demonic Ability and Saint Force to break the chain.

But nothing.

All Saint Force and Demonic Ability, hit on the chain, are like playing in a fantastic shadow. The pen goes straight through the past.

The Saints of Warrior were terrified that they had not yet been able to react, and were thrown out of the ground by a path of chains, stabbed in the body and died of non-life.

“Lock the chain! Seven Locks Tower's killer! "A new saint of Warrior, who joined the Temple, yelled. "Watch out for their chain. That thing can't touch. Don't be too close. ”

Lock the necklace!

Hearing this outside, there are a lot of known Saint-Warrior expression changed around, afraid of being too close.

The use of the chains is not a panacea, but a real, long old killer.

Their strongest performance, more than 30 years ago, was planned to assassinate a ranker who was seriously injured, thereby celebrating it.

Later, because of the high number of guilty people and forces, they joined 7 Locks Tower and became one of the most famous killers.

It was reported that four of them were four brothers, four tires, and that Spirit Heart was connected to each other, in cooperation with the merit. Four people like one.

Even if it's a lot of single power that is stronger than they are, the six Wings are too strong to say they can win.

Even if the assassination was stolen, the six-Wings limit had to be kneeled.

“It seems to be easy.”Boss in the chains relax said with a smile. "Thought this guy could be great, and now it looks like the blue tail guy was too big.

Or maybe there were other powerful ones at that time. With one of the greatest possibilities. ”

“Forget it, since we've got our chain of souls, let's do it fast, don't delay time."

Lock the soul chain for the second hearing of this, said with a sneer.

If Lin Sheng wasn't in the first place, maybe he wouldn't have been so sure.

But Lin Sheng did.

And whoever is in the chain of their brother, there is no doubt that he will die, whether weak or weak.

(This chapter is over)

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