387. Chapter 387 Assassination 3

Chapter 387 Assassination 3

the chain of pure-white colored had a tremendous fluid and blacked on a black clothed face.


black clothed had no resistance at all and was overflew and hit on a street copper on the left.

Copper is like collapse, black clothed faces are like electricity cuts, and Demonic Ability lights are sometimes empty.

He rolled over and fell in the ground, and wow in his mouth threw out a big piece of blood. There have been several times, but there is no way to take care of the body.

“Come on, what organization do you belong to? Self-identification. ”

Lin Sheng stood at the entrance of the suburb park and watched the black-clothed man on the ground.

He came here, succeeded in intercepting one of them and recovered something stolen.

Just another person seems to find out that these things are the root cause of their tracing. So lose everything, dive around, lose track.

At this point, it has been determined that Lin Sheng has a laptop in his hand, a slight slander, a whole notebook that has been broken, burned and turned into ashes.

He watched the earth slowly climbing up black-clothed man, waiting for his answer.

“As we dared to come here, that must be the one who gave up everything and didn't fear death. Your threat is meaningless. ”

black-clothed man's low smile up.

“Kill, kill, kill us, and this so-called temple will destroy…As long as we don't go back, we die here, and the three big secrets, together with Miga's government, will not let you go! ”

“Don't let us go?”Lin Sheng sneered. He looked around.

there's a lot of holy Warrior around here, and there's obviously some disturbance to hear that.

Indeed, it was normal to hear that the organizations to which they belonged would confront so many forces. Absolutely upset.

But Lin Sheng doesn't care.

Big deal. He left here temporarily with the Skyscrapers.

if the ranker level is not intercepted by the same ranker, even nuclear bombs will not be able to take them.

Because the overwhelming majority of ranker has super danger predictions, and terrifying's big formidable power attack.

Nuclear bombs also need to be launched to the site to produce formidable power.

ranker could have detonated it before the bomb exploded. And as long as not the core area explodes formidable power. Most ranker can take it easy.

In this case ranker is actually superior to the life of High-Level, a normal life.

“Since you can't say anything, you're not worth anything.”Lin Sheng is no longer bullshit. He's moving forward and killing black-clothed people.

Suddenly a very delicate and immense threat emerges from his heart.

He was completely bleeding, and his skin was rapidly shrinking, and a bunch of fresh yellow dragons came out.

The body is also beginning to slight mutation, the muscle is getting bigger, and the body's up and up.

The head starts to grow two spirits of Black Dragon. The twins are swiftly converted into pure golden.

An illusionary and transparently blurred armor, with yellow faint, covers the clouds of the dawn. Protecting him more fully.

Far ahead, he was like a human machine wearing heavy armor.


At this point, a little rays of light came from a distance to an unimaginable speed. More than a dozen times the sound speed, blink across thousands of metres and fall precisely in Lin Sheng's chest.

Demonic Ability!

And it's a huge formidable power soldier Demonic Ability!

Lin Sheng used such weapons and immediately identified the root causes of such threats.

From the time he found out there was a problem, to attack each other to reach the body.

Not more than 0.3 seconds in the middle.

Almost an instant speed, and everything has happened.


Soon, the first floor of yellow armor was broken.

That rays of light through the yellow deck, cruelly on the clock of dawn.

The dawn refits the surface with a lot of white light, and the madness assembles at a point, trying to fight this huge penetration.

But nothing.

That rays out of light's hard life, a little cracked armor, through a thick Saint Force layer, finally fell on Lin Sheng's own dragon.

Crazy force, coming from rays of light.

It is a source of growing dynamism, and once again it will accelerate itself. Instead of relying solely on the initial rate of outbreak.

Lin Sheng's yellow dragon, in a squeeze collision with rays of light, continued to spill the fragments of the debris.

But it's okay that the top consecutive layers are blocking him with a slight response time.

Just a moment at zero, he stretched his hand to grab that rays of light, pull it outside.


That rays of light were buried into a tiny piece of metal dust, dispersed in the air.

At this point, the whole process is less than a second.

The rest of the Temple Warrior was reacted to. It drinks and drinks, searches for suspects.

There are also patrols with moved towards rays of light, trying to capture the assailants.

If Lin Sheng hadn't seen Lin Sheng pulling that suspected bullet out of light, they'd even think Lin Sheng was dead.

“Great formidable power…”Lin Sheng looked down at the chest.

Through two layers of armoured armor, his dragons still have a clear blood hole, more than a few centimeters into meat.

“Better than the remote sniper I used the last time…Such weapons, even 7 Locks Tower, do not have such technology.

The only thing with this technology is three big secrets. ”

Lin Sheng's got cold hair.

Obviously, the three Secrets have mapped out the dagger of poverty and really want to kill His Highness.

“It's good that, because of disguised identity, they don't have much attention to me, or if they know, I am the core of everything.

That's not the size of this assassination, but ranker. "

“If that's it, don't blame me for switching the table!"

Lin Sheng's heart is bleeding. On the one hand, shocked by that just shot, and on the other hand, disappointed with Miga White Paper.

The assassination of such formidable power in White Paper's jurisdiction is absolutely impossible without White Paper acquiescence.

So, in any case, White Paper is on the opposite side of the Temple.

Lin Sheng finally looked at black-clothed people who had been tortured seriously.

“Pull it down, it's an extinct! To be used as a fuelwood for burning the holy fire. ”

He's just building the Demonic Spirits Gate, and he needs a lot of sacrifices.

Before the two holy Warrior silent, black-clothed person was tied up and brought down.

Lin Sheng didn't pay any more attention to the astronomy, which was far from being, and he just read the first thing and understood the situation there.

He quickly ordered several orders, stabilized the Temple Warrior, and then headed straight to the branch.

Since the face has been ripped, it's time to be activated.

Two minutes later.

Lin Sheng entered the Temple Division and came quickly to the Temple Hall under a crowd of high levels.

Brilliant pure-white colored in the Lordy Hall.

People stand on thick carpets, with complex emotional attention to Lin Sheng stepping up and standing at the prayer desk.

I have sinned for so much power, the future of the Temple is shaking, and no one knows where to go.

It is estimated that among all those present there are also others who have a different mind.

It doesn't matter, however, as long as the mind is not pure, it will soon lose all Saint Force, along with Demonic Ability, who will also lose the part of Saint Force's stimulus.

Everything will be beaten back to the original, even worse.

Lin Sheng stretched his hand, and his fingers moved up a little bit of Saint Force.

This Saint Force, under his rapid book writing and collusion, quickly turned into an invisible symbol, silent underground.

At the same time, a slice of Saint Force from Lin Sheng in the body continues to inject underground along its feet.

The core circle of the Saint Force pool, buried underground, slowly began to shine a path of mysterious Rune.


A flash, the first white light of Saint Force has suddenly erupted on the round.

Lin Sheng, close your eyes and see a great white circle coming up.

Play a series of numbers on the ball side.







The whole planet flames white flames, bright anomalies.

And at the same time, a very familiar electronic voice from Lin Sheng slowed down.

"Saint Force certification link…"

‘ceremony confirmed.’

‘Welcome to the central temple system.’

Suggested a new book.

The underneath city player of the second dollar, who's a very good invention, is all right?

(This chapter is over)

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