388. Chapter 388

Chapter 388

A little broken in the music.

Lin Sheng's eyes are dark.

Less than three seconds soon, the darkness floats a little light, light everything.

In the darkness before him, there is a huge sand plate that slows down.

It's a city of great color sand.

Up there is a white stream of silk, which is a huge network of Saint Force. It is made up of a large number of Saint Force cultivation people in the city.

“It looks like a wire. Is it actually a big little bit?"

Lin Sheng is familiar with this scene.

This is the case when the Temple is activated for the first time when it comes to manipulating space.

“So, what about the choice?”He looked at it, and found a very small word on the right side of the sand:"Prepare the Temple".

He stretched his hand on this line lightly.


‘Prepare the Holy Priest Lin Sheng at the heart of Ash Seal.

Temple of Temple:Spirit Heart is purified to be weak.Energy minimizes the negative state of the organism, purifys less negative spirit.

May be promoted to the Temple of dawn, the Temple of Darkness, the Shadow Temple. "

Lin Sheng without slightest hesitation chose the right palace.

‘The Temple of the Huang Divine:a special temple with certain strength.' Evidence has an eviction effect on the power of the evils. There is also a certain cure of magic, which can shelter one side of the territory and bring security and hope to the people.

Need Saint Force:200 Units.

A god has been set, and he directly confirms the choice of the Temple of Huang Divine, while conscious of controlling the opening of the Force's holdings.

Saint Force at this juncture in the Saint Force pool is on the rise of ambush and turmoil, as is the tide of the sea.

A large number of people pray in the city and pray to the Temple, Saint Force, Saint Light's salvation.

As such prayers continue to occur and end, the sources of the sea's Saint Force are flowing into the Saint Force pool.

Lin Sheng looked at Saint Force's pool at the time when Saint Force Units data were available.


“Has it been over 100 Units? It's so fast. But not fast enough… "Lin Sheng's heart moves, in the body's sea level, Saint Force starts to inject into the Saint Force pool from the bottom source.

Right away, he saw that Saint Force Units data, like hitting chicken blood, flying fast.

117, 186, 199, 287, 399, 476…

The data have been seen to reach 500, and Lin Sheng stopped Saint Force injecting.

“When I activated the Temple of Xilun, there was only 3 at the beginning of the Force Saint, and now 500 at the beginning."

Lin Sheng's not laughing.

But come back to God soon. At that time, the option of the Temple of the Huang Caesar was chosen, as Saint Force's pool of Saint Force was enough and immediately reacted.

‘Choose, Wong Temple.'

‘Link High-Level Institute of Law…The link failed. "

‘Link Black Feather City, the first priest tower…The link failed. "

"The backup model starts, begins the basic form of the Temple of the Trumpet…"

The people who are standing in the prayer room awaiting results suddenly see Lin Sheng on the prayer table, and the silent spread a circle of sunshine under their feet.

The lights are slowing down to speed, centred on Lin Sheng, and rushing through all around everything.

The walls were plundered, the bricks were plundered, the table chairs in the lobby, Book of Inheritance, the finest sculptures and decorations, and the many lofty lofty lobbies standing in the plains and hiding.

“What is this?”Campus expression is curious, stretching hands and trying to touch the red light rings of proliferation.

His fingers, when they feel the light rings over an instant, clearly feel the hot touch.

With the light looting over its body, Canpas has been terrified, emotionally depressed in the last few days, quickly wandered out, and the heart is comfortable.

“This is a magical force…”He's sighing.

Not just him, other people in the prayer hall, such as Madlain, Margaret, etc., feel clearly that the benefits and comfort that red light brings when it plunders its body.

They are exhausted, inappropriate, swept out of red light, and have been significantly complemented by the spirit and physical strength that they consume.

This is not a special means of obtaining short-term replenishment by stimulating physical potential.

It is a true complement to the state of the body.

the red light circle began at the Temple, quickly crossed the garden, crossed the grasslands and crossed the wall.

The light rings are becoming more and more visible, centring on the shrines of the suburbs, and spreading a circle of vast areas towards the eight sides.

In this region, all Black Tide's catalytic fog, which was dispersed, real Black Tide, was repressed, rapidly reduced and no longer expanded.

A citizen who hides in his own home for fear and fear, while being surrounded by red light, feels warm and comfortable, has also heard the sound of meditation.

The difference between the Temple and the Shadow Temple is that this branch of shrines is not only protective, but also healing, eviction, and the power to guide faith.

Simply speaking, the Temple of Huang Divine is more like gold oil than the Shadow Temple. Anything's functional. But nothing.

Well, here it is, in fact, the sanctuary of the Great Cities' Gathering Place, which should have the function.

What is required by the Temple of Huang Divine is comprehensive and capable of addressing all sorts of issues.

The Shadow Temple, for its part, is fully focused on force.

the red light was plundered in the city at a high rate of less than 10 seconds, accounting for two thirds of the city of Henrikara.

The light rings will only be slowed down until they are completely formed into a large and positive area of protection.

Stand at the prayer table, Lin Sheng's closing eyes again look towards emerging options.

‘The Temple of the Huang Divine:

Palace Lord Lin Sheng.

Saint Force:431 Units.

Mystery:Spirit Heart is purified to be weak.

Scope:One ring. ’

“Nice.”Lin Sheng is satisfied that this is too much better than Xilun's.

This Saint Force pool is replenished at a rate of hundreds of times faster than Xilun.

Plus, there's no need here for a height like Xilun, and after a reduction in the altitude, the scope of the ring has improved considerably. That would cover such a large area.

“This is the power of faith…”Lin Sheng seems to have seen a scent of the low level of prayers of the believers in the sea.

This Saint Force replenishment, and even more as red light rings spread, entered a new outbreak period.

He can feel that Saint Force's replenishment is at least two times faster than it has just begun, and that at this time it is still accelerating at the source.

“In so doing, it will take less than a few days to raise the temple to the top. Good! ”

Lin Sheng set his mind and came to see the magic that could be added to the Temple.

The mythology is the special capacity that the clergy can freely use upon the granting of the sanctuary.

As long as it is a clergy, upon entering the sanctuary, and with Palace Lord's permission, it is possible to obtain a certain number of academic qualifications.

The use of magic, of course, needs to consume Saint Force.

Once academic qualifications are learned, the pilgrims can use themselves even if they leave the temple.

Only within and outside the Temple, Saint Force, which needs to be consumed in the use of mythology, is entirely two levels.

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