Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 389

389. Chapter 389

Chapter 389

Another individual mythology, which belongs to non-granted mythology, can be used only within the sanctuary.

Like the shadows of the Shadow Temple, the protection and shadow pool.

These two are only creatures that have been granted the sanction of Palace Lord of the Temple, which can be used. It must also be within the sanctuary.

There are so many types of mythology that can be given to neurology and non-tariff mythology.

Targeted range of mythology and extraterritorial mythology.

distribution of amplification mystery and direct offensive mystery, among others.

At that time, there were two types of extraterritorial mythology that could be given in the presence of Lin Sheng.

That is to say, only if he is allowed to learn to qualify, those who qualify, wherever they go, are free to use the mythology.

Lin Sheng read it quickly and carefully, with an alternative sign that was played in front of it.

‘The magic can be added:

– Energy pressure (uniform repression of all non-Saint Force energy). In the shadow temple, all non-Saint Force energy falls by a standard level.

Need Saint Force:5,000. Up to 3 Level.

2- Lightning (with minimal slower treatments for all creatures of Saint Seal, while at the same time raising the strength of a weak asylum on its watch) (Saint Seal is a man marked by Saint Force)

Need Saint Force:5,000. Up to 3 Level.

3- The Red Club of the Eve (to absorb the strength of the yellow coma, to invade the special Saint Force pool, which was rehabilitated). The pool can convert a certain proportion of ordinary organisms into special Saint Light organisms.

(Saint Light Biology:Goodwill and Saint Force, with special organisms with strong physical and resilience.

Need Saint Force:10,000. Up to 3 Level. "

A total of three mythology, the first of which is energy repression, is the same mythology as the Shadow Temple of Xilun.

But when Lin Sheng was the first time of the shadow temple, he realized why the shadow temple was better suited to absurdity.

It's all because the prices of these three gods are too expensive…

“At the Xilun Shadow Temple, two or three choices of magic can successfully open…What now? ”

Lin Sheng once he saw the three data, his heart was rectified.

Five thousand.

Five thousand.

Ten thousand.

Especially the third, it's just the creation of a superbiologically pregnant pool.

The emergence of this red pool reminds Lin Sheng for the first time, and in the memories that have been absorbed, the powerful horses of blood that characterize the temple, the Tagos Flying Dragon, and the powerful sacred creature.

“If there's really a few times to show up the Holy Spirit, then this sunset is totally worth 10,000."

Lin Sheng doesn't look much more. I can't afford it for now.

However, it is estimated that, at this rate of growth, a magic will be formally chosen tomorrow.

It is difficult to judge that the Temple of the Huang Divine is more than the Shadow Temple, and more is the way forward.

Such routes, which are difficult to forge at once, will be increasingly strong and stronger over time.

Lin Sheng withdrew from the temple's virtual space, with some fatigue open and looking to many of the shrines waiting for down there.

“Gentlemen, unfortunately, not to be humiliated. Activity has been successful. ”

While the lower people have guessed the results from the anomalies, a moment that has been thoroughly determined in Lin Sheng's mouth.

Everyone has no choice but to see the joy on it.

“This is the blessing of Henrikara! May Saint Light be with you! ”Mayor Henrikara is a fat little boy, and at this point he's moving towards Lin Sheng microbowing.

“Thank you for saving the whole city.”

“Thank you, His Excellency."

The rest of the people were seen and paid back.

They are well aware that at this moment of the blackTide outbreak. If it is not a sanctuary of the Holy Mosque, the saints' tours, now the permanent Rikara, may have become a garden for all kinds of monsters.

Demonic Ability Users alone is unable to contain the spread of Black Tide.

At best, they hit the monster from Black Tide, but they couldn't do anything to Black Tide itself.

Only relatively restrained Saint Force can Black Tide be reduced and black liquid coverage reduced.

“Gentlemen, we did not bring Saint Light, but the people of Hindrikara, within themselves, chose Saint Light."

Lin Sheng's face is serious, low back.

At this juncture, the natural distribution of Spirit Heart's Cleaner Power Stadium, near the Temple Saint Force pool, gives people a sense of physical and psychological joy.

A long break of relaxation and sense of security, surrounded by all the heights of the site.

It gives them all the time nervous bandages, more firm confidence in the Temple, in Saint Force.

Only Saint Light can save everything.

And that's right here.

Tianxia mentioned an old body that had been cut out of four limbs, and walked into this holy temple. I can't breathe a while.

“It seems that everything is going well.”She scanned the whole place and showed a smile.

“You're very well there.”Lin Sheng comes back to smile.

“Yes.”Skyscrapers talk about a wretched nix, "and it won't take so long if you don't want to catch him alive. This guy can be much weaker than the guy who fucked last time. ”

“Where's the other two with six Wings?”Lin Sheng asked in the souls sound transmission.

“There's still a little scum. Do you want to see it?"Skyscrapers picked the eyeballs. "I should have overestimated the operational gap between 7 Locks Tower and 3 Secrets, ranker. ”

“The ranker of the three Secrets, with the exception of a very few strong, will need at least two to resist one of the seven Locks Tower.

This is not only the gap in field experience, but also the realm itself between ranker. ”Tianxia is a good explanation.

Lin Sheng nodded expressed his understanding.

“That's right. Let the three Secrets send a ransom. There's an ranker in hand, and we might have more time to slow down. ”



Hindrikara Street.

A garbage cleaning car has begun at a time when it was stored all over the streets of waste and garbage.

They sound tremendous in removing the garbage dump and in the back of a big backpack.

Urban hygiene cycle systems have been launched again.

After being cleaned up at the Temple of the Huang Divine.

A large number of citizens on the verge of collapse have received moral redemption.

They returned to their positions and, through the mediation and organization of the Holy Mosque, reorganized the great toothships of cities.

A bunch of garbage is cleaned up and placed outside the suburbs for centralized burning.

No waste classification environmental disposal can be carried out during a very short period of time, but can only be dealt with in a simple and rough manner.

A team of St. Warrior, inspired by the spirit of the team, with the inspectors, command a larger number of ordinary police officers and begin to sweep up radical and cult organizations on a wide scale.

A bunch of wandering cults were pulled out and taken away.

A hidden Demonic Ability Users is difficult to hide and is easily marked by the detective function of the Temple.

Under the innate talent of the pilgrims, their evil spirits are hard to hide. As long as it's against the Temple and the Saint Force's heart, it's all the opposite!

All of these extremes have been brought to the edge of the Temple Division, and a new research centre has been established.

That's where Lin Sheng re-elected Demonic Spirits.

At the same time, he was the starting point for a new and large plan he was preparing to study.

The research palace in town is so insecure. Without the protection of the Saint Force pool, even if there are holy land cover, there can be no resistance to attacks by foreign forces.

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