Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 390

390. Chapter 390

Chapter 390

The next day after the activation of the Temple.

One informs the world about the nightfall, shocking everyone.

Lin Sheng is looking carefully at the demonic Spirits Gate ceremony formula. Suddenly, Camapas was given urgent communications.

His eyebrows, this is about to start building Demonic Spirits.

What do you want from Campus this time? Didn't you remind everyone not to bother him?

It is crucial at this time to respond to the reprisals of possible attacks at any time in the three major contexts, to rapidly increase their strength, to increase their souls and to transform them into more dragon bloodline intensity.

Lin Sheng himself had a total of souls that went far beyond anyone, and, in theory, Saint Force was far from reaching the threshold of souls.

But his physical strength, hard life, deterred the indefinite escalation of Saint Force and Demonic Ability.

The total amount of Saint Force is much larger, and the container is also needed to allow it to flourish.

Lin Sheng was a container problem at this time.

The former transformation of bloodline ceremony has also given Lin Sheng the possibility of further improvement in physical strength.

Although his shell was in ranker's position, he didn't believe it, he was hard to live in a bunch, and see if he could break through ranker.

“Come on, Campos, what happened?”Lin Sheng's unhappy, open up on the communicator.

“One good news, one bad news, which one do you want to hear first?”Canpas is heavy.

“Listen to bad news first, I've always liked beetles.”Lin Sheng finalized a tattoo for the Demonic Spirits Gate and then began to inspect the material.

Canpas made an unhappy laugh over there.

“Well, say bad news first.

Redwing, now the king Crown Prince Reian, was assassinated at 3:30 a.m. last night when he was carrying a monster from a dust world. "

“And then what? Heaven towers are still there, Redwing. How about that? ”Lin Sheng will do whatever he wants.

“This is the case, but when Crown Prince was killed, he was killed together, and there was a six-Wings extremely strong soldier accompanying the Army. And more than 3,000 Redwing Demonic Ability weapons hold soldiers.

These people are an essential component of the ice line. ”


“So Redwing's ice defense is over. The line guards were subjected to intense attacks, with at least 150,000 dead people devouring Redwing's military layer and breaking down at least 80,000 sharp soldiers. "

Campus sighs, go on.

“These deaths and injuries are likely to be the resources of seven Locks Tower to create a portal, and if Redwing is not stopped, we may be formally confronted with terrifying attacks from the dust world."

“Well, but I personally think that's too far away from us, and what we have to do is quickly upgrade ourselves and upgrade the entire temple.

Instead of being caught in panic and panic here. "

Lin Sheng's face is calm.

“Now, please tell me the second good news.”

“The good news is that the ice line is out of line, that all three big secrets are now concentrated in confrontation with 7 Locks Tower, and they're afraid they won't be able to find us in trouble."

Lin Sheng, understand.

With the power of Skyscrapers, it is not a problem for one person to select three major secrets, ranker three. To take her down, at least four ranker collaborators are needed.

And then the White Paper Day Champion wants four rankers to work together to catch up, which is the day and night of Tam.

“Well, this is really a good news, and we have more time to slow down.”Lin Sheng's gone.

“If it's okay, I'll hang up first, and I'll probably close my meditation for a few days, and don't come to me."

“Well, without major event, it won't be for you.”Campus has some incontrovertible answers.


The newsletter is off.

Lin Sheng stood up and completed a material inspection.

“Well, now officially start summon. More souls, that means stronger power! ”

He walked to the door and lightly pushed the blue button on the wall on the edge wall.

Soon after a slight bell, the door was opened, a lost living man, moved in by Red Warrior, and placed in the range of ceremony specially reserved sacrifices.

A total of 12 criminals.

Lin Sheng was chosen carefully, guilty and unforgivable prisoner.

Rape, murder, evil sacrifice, skin, even human meat, nothing these people dare to do.

These are Demonic Spirits' favorite food.

It is absolutely inconceivable that the evil-doers, when they reach the polar point, bring the temptation to Demonic Spirits.

Oh, yeah.

The last body in a coma was thrown in the crowd by Red Warrior.

Lin Sheng confirmed that there was no problem.

He went further and spilled a silver powder light in his hand.

This is a special drug that he has named as a priest powder, which can replace the materials and processes required for many sacrifices.

This is also the result of spontaneous changes made by Lin Sheng, who is aware of many energy languages.

silver powder is all absorbed in the ceremony formula before it.

It seems to have been stimulated.

The size of a basketball field is so large that the ceremony formula suddenly escapes the freshblue fog.

Blue fog starts to cover the whole summon room. Even ceremony tattoos on the ground are slowly covered.

Lin Sheng's low moaning sings summon Demonic Spirits' opening words.

“I'm innocent white sheep, here, in this weak land, calling you to come.”

“Demonic Spirits of the Great Coast, wise and powerful special creatures, I will give you little fresh food and hope you respond to my call."

“I'm desperate, painful, betrayed, now seriously injured…"Lin Sheng swiftly picked up the blood syrup ready for himself, and his face was filled with a crumbling state.

“I am sorrow, misery, blood, and now I have no power…"

He swiftly turned his eyebrows into full of hate, and I would like to reverse the anger of the day.

“I have no choice but to beg for your gift."

Lin Sheng sings out his own modified summon terminology in Demonic Spirits.

It is clear that special effects are better than the original opening words, with the opening words of the line.

Lin Sheng just finished reading the first time and saw a circle of tattoos coming together into a different circle, which is opposite to two months.

The big moon hung the moon, sweeping out the blue fog and spreading the blue light.

“Kaguji, hsye, hqcuau."

Immediately, a reckless sound, coming from the ceremony blue fog.

As the fog swallows many of the fainted priests, a great silhouette slows up on the transformed ceremony chart.

That's a twisted blue meat group.

A diameter with at least three metres of giant flesh.

This thing continues to emerge from an ambiguous crying face, and its body grows up and down.

Looks like a big half-transparency stone.

A blue energy stone that can be transformed.

“I…Wise General Demonic Spirits, Cassau Filsiman, in response to your request! "

The Great Energy Stone slows down to Lin Sheng, full of panic.

“Come on, say your wish, for the sake of the sacrifice, I will give you a weak encounter."

“I…I want revenge! ”Lin Sheng said the first time that he was in line with the lines set up.

He's full of faces, handdancing, and he seems to be excited by the tide of his face.

“I'm going to raise my physical strength!”He asked questions directly.

“Physical intensity, promotion?”General Demonic Spirits is groaning for a moment.

“Yes, I can meet your wishes. A powerful, perfect, body intensity upgrade mystery.

Your soul is strong, and the future is unlimited, and I am willing to invest resources in you in advance. "

Preparations are under way to kill Lin Sheng, hearing this ton stop, get ready for control and put it down temporarily.

“Great General Demonic Spirits, thank you for your attention! Please teach this knowledge. ”

Once again, he's full of expectations and aspirations for each other.

“I like your eyes. So this is a blood that I've ever got, a special loss. It gives you the knowledge you need. ”

General Demonic Spirits wore, slowed down from the right side of the skin, squeezed out a bunch of thick, bleeding with seven colours of activity.

That blood doesn't look like blood, but Lin Sheng sees its first eyes and realizes that this is some kind of powerful old blood.

General Demonic Spirits was comfortable watching Lin Sheng shaken.

If this transaction is completed, he will be given a great deal of high-quality sacrifices. This has resulted in further development at the level of life.

With a bunch of confused blood that their entire Demonic Spirits tribe could not study, it was for so many high-quality sacrifices.

For General Demonic Spirits, there is no doubt that this is an absolute high-cost transaction.

(This chapter is over)

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