Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 391

391. Chapter 391

Chapter 391

Miga border.

“Run! Run!


Two white silhouette runs fast in wind and rain.

Their speed has gone far beyond the ordinary people and reached an unimaginable level.

Strong black mud, in this Primordial landscape, the wild cattle, which had already been migrated, stepped on a solid footing.

But under the steps of both, black mud is still like mud, and it's easy to blow up a big pit.

Both individuals burned the flame of dark demonic Ability.

One of the first is a woman, with fox ears on his head, with huge white tails shaking.

More importantly, she still holds an ugly girl in her arms.

The girl's face, most of which is burned by fire, is ugly and difficult to reach. But it's clearly out of the ordinary dress and jewellery on it.

“Mother, let go of me, it's okay. You'll never get away with me. ”Girl expression is quiet.

“Don't talk!”The fox girl's got her mouth shut and said, "We can get out of here, sure!"


And suddenly another woman who fled behind him was captured by invisible objects in the darkness of the back.

She can barely scream, and half of her body is invisible to some kind of creature, one bite.

The woman fell in the ground, desperately stretched his hand forward and wanted to continue climbing.

But it's too late.

In the darkness of a twisted light, the hectares cover her whole body.

After that, the woman disappeared without a trace, with only a little residual blood.

The rain is getting bigger.

Fox girls are trembling, crazy running away, as long as they flee into the border line, as long as they encounter border guards.

She and daughter will be saved! Sure!

She's so fluid in her mind. Demonic Ability has reached the edge of the overhead.

The whole community, all dead, is left to their families. The husband's gods are gone, and the scorch is over.

Just a few days, the city was attacked, the palace fell, and they fell from the cloud to the bottom of the valley.

And now, only two of them have the last hope.

“Soon, soon…”The fox girls are looking far away, and on the rocks of Nagasaki, she is about to see the light of the spiritual tower guarded by the border town.

That's after the Demonic Ability core point, Dipankara tower, which produces very strong penetration light.

“Hold on…Hang on! We're almost there! Quick… "pu!

A blood meat was torn apart.

The fox woman broke his legs and disappeared instantly.

“No!”The girl in her arms wanted to scream, but she was killed by fox ear. Don't let it make a sound.

She's shaking the girl's head. The blood color on the face is rapidly losing.

“Live, down, go.”The fox woman opens her mouth and speaks to her mouth.

Girls are shaking, wanting to scream, but she died in her own mouth.

Just watch Mother fall in front of her. And then, by some kind of creature in the dark, hard life dragged into nothing and disappeared.

No noise.

Girls fell on the ground, wet, but she still stuck her mouth and watched where Mother disappeared.

And then step further, she's shaking around, moving towards the bright place.

She's special, as long as she doesn't make a sound, as long as she doesn't make a sound…

Girls can't afford to tear, slide in their cheeks, mix rainwater and know where the tears are.



Lin Sheng took a small group of colored glass balls in his hand, and the body was wearing special blood from General Demonic Spirits.

General Demonic Spirits named this blood as chaos.

Lin Sheng thinks so.

It was also because of the blood that he abandoned his intention to kill General Demonic Spirits. And it started to solidify the Demonic Spirits ceremony passage.

the entrenchment of summon Demonic Spirits' passage is not difficult, and it is difficult to be extremely dangerous in this channel.

In Black Feather City, there were also attempts by jurists to solidify the passage.

But not long ago, the other side of the road was found by strong Demonic Spirits, and as a result, the powerful jurist, together with his tower and himself, became the food for the Demonic Spirits.

Of course Lin Sheng will not make such an empirical mistake.

He has solidified the passage, while also using the power of the Holy Land of the Holy Mosque to inject hard life from the tunnel into the freshness of Saint Force's breath.

As a result, Demonic Spirits on the channel smells all the most hateful Saint Force breaths here, and they move away from this side, not close to contact.

To do so, there is a need to release Saint Force from the sources and to allow it to spread freely into the gateway.

For others, it may be very difficult to complete this issue.

But for Lin Sheng, the creation of some holy land, and the absorption of it at the intersection, can be done.

“It seems that this approach is effective, except for me, and it seems that no one else can do it.”

Lin Sheng sat on the chair and looked at the opposite isolated room, which was a quadripartite shape, with a loop of freshly blue doors in the door.

That's his solidified Demonic Spirits passage.

Now, of course, this passage is just a little bit of a crack, and it's not open.

After all, maintaining the corridor is a resource and energy need, opening the door when it does not need it, without that need.

So Lin Sheng just needs to leave a sewer as a positioning point.

When that takes place, the door of Demonic Spirits can be opened as soon as it is easy to push.

“This blood, there must be something in it. Demonic Spirits never lies, but if I really believe in it, then absorb this thing, I'm afraid there's a problem with the aftermath. "

Lin Sheng took the glass pearl lightly, looking at the seven colored liquids in it.

“can be tried with a very small amount of dilution."

He set the gods, decided not to give up this thing, and Demonic Spirits wouldn't lie after all, that's the race iron rule.

So this blood can increase the strength of the body, and it must be true. As to the way in which it might be enhanced, it was unclear.

Lin Sheng stood up and didn't go to the tunnel.

It went to the other research center, a black instrument in the corner.

He was careful to put glass balls in his hand, put them in the instrument, and then quickly adapted the various parameters data operations.

Finish the trigger.

Soon, the instrument slowed down a drop of seven colored thin liquids.

This liquid just fell down in a big breeding pool.

The gray breeding fluid is in the middle, spinning a little flower, and everything is in vain, without any reaction.

“Is that it?”Lin Sheng's eyebrows slowed up.

Soon, it's a second drop of seven colored liquids, and slowly drops in the breeding pool.

This time it was reactive.

The breeding pools are beginning to show some very small buoys.

And these wrecks, they're flying fast near the location of the seven colored liquid drops.

Lin Sheng, look closely at these wrecks.

He can feel that these wrecks are not bad at all, but rather some kind of special energy-generating substance.

Large quantities of energy-efficient substances are being absorbed by a small piece of water in the centre.

Soon, less than half a minute, the whole breeding fluid started taking white gasoline.

The total amount of liquid cultivation is rapidly declining.

Lin Sheng remains indifferent to all the processes that have occurred.

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