392. Chapter 392

Chapter 392

The total amount of liquid cultivation is increasing and decreasing.

Soon, the whole breeding tank, with only large and small colored liquids left.

Lin Sheng watched the water and suddenly stretched his hand.

A Saint Force was precisely shot out of his finger and landed on the surface of that colored liquid.


A bunch of invisible smoke spreads out of those seven liquids and spreads out soon.

Lin Sheng clearly felt that some of the seven colored liquids were filled with bad things, and was rotated by Saint Force.

“But not yet clean. There's something in there! ”

And he blinded his eyebrows and looked at the seven colored waters.

It's surprising that Lin Sheng's heart is surprised to look at the data on the screen on the next instrument.

“More than 3,000 times have been diluted, and there is so much confusion."

He will not call it a miscellaneous substance for Saint Force.

Thought about it for a while, he finally decided.

Take the mouse first.

Lin Sheng, through communicator, sent out a cage of dozens of experimental rats, followed by another 10 experimental capital criminals.

Then he buried his head into a study of this chaotic blood.

This blood makes him very obsessed.

It has an extremely perfect sub-structure and a strange anomaly.

At the same time, in different settings, the nature and capacity shown are also completely different.

The most critical is adaptability.

The bleeding of chaos is incredibly strong in all settings that Lin Sheng can show in simulation.


The first batch of white rats, Lin Sheng, started experimenting with scarce bleeding.

As a result, more than 90 per cent of the small white mouse exploded and about half of the remaining ingredients did not react.

In the other half, there have been special changes.

Their bodies, they're starting to exaggerate.

The skin grew up a little silver flash, and the ear showed the saws, and it lasted, and the end turned sharp.

The teeth became even more sharp, and the festivals naturally grew up in metal geological skulls similar to Bone Armor.

At the same time, sexual intercourse has become extremely good.

In addition, Lin Sheng has been tested and found that these rats have been extensively extended to lifespan.

The shortest one also extended hundreds of years. More than three hundred years.

After determining the results of the experiment, Lin Sheng left only a few for observation, while the remaining successful rats entered his stomach.

Since experiments are experimental, such confused blood is absorbed after the experimental body is filtered. Whether it can be effective is also a subject that Lin Sheng wants to try.

So he didn't slightest hesitation ate all the experiments with a little mouse.

Turn around for three days.

In these three days Lin Sheng came out of a demonic Spirits every day for the rest of the day to feed for the enhancement of souls, all of which were stuck in chaotic blood research.

This thing he's already trying to use on living humans.

After tens of thousands of times, chaos continue to generate a modest stimulus, with a significant increase in the physical and physical intensity of the human body.

But the only thing that's bad is that this thing has a lot of mental influence. It seems easy to move towards good fighting and killing.

Those who experimented successfully received data after observation, and Lin Sheng sacrificed them all.

It goes without saying that the post-trial death penalty offender, who comes to sacrifice, can summon out close to General Demonic Spirits at the level of General Demonic Spirits.

It was an accident for Lin Sheng.

So he was angry to throw all the losers into the ceremony formula to maintain Demonic Spirits' doors. In this way, the passage will last for at least a year and a half without closure.

And he left the bleeding of chaos in his hand, and in the aftermath of Lin Sheng's many filters, sophisticated, diligent, middle and afterwards, he could finally start a new round of bloodline modifications.

Lin Sheng's comparison of data and indicators has maintained the scarce post-default bleeding concentration to a very rare and exaggerated level.

Then it was up to him to decide whether to absorb it. Just like those experiments before.

But if it were him, there would be no need to worry about it even if it came out of the middle.

He was too large in the body's Saint Force, which could not even survive in the body without Saint Light's permission.

The dilapidated bleeding of chaos has reached the pace at which Lin Sheng will take it easy.

He was on a switch test once. Attempts are made to find a clean-up programme that is better suited to itself from the outcome of the instrument.

And soon, a successful human experiment, drew Lin Sheng's attention.

The experiment, which succeeded in overcoming the erosion and explosion of the pre-chaos period, had no special grievances on it.

Just at the time of the test, he suddenly showed strong physical protection.

This extremely concrete effect has attracted Lin Sheng's concern.

In the past few days, he soon found out about the use of confused blood from that person.

This wonderful, powerful blood, which is confronted with a particular substance in biological blood, has strong resistance and can be further cleaned up in this confrontation.

When the focus has been identified, Lin Sheng extracts large quantities of special substances from biological blood.

He named this substance as an orderly heart fluid.

For the Temple, it is very simple to have access to the heart of order.

Lin Sheng merely ordered a blood test, and in a few days nearly thousands of people in the city had blood containing orderly heart blood.

He brought the blood of thousands of people together and then mixed the rest of the chaos into it.

Ultimately, Lin Sheng was well tested by a series of special means.



Temple prayer hall.

At a high level of branches, the time has come to come together to look at the aggregation of information and the specific situation in the peripheral areas of Etrikara.

Specialized surveillance devices, on the giant projection screen, will show details and clarity everywhere.

Security control is provided by a deputy professor from the Benne University factory.

He's wearing old flowers, and he's wearing a slight pencil, standing in front of the projection screen, and giving you a careful answer.

“In the present case, the stabilization data provided by the patrol indicate that in the past two days, the presence of Black Tide in the vicinity has been increasing and more intense. Almost reached the highest density in history.

The types and quantities of monsters in Black Tide have also begun to increase significantly. Specific data curves rise from cliff. "

on the projection screen, there's a constantly fast glimpse of a dynamic surveillance picture.

One of the peripheral areas of the city, Demonic Ability Users of Patrolsman, with St. Warrior, is trying to kill a variety of monsters from outside.

“After we have checked, the most threatening of these exogenous monsters is hypocritical and spiritual monsters.

Second is a large range of physics monsters.

We have produced a monster manual based on the risk of a monster, and have been distributed on the phone of all Great Sage employees. ”

The picture begins to show a monster's whole picture.

(This chapter is over)

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