393. Chapter 393

Chapter 393

Lin Sheng is serious, staring at a monster on the screen.

“How's the patrol pressure now?"He's asking questions.

“Pressure is still in good condition and the level of casualties is very low because of the presence of a shrine purification field, coupled with the fact that the pilgrimages are wearing solid protective armor, and the use of Saint Force to heal themselves.

It's just that we're making a cash reserve for armor and weapons, and it's almost not enough.

Warrior's weapons armor needs to be preserved, and firearms bullets need to be supplemented. The metal reserve gap required is considerable. "The logistics manager Madlain made a statement.

The remaining heads of the factories also expressed the same voice that the situation was true.

Lin Sheng groans down.

“Isn't it possible to get metal minerals on the road? Where did the former metal consortium come from? "

“Most of them have been transferred from the depository base of neighbouring cities of operations. Now the Black Tide erupts, and the metal smelter over there may be a problem. "Madlain quickly answered. “Over there, the mines of the dust world are highly radiation and are not suitable for large-scale equipment applications. "

“Then I will go to Palace Lord and ask her to take the team to open the resource line."Lin Sheng fixed the resolution. "In addition, the type of attack to reduce depletion should be used to the maximum extent possible. ”

“Good. Now, the situation, the countries on the top of the country, cannot ignore themselves, the best way we can do is to be self-sufficient within our jurisdiction and find a better way to survive."

There is support for voices at the top of the lower level.

The deputy professor of the security director once again said, "Your Excellency, I have an update on the monster information transmitted here, and I hope you all come to see it."

Lin Sheng Point License.

The deputy professor immediately contacted his cell phones and projection instruments and transmitted the information that had just arrived.

Oh, yeah.

the projection screen came up with a whole new picture.

Between the dozens of silver buildings, a red human organism, drew attention.

That's a fucking red light female creature.

She has two sharp horns, black hair shoulders, blue eyes, thin body fibres, but long tails behind her.

It burns red flames on the tail, light all around the darkness. red light is from this long end.

“This creature, which seems to be a whole community, I named it, a fireman.”Deputy Professor said solemnly.

“The fire was the whole new kind of monster that started last night. Most of them are women and are able to control about 2,000 degrees of fierce fires, and wounded by their burning are very difficult to treat. "

“What about the level of resistance?”Lin Sheng asked.

“A fireman needs at least a whole win-win patrol to be surrounded. It is good that the fire has not caused too much trouble to us for the time being, as most of the firemen are independent operations. But I hope that everyone will be able to pay attention to it. ”

“Understood. This communal monster is quite troubling. They usually have a strict hierarchy of communities behind them.

This means that there is a stronger level behind these fires now. ”

“It would be preferable to get a sample or a living, so that the counterparts of the Response Research Unit would first target the research programme."

“Good, well equipped with some fire-awareness equipment in advance.”

The top floor is loud down there.

Neither of us is talking about the military layer in the office, and the views given are very relevant.

Lin Sheng one after another hears and gives a licence or an unauthorized reply.

“At present, in accordance with the rules of the dust world, there must be a distorted nest in the back of the fire, otherwise such a hierarchy of monster groups would not be such a wanton attack on human gatherings."Canpas was judged.

“A twisted nest?"Lin Sheng heard this word for the first time.

Not just him, but a lot of people here, for the first time, have heard that there is a doubt on his face.

“Explain in a short time is more troubling, as long as you know, a distorted nest is equivalent to a particular monster factory."Campas's brief answer. “We must destroy it, otherwise it will be able to swallow the corpse and produce an endless corresponding monster. "

Lin Sheng's eyebrows are wrinking deeper.

“Then destroy it. Organize the team. Start with the High-Level Corps. ”




At the end of the meeting, Lin Sheng again conveyed to the public the meaning that he needed to close.

Back to the research center, he passed it to the Defense Service.

As the black Tide flows, the entire Miga now brings together all civilians in moved towards the city.

The Government, in association with Moon Pool Stars, has established a large assembly site. Depending on a large number of Demonic Ability Users, they formed a defense line against Black Tide.

However, such a line of defence remains precarious, as Black Tide is likely to appear anywhere.

So, both internally and externally, their defense must be maintained at a very high level.

In contrast, Etrikara is much better, just outside.

Send good information, Lin Sheng went back to an instrument like a big silver screw.

Take out a colour tube from below once again after Saint Force was purified.

“Seventeenth Saint Force Cleaner…Living experiments have also been completed, everything is normal, and the intensification has been good. I think it's all right… ”

Lin Sheng picked up the tube and lightly pulled it off and smelled it.

A bunch of faint words flowing out of the melon.

This is the bleeding of chaos, which has been purified by multiple means, where toxic substances have largely been eliminated.

Tie the tube, Lin Sheng, pour it all in your mouth.

It smells sweet in it, and it's kind of cold.

After drinking liquids, Lin Sheng poured some water in the tube, cleaned it up and drank it.

As a result, the bleeding of his hand from General Demonic Spirits was completely clean, with little drop.

When used, Lin Sheng entered the cellar of isolated cultivation and began to close the body to change.

Inside the body, it seems to be a bit hot, and he concealed that the bleeding of chaos is slowly infiltrating into the blood, mixed into Rock Dragon Bloodline, with some kind of fantastic integration change.

Time slows down.

One hour, two hours, three hours…

Lin Sheng's body is getting stronger, broader, strong with the bleeding of chaos.

His body, concealment, creates a wonderful special capacity.

It's a capacity to quantify material energy between reality.

Lin Sheng in a part of the body's blood pipe, which is being contacted, is turning into a half-transparent powerless state with the effects of chaos.

More than four hours.

Lin Sheng, sitting in the cultivation room, opens his eyes.

“Blood of chaos…It is this way to increase the physical intensity of the body. ”

Nor did he expect that the role of confused blood was to dilute parts of the body's organizational capacity.

In this way, energy transmittal efficiency in the body will be generally enhanced.

At that time, he, both Saint Force and Demonic Ability, had reached an exaggerated pace of operation.

“This represents my outbreak and energy defense, which will rise to an incredible level.

Besides, my body, I can make a little bit of energy fiction for a while…Being like Demonic Spirits… "


Like Demonic Spirits?

Lin Sheng, look towards Demonic Spirits.

If…If I could pretend to be Demonic Spirits, get into Demonic Spirits.That's not a constant source of oil, but an endless soul can be hunted!

Lin Sheng was suddenly surprised by his own idea.

Demonic Spirits world, no one dares to be real.

Even the top powerful man in the Black Feather City world, no one dares to slip into the rest of the world. Because you can't pretend to be yourself, that means the past is dead.

And now, chaos, giving Lin Sheng the possibility.

The risk is naturally high, but the potential gains must also be significant.

At least there was no need for a little more waiting for Demonic Spirits to hook up and enter the corridor. It's a pro-active attack, a massive swallowing of Demonic Spirits, a spiritual upgrade!

“If it's true, it's faster than killing in a dream!”Lin Sheng's heart is hot.

Because it's not hard to achieve this programme, in his current conditions!

(This chapter is over)

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