394. Chapter 394 Demonic Spirits Gate 1

Chapter 394 Demonic Spirits Gate 1

Lin Sheng stood silent before the Demonic Spirits Gate, and changed a special set of tight clothes covering the whole body.

This tight suit, if any woman comes to see it, would feel too naked, as if it wasn't.

But for Lin Sheng, these details are completely disregarded.

His tight suit was designed to carry out the plan in his mind, with special fabricated equipment.

The coat is outside, filled with a powerful fantasy material called Carrissa.

Such material would allow simulation to produce the special breath required by any kind of owner. This naturally includes Demonic Spirits.

He has not entered the dream these days, perhaps because of frequent replacement of sites, which has not yet been fully entrenched.

But the dream is not complete, Lin Sheng is in reality, but has been completed many times, and summon Demonic Spirits's experiment of contact has been completed.

He disguised his own breath, even if Demonic Spirits thought he was the same.

“That's enough.”

Lin Sheng looked in front of Blue Avenue.

He stretched out his hand and slowed up a blue tattoo.

These tattoos spread rapidly along his body, blinking around him.

Soon, Lin Sheng's body became a similar half-transparency.

His whole body released fresh blue light.

But as he keeps adjusting, these blue lights quickly become slight red light. One of the lowest demonic Spirits breaths, starting to break out of it.

Lin Sheng at that time, the appearance seems to be half-transparent men in a regular mission. It's red glow on it.

“Almost.”He looked back at the eye worker. "Please. If I don't come back, maybe I'm going back to you. ”

“It's all right. Go ahead. Don't you have any creepy parts over there?”Skywood's lazy.

As long as she doesn't touch her bottom line, she's still good at talking.

Lin Sheng nodded.

He let Skyscrapers come and look at it, with the aim of preventing accidents in the passage.

Skyscrapers are ranker, and in any case, power is far more powerful than his existence.

Faced with various problems and anomalies, it can also be quickly reflected.

“Well, I'll see you later.”Lin Sheng came back and looked at the crack of the freshly blue passage in front of him.

His heart is also worried, worried, looking forward, even excited.

After all, this is a powerful risk that no one has ever done.


Finally, Lin Sheng stepped up his feet, moved towards the passage.

As the distance gets closer, the footsteps are getting bigger, harder, faster, faster…

Lin Sheng's whole body, like a rock, has not gone into the door of Demonic Spirits.

Once again, Skyscrapers hit another debt, saw Demonic Spirits, and half of their mouth was lying on a bench near the corner, waiting for Lin Sheng to come back.

Just, she seems to be just lying in peace, and actually all around the floor is a little thin, suggesting that she can do whatever she wants to kill all the suspects.

“Hope everything goes well.”She was not aware of what she wanted to do, but in the covenant she felt that it seemed to be planning some extremely dangerous plan.

Once problems arise in such plans, like steel passes, they are likely to have dangerous troubles.



gu lu, gu lu…

A series of huge bubbles slowly floating up from the dark deep sea.

One of these bubbles is inside. At this point, a peaceful man of expression is sitting at the quiet end.

Men just entered Lin Sheng on Demonic Spirits.

He showed himself fresh red light, and his body was like a fiction, and it could be invisible at any time.

At this point, he's taking care of all around the environment.

He's in a big round bubble.

There is also a series of massive bubbles that continue to float around.

And in these bubbles, there are no signs of activity other than him.

No Demonic Spirits, no life. Everything seems lonely and cold.

“Am I supposed to be in the Demonic Spirits world?"Lin Sheng's curious through the bubble inside, look towards the outside.

The environment out there is dark and dark, and it can't see the edge.

It makes him feel an incredible small and ambitious feeling.

“I don't know where it is. There's nothing to communicate with. Looks like we can only wait. ”

I don't know about the speed of time, nor about space.

Lin Sheng, sit down on your knees and wait for change to come.

The bubbles keep floating, upward, upward.

I don't know how long it took.

Maybe one day, maybe two days, three days.

Finally, there's a bunch of fresh red light on top of it.

Lin Sheng finally came to the spirit, looking for red light.


His bubbles are finally on one, floating out of the surface.

The water blew up, Lin Sheng slipped up his legs and floated on the water with floating power.

He had just entered the red light, and his eyes had not yet been fully adapted at half an hour.

About a few seconds later.

Lin Sheng's eyes are adapted to come in and begin to weigh the surrounding environment.

The water is a big irregular brown hole.

There's another red mushroom in a hard hole.

Half the air floats with a kite like a blurred individual.

These individuals are like people, some like objects, some like animals, some not like anything.

“Demonic Spirits!"Lin Sheng recognized the identity of these individuals at first sight.

He had a good heart and knew he'd come to the right place.

Demonic Spirits in the cave dancing in the sea, these Demonic Spirits are small and strong.

At the entry point, there are very few, and the last time General Demonic Spirits from his summon had a spell.

But more is the level of general Demonic Spirits.

In addition to demonic Spirits, Lin Sheng saw the cave in the middle of a giant spiral red crystal pillar.

the red crystal column is like a pillar, and it's connected to the bottom of the hole.

It floats around a lot of unknown silver light.

Just compared with the red light that was distributed by a large number of Demonic Spirits, these silver fluids are invisible. Looks like it's backing the wall here.

“Interesting.”Lin Sheng, as far as possible, frees himself from a weaker Demonic Spirits, like the general Demonic Spirits.

He walked slowly from the water to the cave, and then started to hit a group of Demonic Spirits that was close to himself.

Most of these Demonic Spirits seem to be asleep, or in the presence of communications alone and far away.

There is little communication between them, and even less movement.

“Demonic Spirits belonged to an enclosed group, with no attachment, Demonic Spirits, mostly in a state of illusion, unable to be contacted and only through spiritual exchanges."

Lin Sheng remembers a small number of Demonic Spirits in his mind, starting to slow down and stepping forward to the nearest demonic Spirits.

He stretched his hand, quietly, a little bit, touched this tiny demonic Spirits.

Soon, his food fingers touched the body surface of Demonic Spirits.

It's a soccer size, with a single weird Demonic Spirits, and he's opening his eyes, and the black red hole is moving a lot of data like that.

Lin Sheng assumed that it seemed to be in contact with people.

So his actions are very cautious.

The fingers after touching this group Demonic Spirits. A little Saint Force was released with a very hidden finger, stabbing each other in the body.


That's very small white Saint Force, like the strongest toxins, where Demonic Spirits in the body is swiftly passing, cycling, all over.

Soon, this group Demonic Spirits started smoking.

It's like balloons, dry, leak, turn your eyes into a tiny red jewel.

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