395. Chapter 395 Demonic Spirits Gate 2

Chapter 395 Demonic Spirits Gate 2

Lin Sheng picked up the pearls, and the light cars stuck in their own pockets.

He didn't keep hunting, but he looked at Demonic Spirits in the sky floating. Finding out that they were really not shocked, they quickly started looking around for places that could be hidden.

Soon, he was in the cave, found a hole dead.

It's like an L type, a narrow channel, and only after he flies out, the other Demonic Spirits can really see him.

“Before it is not clear, I must temporarily avoid the windows.”

Lin Sheng is not running around, but in this narrow corner, he starts trying quickly to reach out to the other side of the channel.

With his predictions, his communication is much easier than ever thought.

This hole seems to be at a countless crossroads.

The countless gaps in the surrounding space have allowed him to facilitate the passage of four gaps at one moment and to connect with Skyscrapers.

“Can you connect with all these gaps? No wonder Demonic Spirits are so easily able to respond to the calls. "

Lin Sheng has a heart.

Found a hiding place, and soon he also identified what kind of rest would be available for him to return to the real world, in addition to the opening of the road.

There were skyscrapers and summon leaders with large votes as coordinates, and he was immune to discover that there was a lot of time he could choose.

Lin Sheng looked at the many Demonic Spirits who saw the hole floating, and finally started formally moving towards them and stretched sharp claw.

He didn't kill around the beginning, but waited to watch the demonic Spirits move and live.

After a while of observation, Lin Sheng found out. These Demonic Spirits are not always safe.

They are equally at risk in communicating other interfaces.

A lot of Demonic Spirits were in this kind of communication, and suddenly pulled over, and then never came back.

There is also direct communication through which the following breakdowns occur across the corridor, destroying the physical soul.

By observation, Lin Sheng found that Demonic Spirits's non-combatant rate was still very low.

And the whole hole is upward, from strength to weakness, so that it is spread.

Demonic Spirits' strength and strength are stronger.

And there are occasional exchanges and contacts between Demonic Spirits. Just this kind of contact is different than Lin Sheng imagined.

They're going to split up something similar to the trigger or the wire, connect each other, there's no voice between the exchanges, and it seems to be a direct spiritual communication.

Only with malicious parties can they interact directly with sound and alert each other.

“This is amazing place.”Lin Sheng was hiding in the corner of the hole, where there was a hemispheric hidden area that could just block his exposure to other Demonic Spirits.

Just as he kept watching Demonic Spirits outside.

A consciousness of some weak Demonic Spirits, slowly approaching him like cotton sugar.

“Hello, can you help me?”That Demonic Spirits made a plea.

“What happened? You look weak. ”Lin Sheng answered directly in the Demonic Spirits language.

“I reached an extremely troubling gap, all of which is our very nasty stranger energy. I swallowed too much air over there, and now it's hard. "

This group Demonic Spirits is very honest and tells us his own problems.

Lin Sheng was conscious of the possibility of being sealed by the passage he had reserved for, infiltrating the breath of Saint Force.

“It's okay, I can help you with the treatment.”He moved to that group Demonic Spirits showed soft and smile.

“It's safe here, without too many gaps, and there's no other Demonic Spirits coming to interfere."

The group Demonic Spirits hesitated, and it really moved towards Lin Sheng.

Just, it's demonic Spirits on it, at least three times stronger than Lin Sheng. At this point, it is, like rubber mud, constantly distorting and creating a squirrel.

“I'm helpless…I need help… ”This group of Demonic Spirits' appearance and goodness floated into the corner of Lin Sheng's death soon.

And then never came back.

Without Demonic Spirits' care, their old sources of individuals are dying, and new individuals are increasing their numbers at a speedy pace and floating from the caves.

As time moves, soon, Lin Sheng is in the corner of death and floats into a demonic Spirits.

This demonic Spirits just disappeared there without any movement.

And then, a head of Demonic Spirits, in unintentional floating, gradually moved towards Lin Sheng's direction or passing through.

In these demonic Spirits, there are occasionally individuals who try to contact Lin Sheng.

But it doesn't make sense.

All Demonic Spirits, who contact Lin Sheng, are missing.

With the continuing disappearance of a head of Demonic Spirits, Lin Sheng has also succeeded in building a reverse link through the gap.

He used communication to sacrifice ceremony, allowing Skyscrapers to open their doors directly on the edge of their place.

Then a brief return was made to make the demonic Spirits jewellery that had been built into Rock Dragon Bloodline, absorbed and then returned to this hole.

Lin Sheng's mutation made other Demonic Spirits think that he was going to hit General Demonic Spirits at a closed level, but they didn't even think about what would happen once Lin Sheng had been successful.

‘Or, they noticed, but don't care.'

With the increasing number of missing Demonic Spirits, Lin Sheng gradually started shooting around the corner of the dead.

A head of Demonic Spirits was taken into the dead corner by him in fishing and then completely disappeared into Demonic Spirits.

He went back to the lab every other time and turned Demonic Spirits jewellery into Rock Dragon Bloodline and soul.

Progressively, the low level of Demonic Spirits in the cave began to decrease significantly.

This raises the concerns of a higher first Level middle demonic Spirits. They continue to move towards Lin Sheng's dead corner.

And as Demonic Spirits continues to disappear, this all-night hunting has allowed Lin Sheng's bloodline and soul to enter again a rapid growth period.

His soul breakthrough the six-Wings limit, slowing up moving towards ranker level.

Without realm and level of awareness, it's just a pure formidable power and strength, moving towards ranker.



Real world.

A team of powerful Demonic Ability Users from Moon Pool came to Henrikara during Lin Sheng's closure.

If they arrived a month ago, perhaps the high altar in Hindrikara has not risen much.

Unfortunately, however, they chose to postpone one month. Exchange and compensation are discussed first through satellite signals and the Temple side.

Thus, a month later, three more six Wings were added to the high altar of the Temple, with five Wings more than ten out of the middle cadres.

More than 20 people have been raped by the violators of Prevel.

And Saint Force concentrations in the Saint Force pool also accumulated an exaggerated numerical level.

The net power field generated by the natural dispersion of the Saint Force pool, combined with the presence of the saint of Saint Force in the context of sea quality study, exists. That led to the entire area of Hindrikara, all over the city, with the breath of Saint Force.

The hegemonic Saint Force's breath is almost mandatory to suppress the existence of all the remaining energy.

When the interlocutors arrive here, they are frightened by excessive Saint Force air.

The team fled the area in a rush to exchange the agreed matrix, which was handled with a brutal crowded ranker nix.

For its part, Ethnic Rikara has acquired a great deal of internal cyclical technology, a powerful knowledge that can be used for self-sufficiency and for the development of an ecological circle.

The three major and other few other core Secrets, which are in possession of this technology, have been able to sustain so many years of survival in an almost closed environment.

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