396. Chapter 396 Demonic Spirits Gate 3

Chapter 396 Demonic Spirits Gate 3

Not only is it true that a serious injury to Nixon has also been replaced by basic secretarial building techniques, rare dozens of dust world properties, and one of Lin Sheng's most vertical transmission techniques.

Although it is only a short distance transfer mode technology, for Lin Sheng, it will be a very short template in the ceremony and cartographic knowledge system.

As long as Xiling was concerned, he ate the pain of the channel.

Demonic Ability Users from Redwing, using a channel, urgently cut into the battlefield to support and flee.

This has allowed Lin Sheng to choose tactics to be extremely passive.

And by the way of Benne University, he was upset that possession of the transfer technology had always been the champion of the military and Moon Pool.

In addition to this, all the remaining civil association crown colleges do not have the technology, but only the purchase of existing product transmitters.

So, in the light of this deal, the astronomical turnaround included this technology that Lin Sheng wanted most.

Lin Sheng, for ceremony, will receive an unprecedented height in space transfer once the transfer technology is in place.

After all, he absorbed tens of thousands of memorial fragments, not vegetables.

And just after Nix was taken away from the deal.

A special small Squadron, attacked the vicinity of the tornado nest and killed him.

Eventually, the team succeeded in destroying two chaos nests and rescued hundreds of survivors hiding in underground shelters.

And among these survivors, a little girl with scars on her face has entered the permanent Rikara with silent human circulation.



Demonic Spirits hole.

Lin Sheng slowed out of the hidden corner of death.

He doesn't remember how many Demonic Spirits he swallowed, maybe hundreds, maybe thousands.

A lot of Demonic Spirits, by transforming ceremony, into Rock Dragon Bloodline in the body.

Rock Dragon Bloodline, which had already received a limit, had finally begun a new change under the plutonium of Demonic Spirits at sea.

Lin Sheng already has no cross-reference, and there's no ranker like Skyscrapers here that can help him test intensity at any time.

So he just knows that his body is stretched up at the speed of flight.

But what's the point?

He doesn't know.

At this moment, he seems to be transformed into a real Demonic Spirits.

Hide, hunt, transform, then circle this process again.

With the hunting of Demonic Spirits, he was constantly talking to these Demonic Spirits and was also informed of the name of the Demonic Spirits world.


That's the name here.

Lin Sheng learned about the social patterns of Demonic Spirits from a good talk of bad luck egg Demonic Spirits.

These strange special energy-efficient lives, typically in a cave world, exist in different areas.

Lin Sheng is in the hole at this time, just the corner of the Demonic Spirits hole.

The real Cafibo Demonic Spirits hole, basically equivalent to the size of a province in Xiling.

There are thousands of demonic Spirits living in it.

After receiving specific relevant information, Lin Sheng was no longer satisfied with the slow annexation of hidden hunting methods.

He needs more efficient ways of upgrading.

Demonic Spirits, in addition to converting ceremony into bloodline, can be purified into pure spiritual jewellery using Saint Force for absorption.

And the soul is the key to determining whether Demonic Spirits is weak or weak.

So he decided to begin to absorb all Demonic Spirits from hunting and turn them into souls. Because of that, he doesn't have to run around any time, keep going.

“It's almost time…”

Lin Sheng slowed back from melting.

“It's time to get rid of Demonic Spirits here."

He stood up and walked out of this dead corner slowly.

Outside the hole, Demonic Spirits, still floating from scarce evacuation, is only the rest of Demonic Spirits, most of which are powerful individuals at the senior level.

The rest of the low- and middle-income individuals have almost been eaten by Lin Sheng.

“There are more than thirty left as a whole. One breath is over. "

Lin Sheng stepped further towards a recent group of Demonic Spirits.

It's a huge group of people that looks like pineapple, and it's all over it with a scratch. Each trigger has a nose at the end.

Seems to be creepy, completely illogical and symmetrical.

“Look, look who this is. Isn't that the foreigner who knew that fraud swallowed little Demonic Spirits all day? "This group Demonic Spirits used to see Lin Sheng close. Then make a cold smile.

“What? Think it's enough to think that you can challenge us, the real General Demonic Spirits, who swallowed enough of them?

If you really think so, then I, Cold Bosco, will leave you a lesson that will never be forgotten! "

This group Demonic Spirits laughed at provocation and mockery. Don't forget to make a bonus on their faces, actually they didn't reach the level of the General.

In their view, almost all General Demonic Spirits were first taken from the smallest swallowers and swallowed enough of their compatriots of Demonic Spirits.

But such a transformation, for any Demonic Spirits, was made by may come by with luck, but not by searching for it.

Each creature is made up of all kinds and sorts.

And as long as it is structured, there will be limits.

Demonic Spirits is no exception.

So if every Demonic Spirits can become General, it's actually set at the beginning.

It is up to their souls, innate talent, whose souls are extremely limited and their ability to swallow their souls to the level of the General.

Lin Sheng was sneaking around the junior Demonic Spirits, and they actually saw it, just because they didn't care.

Just didn't think he was bold to really provoke Demonic Spirits to the top.

You just swallowed thousands of junior demonic Spirits in the district, and thought you'd be able to confront them with these big demonic Spirits who are about to step into the general level?

That's ridiculous.

“Let me think, do you think you've swallowed too much Demonic Spirits, that your soul has reached the limit, that you feel that your strength has grown, and that it has risen to an unbearable point?"

“Yo, does it look good? It looks like a human creature. Good solidification. ”

“People swallowed thousands of junior demonic Spirits. Oh, don't look at this new man!"

“Thousands of dollars! That's a lot! ”

“He looks good, doesn't he want to kill us? Unfortunately, I like you trying to kill me and take what I can do. "

“Funny new hand.”

“That's funny. Don't kill it too fast this time, have fun. Or is it too boring? "

A group of high-ranking demonic Spirits freaks surrounded Lin Sheng in the middle.

Throughout the hole, almost half of the senior demonic Spirits came.

They're surrounded by Lin Sheng, a giant and red body, and they're making a terrible laugh.

Lin Sheng's silent stand in the middle, down the head.

The sharp sound keeps drilling into his ear like a scream that keeps trying to pass through his soul.

These Demonic Spirits are speaking only on the surface, but they actually started testing attacks.

A head of Demonic Spirits, surrounded by him, was close, laughed, mocked, approached with deep evil and killing intent.

But no one noticed that Lin Sheng was slowing up the tide.


That brake, Lin Sheng, an arm across the right side of the head, Demonic Spirits.

The air blows his hair down and reveals the sacred eyes of pure white rays of light.


Strong balloons circled around Lin Sheng, and there was a sudden glance between golden and white.

Not waiting for the rest of the senior demonic Spirits to come back to God.


A blast out of white golden light in a dizzy.

Just one brake, the whole hole is brilliant and white.

The rest of the high class Demonic Spirits, as many as possible, was worn through the body.

In silent rooms, all high-ranking demonic Spirits burned and turned into a pure demonic Spirits Pearl.

All white golden light has slowed down and vanished.

Lin Sheng has been wearing a thick clothing of dawn, with his head packed under a helmet.

It's just a little different when peace comes to his forehead, stretching two sharp spirits up to the top.

The corner of the dragon is slight, half a metre long enough, with ancient, pure and noble breaths.

Low down, Lin Sheng stretched his hand, and the demonic Spirits, who fell around, flew in his nest.

one after another absorbed Demonic Spirits in his hand.

Lin Sheng's quiet way to this little hole is the only exit. The tall and white silhouette is gradually disappearing in the red passage.

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