397. Chapter 397

Chapter 397

dark red's giant hole, like the sky's full of heads.

Lin Sheng stood in the hole and looked forward.

The first three directions are a red plain that can't see the edge, the top of which is the giant red rock wall of the arch.

In one eye, there are rare evacuations of Demonic Spirits in the middle of the sky.

Unlike Demonic Spirits in the cave, Demonic Spirits outside seem to be aggressive.

Lin Sheng saw a lot of Demonic Spirits suddenly swallowed up and swallowed the same.

There was also Demonic Spirits in the ditch, and suddenly the sudden body became stronger and quickly upgraded to a stage. It is clear that a number of gains have been made from the transaction.

Lin Sheng looked down the ground.

The earth is not mud, not rocks, but a cloud that keeps crying like blood meat.

As can be seen through the clouds' covenant, there seems to be some kind of living beneath your feet, mysterious terrifying.

“This place…It's not good to see. ”Lin Sheng is more vigilant.

Well, all Demonic Spirits at the entry point did not go beyond his response.

Six Wings' very limited strength is here, and it's already high.

Besides, he was extremely restrained by Demonic Spirits's powerful Saint Force.

Think about it, Lin Sheng stretched his hand, a green sword shining in white light, and it appeared in his right hand.

This is a special weapon created by Demonic Ability, Saint Force.

Not like a pure Saint Force simulation into long sword.

As a result, Saint Force fluctuations brought about by such weapons have also been repressed at a very low level.

As long as a little attention is paid and more concealed, Demonic Spirits can be quickly harvested without drawing their attention.

Lin Sheng grabbed the sword, swept it up, stepped on his feet and shot it straight out at the end of the day.

blink, the first one, like Demonic Spirits, standing outside the lock of two ten meters, was stabbed by his sword, burned up with white fire, and then turned into Demonic Spirits.

Lin Sheng is acting quietly, picking up Demonic Spirits, flying towards the second Demonic Spirits.

The demonic Spirits, apart from the general level, cannot at all argue with him.

Demonic Spirits' strength, more at the spiritual and spiritual levels. And this power is perfect under Lin Sheng's restraint.

Lin Sheng absorbed too many souls, his own souls were strong, together with a lot of summon leaders behind him.

The total amount of Soul Intensity and soul alone is equivalent to at least five General Demonic Spirits.

So in dealing with these ordinary demonic Spirits up, it's just a sword, not a blow.

In the dark sky, Lin Sheng became a freshly white line, and the lightning was constantly on a head of Demonic Spirits.

All Demonic Spirits, which he touched, burned up in a brake, were looted into Demonic Spirits.

Soon, five minutes short, around several hundred meters, thousands of Demonic Spirits were slaughtered.

Lin Sheng's energy-intensive body is too strong and too fast.

He's at least two or five times faster than before he gets confused.

white sword assassination Demonic Spirits, which triggered very little turmoil.

Even two Demonic Spirits were only 10 metres from each other, but one of them was killed and the other was unknown.

A Demonic Spirits jewellery was just taken by Lin Sheng, and immediately was purified by Saint Force, turned into pure spiritual jewellery and then absorbed.

Lin Sheng's souls seem to be blowing up and growing up.

It's just because his total souls are too large to see any qualitative changes even if they absorb so many Demonic Spirits.

But he's not angry at all. There's still a lot of things far away from Demonic Spirits, not to worry about enough food.


A white light suddenly stabbed from the back of a lizard demonic Spirits.

white flame spreads in the lizard Demonic Spirits just opened their mouth.

Less than a second later, a Demonic Spirits jewellery was caught by Lin Sheng.

This is only one after another head general Demonic Spirits in this area.

Almost, the Demonic Spirits had a scream time.

As a general level, these Demonic Spirits have almost six Wings levels of defense. The pace of response is also fascinating.

If Lin Sheng were not afraid of their souls attack, he would still have strong Saint Force restraint on him.

Others were swallowed by Demonic Spirits and puppets into servant slave.


Lin Sheng recovered the sword, and there was a blank behind the earth, at least several hundred meters, and all Demonic Spirits were slaughtered by him as much as he could.

Far away, Demonic Spirits was terrified of running away.

A few powerful Demonic Spirits, gathered together, trying to warm up and fight Lin Sheng.

Kill so many Demonic Spirits, how retarded these guys are, and find out what's wrong.

As if Lin Sheng killed Demonic Spirits, all Demonic Spirits were boiling up.

They tried to communicate with Lin Sheng.

But all of his swords were lightly shaken, and all the spiritual fluctuations transmitted to them were completely extinguished.


Suddenly, a man, Demonic Spirits, stood up and punched Lin Sheng.

A gang of shock waves, like black lashes, sent out a huge roar of dragons, and a scream towards Lin Sheng.

The light is like black comets dragging the tail, where the ground is fragmented, the air vaporizes all the water, all around the light is concealed to distort the jump.

“Unmeaningless struggle."

Lin Sheng raised the sword to the forefront.


A half-month white light divided black grey stars into two.

The great power of the Grey Star has been wiped out of the risk of both Lin Sheng and landed on the ground and turned into two big holes of grace.

“formidable power is good. Too slow. ”

Lin Sheng's body just fell down, and Lin Sheng was right next to Demonic Spirits, a sword.

He's too fast. It's too strong.

As for the man Demonic Spirits, who was also buried in a powerful comet that had just been released by himself, the pressure had not reacted, and Lin Sheng had arrived next to him.

Until he gets back to God, it's too late.

A pound of Saint Light, which was forced to shrink in dark demonic Ability long sword.


Shortly after that, the human demonic Spirits disappeared.

Lin Sheng pinned the just demonic Spirits jewellery, Saint Light, and Demonic Spirits' jewellery was absorbed into his heart.

“Uh-huh? Much stronger than the general Demonic Spirits. At least equivalent to more than 10 other forms of demonic Spirits. "Lin Sheng judged.

With the sword, he moved towards demonic Spirits before he ran the most direction.

The essence of life lies in a weak group of hours. Through the clusters, there will be more sense of security.

So after Demonic Spirits, more should be hunted.

Lin Sheng absorbed Demonic Spirits, stepped down, the ground was slight, and he jumped out and turned his eyes across a lot of red ground.

Soon, Demonic Spirits in another region, printed in Lin Sheng's eyes.

He couldn't wait for the sword to rush into the Demonic Spirits group, and soon a path of Demonic Spirits's silent combustion became Demonic Spirits.

Demonic Spirits in this region has also begun to reduce rapidly.

Lin Sheng buried a sword, and in the body Saint Force, it was also depleting.

Instead, a Demonic Spirits jewellery was swallowed into a part of his soul.

Six Wings has long exceeded the limit.

Rock Dragon Bloodline, just upgraded, produced new qualitative changes and further strengthened physical defence.

And defences have been upgraded, and Lin Sheng has become more hospitalized to Saint Force.

As a result, Saint Force on his body was experiencing rapid consumption, but in fact, after being inspired by Demonic Ability in his soul, Saint Force was becoming a source of constant transformation that complemented all over the world.

(This chapter is over)

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