398. Chapter 398

Chapter 398

The spiral of souls keeps Lin Sheng cognizant and seems to be approaching a vague line.

He couldn't feel that line before.

Now, the sense of the boundary between Lin Sheng and Lin Sheng is becoming clearer as spiritual absorption accumulates.

In meditation, he could have felt that once it breakthrough that boundaries. Then his soul, perhaps some kind of strange change.

“The extension of the soul is spiritual force, will, attention, heart, etc., a variety of by-products.

The stronger the soul and the sense of attention attached to spiritual force will certainly be raised. And Saint Force Demonic Ability, too, will be raised at a high rate.

This is a virtuous circle. "

Lin Sheng's body has gradually evolved into a pure white line.

Kill, suck, next.

In this cycle, Lin Sheng's Slaughter is becoming more efficient and faster.

Somehow, the region was also killed in the same way.

He's unconscious to continue moving far away.

It's just this time, but it's not as good as before.


The ground suddenly builds up a silver shadow.

The shadow goes from the side to Lin Sheng, and the weekly wrapped up a lot of cold and hard oppression.

“What is this?”This is the first time Lin Sheng felt threatened here.

He's going to the left side, and he's avoiding the shadow with precision.

The shadow stopped on the ground, so it slowed around, and it was pretty straight back.

It's a human monster like silver metals.

It has eight metal scratches on its back neck, like spiders' legs, all metal thorns moving towards all around.

It's not a wake-up, the hottest eye, but this guy's all tied up with black chains.

Some of these chains come out of his veins, some of them are linked to his broken armor links.

“You broke the rules, foreigners!”The monster is mute, and warns. "Balance will be broken by you. "

“And then?”Lin Sheng waved a white sword, rolled around, appeared next to the monster, stabbed it down, left it with no mercy.

He's fast, and this monster is fast.

It's just an inch of body, just skipping Lin Sheng's slope.

“Is that your choice?”

The monster's arms are open and suddenly spinning, and the black chain in the body is crazingly dumped.

These black chains are surrounded by monsters, and they start automatically rolling and spinning.

But from all the chain situations. These chains are obviously alive.


All the chains suddenly went to Lin Sheng.

“Holy fire.”Lin Sheng doesn't move. Suddenly, there was a blazing white flame.

These are not the fire, but the very high concentration of Saint Force, which brings together and creates an appearance dissenting.

The Saint Force skills of Lin Sheng will be small, but they are very practical recruits.

In fact, most of these recruits were copied from the Demonic Ability system. The real Saint Force quote, Lin Sheng, is the one who developed the Saint Force round.

While others don't know what's inside, he knows his own business.

Pu pu!

Close chains, like moths, continue not to enter the holy fire, then burned into black liquids, dropping into the ground.


The monster is screaming, and it's clear in his big mouth that three black red's long tongue, and the distortions are moving around the other side.

“The graveyard, come on!”And suddenly, monsters screamed, rolled out, stuck in the ground.

His back started to sweep, a long red line, and quickly split up on his back.

hua la!

After a rare sludge of noise, the monster's back was split, sitting up with a knife, a white old man with four black cigarettes behind his back.

“Dirty."The excavator is a knife against Lin Sheng.

There are more than 10 metres at the dawn of the two, and the graveyewitnesses are still full of effort and a knife is cut off.


Lin Sheng thought he was wrong, Sophistication retreated a little bit, see what it reacted to.

But he had no idea that he suddenly had a flower in front of his eyes and that the whole population had automatically moved to the bottom of the blade and was covered under blade light.


Lin Sheng was picked up on the sword, relaxed to intercept each other's knife. And then the lightning is about to go down and solve the monsters with four black cigarettes.


Suddenly, Lin Sheng moved to a place more than 10 metres away.

His sword naturally has no place, no target, no success, no return.

“What is this? So great? ”Lin Sheng also met for the first time, a situation that ignored the direct transfer of any of the conditions of the transmitted person.

Spirit jumps.

That's the powerful name of the excavator.

And here's the concept of a spiritual character. It belongs to the concept of Demonic Spirit World alone.

Every Demonic Spirits has a natural limit, so that means that their spiritual position (status class) is different.

What is called a spiritual position, actually, can be described briefly as status, location, superiority, etc., as a relative change in the short term.

Lin Sheng had failed to return on two consecutive swords, and at that time he had concealed to be curious about that capacity.

He does not believe that this capability is unrestricted.

shua shua, he continued to wave several more swords, still being diverted from position to direction.

Lin Sheng's eyebrows. The sword was blown and dozens of white Saint Force exploded.

Hundreds of Saint Force have a small and a half of them, and they have been bombarded on unsafe graveyewitnesses.

He cried and apparently lacked a blood meat in the back of his body, which was purified by Saint Force's hard-on life.

“Can only one target be moved once? There is no act of dispersion of groups that have been released from me. ”

Lin Sheng's step forward, a sword flashing into the chest of the cemetery.


A flame unleashed out of pure light, pushing all around the red out of a little bit of scope.

Soon, a fist, the size of Demonic Spirits, came out of the flame and was pinned by Lin Sheng.

His explosive power is too terrifying to go beyond the mass of graveyewitnesses.

The graveyewitnesses do only one operation, and Lin Sheng can do three or four.

That is the key to the victory of both.

“The guards are dead! Oh, God! You killed the guards! ”

Far ahead of the right, Demonic Spirits of a cloud, screaming at Lin Sheng.

“What happened to the Guardian? What does it matter to kill him? ”Lin Sheng questioned.

Demonic Spirits, he's getting better now.

“The guards are the marshals, you're dead, you're dead! You can't even kill the captain! ”That Demonic Spirits screamed sharply.


Lin Sheng played a Saint Light light beam, hit this Demonic Spirits, and looked at it flaming and turned into Demonic Spirits falling into the ground.

Two Demonic Spirits jewellery were quickly absorbed, and Lin Sheng was surprised that Demonic Spirits, a cemetery digger, gave him the total amount of his soul to two General Demonic Spirits.

If he hadn't had Saint Force restraint, he could have hit the other side, it was estimated that the fighting would still have to be fought.

“Next…Go on… ”Lin Sheng's face is not moving, looking far away, choosing the direction and leaving quickly.

All blocked Demonic Spirits in front of him on the road were killed in an instant, and even Demonic Spirits were taken away.

(This chapter is over)

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