Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 399

399. Chapter 399

Chapter 399

“Almost…Almost… ”Lin Sheng felt behind his head, with an ambiguous white force, and was mixing the dark golden rays of light of Rock Dragon Bloodline.

The two mixed things, like a white golden vortex, keep sticking.

Lin Sheng's own souls are injecting into this crazy move towards this vortex.

He had seen ranker's breakthrough principle in classics.

ranker is really capable of transforming the jump level, not by its original accumulation. It was based on the opening of Sea Gate, where the sea of equality was communicated.

The power of the equal sea is endless and indiscriminate, making ranker an unlimited and permanent motive for artillery fire almost instantly.

So, in the context of Demonic Ability's endless, ranker's unbridled development of all kinds and sorts belongs to their own strength of recruitment.

Even more, the opening of Sea Gate seems to give their bodies different qualities and create all sorts of heterogeneous abilities.

Dependent on heterogeneity, combined with endless Demonic Ability, ranker's power exploded, basically by human beings.

On that basis. Lin Sheng has a vague feeling that his entire strength seems to have done the same thing.

He's in the body's bloodline power, mixed up with Saint Force, and seems to want to knock off some unknown power door,

“It can be thought that this door will not be Sea Gate. I'm too few Demonic Ability in the body, not even qualified for participation. "

Lin Sheng felt the back of the brain, the body and the soul could have told him that it would take more souls to make this vortex.

The better!



Real world, Henrikara. Work station.

As part of the integrated planning of new arrivals, the site was established by Margaret, which modelled on the system of Oro.

At this point, the planners, the folded team, are waiting silently before the table.

The Cold Broadway House was temporarily expropriated into camps for those survivors.

“What's your name?”

The registered middle-aged man looked up and looked down and no longer looked too much.




“Want to stay or return home?”

“Stay. I…There's no home anymore. ”

The crew before us, ugly to the polar point, shines a slight flash in the face.

“Good at what? Have you ever had any work experience, or success, or expertise, etc? ”

“Excellent…Seal. ”


The pencil is suddenly stopped, almost framed.

Demonic Ability Users quickly raised his head in mid-year, seriously staring at the ugly girl in front of him.

“Are you sure it's a seal? Demonic Ability can't do that? "

“…I'm three big prints of Imperial Family, straight line of the tail family. "ugly girl calmly said.

Demonic Ability Users Boys shrank in mid-year suddenly thought of a message that had been seen before.

A small country near Miga, a very long name:Nabugado Saros Chris, was drowned shortly ago by countless monsters and Black Tide.

Imperial family in this small country seems to be the seal of the bloodline.

A seal of bloodline refers to the strong family of ranker, whose ancestors once had the highest seal capacity.

And that's the way it is.

Their ancestors once showed up a powerful ranker with amphetamine. So there's this silly bloodline coming down.

Because of the old internal marriage, they didn't let this bloodline be diluted. Future generations still have a probability of rejuvenation.

The seal capacity, although only ancillary and tactical, is widely used.

Otherwise, the great monsters in the seal, such as the daily ones, are trapped by rankers with sealed capacity.

So Demonic Ability Users, a big panda, has a very small number of values.

Demonic Ability Users immediately knew he couldn't do it and quickly contacted the communication or reported it.

“Wait a minute, somebody's coming up here to pick you up.”He whispered for the ugly girl in front of him.

“All right.”Girls stand in the plain spot.

She knows how much she's worth, but, like, she knows where it is.

Most importantly, she wants revenge!

It's not just the Black Tide monster, but the living man.



Three days later.

Cafipo Demonic Spirits hole.

Loung Loung's voice.

Uncounted quantities of Demonic Spirits, a white light from the crazy moved to the center. red Demonic Spirits, like a sea wave, continues to hit the rocks at the centre. But there is no limit that can crush the reef.

Lin Sheng was standing in the Demonic Spirits Ocean, sweeping with a sword.

white Saint Light called for a brake that killed dozens of Demonic Spirits.

But he can't even pick up Demonic Spirits, and he can only continue to play swords and kill more proximity Demonic Spirits.

For three consecutive days, he has swiftly hung this whole Demonic Spirits hole, killing Demonic Spirits without a thousand, or more than 78,000.

This is even more a high class, General Demonic Spirits, and General Demonic Spirits.

You get a lot of souls, all of them in the back of the brain, that white golden vortex.

Just don't know if he killed too hard, too much, or something else.

The third day now, suddenly, a large number of Demonic Spirits troops came out of the surroundings of the mountains and struck him.

General Demonic Spirits is present in the forces under siege.

Lin Sheng had to go on, but only on the clock of dawn and face the battle.

“Kill him! Kill!

Demonic Spirits is far away, and covenant can hear huge roars coming.

Apparently there's someone who's directing this siege.

Lin Sheng doesn't mean anything to behave.

Demonic Spirits' good spiritual attacks have little effect for him.

And there are few physical shocks, especially under Rock Dragon Bloodline and the dawn reconfiguration.

These Demonic Spirits are under his control. Only in quantities and lives, trying to replace his failures.

Lin Sheng's sword once and continuously erupted Saint Force light and massacred all Demonic Spirits around him.

Occasionally, he also picked up Demonic Spirits on the ground and absorbed his soul to supplement consumption.

Time is as meaningless as a constant killing.

A piece of Demonic Spirits fell like a wheat cut.

Some Demonic Spirits formed one another, ceremony, bringing together a huge and weird shock to assassinate Lin Sheng.

Some Demonic Spirits have triggered geological substances into toxins and weapons, heading towards Lin Sheng's position.

And Demonic Spirits tried to seduce him by using hallucinations, the important people who were familiar with Lin Sheng.

But all these Demonic Spirits bids are useless.

He's just a simple wave of sword's edge, and the next massacre of Demonic Spirits.

And the three marshals of Demonic Spirits, who are stationed far away, are also staring at Lin Sheng.

“He must pay for it! That's his life! ”

A female appearance, Sergeant Demonic Spirits anglly said.

“His power is too restraining for us. We're alone, I'm afraid there's no enemy! ”Another marshal said solemnly.

“Then work together and bury ceremony in the heavens and earth! If he doesn't quit, then he'll be together! ”Female Marshal Demonic Spirits was angry.

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