Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 400

400. Chapter 400 Communication

Chapter 400 Communication

Lin Sheng shined in white light and was constantly transformed into hurricanes, sweeping around Demonic Spirits.

Each wave, Demonic Spirits will immediately melt dozens of heads.

No one can block his foot.

Demonic Spirits are the best friends of the soul, but in the face of Lin Sheng, it's useless.

The soul attacks humans, Lin Sheng's own soul absorbs countless souls and absorbs the fragments of the spirits of several leaders in their dreams.

Attacking him is tantamount to all the creatures he's summon came out at the same time.

Lin Sheng's soul is like a network, a huge network, connecting him and all the summon around.

Every time a soul attack, hit on the Internet, will be shared by all.

And spiritual fantasy, charm, chaos, etc., attacks are even more useless for Lin Sheng.

He only gets into fantasy, into confusion and so on, and the soul of other summon objects will immediately pull him out of a negative state.

That souls will be useless to him unless there is anyone who can immediately pull all his summon into a negative state.

sōu sōu sōu!

Suddenly, the same Demonic Spirits line as the four roots of the tree, trapped his back from Lin Sheng.

Four General Demonic Spirits appeared behind the wire while fully releasing the soul to wear a stab.

Spirit, wearing a stab along the wire, turned into grey twisted waves and crashed behind Lin Sheng.


All grey waves are blown up.

Lin Sheng expressionless, a sword.

In the first place, White Saint Force was transformed into a sword, fired from a sword and killed two General Demonic Spirits behind him.

He walked forward, with a lot of Demonic Spirits coming up, crazy pointing.

“He's hurt! Together, kill him! ”

A fantastic Demonic Spirits crap up, with a lot of Demonic Spirits packing Lin Sheng in the center and soon forming a big red circle.

The remaining two generals, General Demonic Spirits, finally lifted their hands, and the black air with skulls rose up.

“Kill!"They two end up pointing on it. Full body turned into a depressed black. It's like being poisoned by ink.

Timing, packing Lin Sheng's entire Demonic Spirits ball, was black on two General Demonic Spirits.

All Demonic Spirits are beginning to become more violent, stronger and more resourceful.

All Demonic Spirits on the battlefield are all under pressure on Lin Sheng.

“Dead?”Far away, the marshals of Demonic Spirits are a little closer, trying to see more clearly.

“No…It's not that easy, if it's so simple, it won't have to get this guy here before. ”Another Sergeant Demonic Spirits, said solemnly.

“But so many Demonic Spirits are working together, and they're being polluted, even if it's you, I…"


The brakes are loud, like bomb detonation.

The great Demonic Spirits balloon exploded, and a large number of Demonic Spirits fragments burned in the air and turned into the most basic Demonic Spirits jewellery.

Lin Sheng stood in the center, without any damage, and still had the demonic Ability Saint Force sword that had been tentatively shaped in his hand.

“Anything else?”He opened up his hand and flew out the Demonic Ability line, pulled all around the ground, pulled up Demonic Spirits, and fell in his hands as much as possible.

Saint Force shines, Lin Sheng swiftly purifys these Demonic Spirits and then absorbs them directly.

Most of the Saint Force has just been consumed, and it has resumed quickly and quickly.

He looked far away, and there were three heads and those demonic Spirits in front.

That's three feet tall, three metres tall, no faces, only red giants.

They used to have five officers on their faces, just a slide skin.

Instead, it's on their shoulders, and it's about a small eye each. Just a little bit, these eyes are almost thirty.

“Next, is that you?”Lin Sheng has continuously led Demonic Spirits to purify absorption, but the vision line has always fallen on these three monsters.

“Aliens, dare to undermine the rules we have set, and you can leave now. Otherwise… ”A marshal of Demonic Spirits said coldy.

Unfortunately, his threats were pale, compared with Demonic Spirits, surrounded by demonic Spirits, which was more like a weaker party.

“Forget it. What are you talking about? Do it! ”

Two other Demonic Spirits were on red light, both of which began to float a strange mask full of densely packed tattoos.

The mask is open to a single eye, as the living creature usually moves around.

The marshal of Demonic Spirits, who spoke, was not under control, raised masks on his face and stood with two companions.

After the three men put on the mask, the strength of their souls increased a lot. Awareness is also strong, much easier to extract the souls of the surrounding air.


Three people split towards Lin Sheng.

Almost an instant, three people ran to the middle, drilling up the ground.

In the Loung Loung, the giant blood color giant, with more than five metres above his head, stood up quickly from the surface. And then a piece of applause goes to Lin Sheng.

“The body has no life?”Lin Sheng, he knew Demonic Spirits was an attachment, but never thought that the three Demonic Spirits could be attached to the ground.

If this goes into the real world, it's like fish water, and don't worry about nothing. It would also be difficult to get caught.

Demonic Spirits were attached to the body and not attached, and the fighting force varied considerably.

Lin Sheng Hand Tilong sword, three handshattered in front of the positive moved towards the forefront, one by one.


white sword light collided with three red giants in front of Lin Sheng.

sword light and great hands have stalled for a while, steep off.

One voice, sword light breaks, hands spill out of red blood, and go back.

Lin Sheng felt an invisible spiritual shock when he crossed his hand, and continued to pound at him from four to eight.

If not his attack on the soul was too high and any other six Wings were to be replaced, it would be impossible to die here.


The three muds have come back again, and the wounds just caused have been healed.

Lin Sheng's hands shake swords, his whole body hua la rings, and his body bows up. Rock Dragon Bloodline was swiftly launched, with two half-metre black dragons on top of the head.


He knocked out his sword and collided with three mud giants.


The earth turtle under Lin Sheng's feet exploded in a massive shock.

The black hair of his head was manipulated by the wind and continued to dance back.

The three clay dwellers did not take any advantage of the enormous forces against them.

They yelled, and the first mud began to break a path of purple's eyes, staring at Lin Sheng, trying to confuse him.

The second mud began to grow up with a lot of stabbings, like armor packages on the giant watch.

A third mudman sprayed his mouth, and a black light column came out of it, firing exactly at Lin Sheng.


Black light was blocked by Lin Sheng's hands.

He gathered a white Saint Light in his hand, just to resist the blacklight shock.

At this time, the remaining two mudmen also came along, close to Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng stood by the black light, with a sword, and kept hitting on the right side and mud giants.

In a huge shock, the two mud giants took him in the same way, and even a little bit backed up by it.

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