Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 401

401. Chapter 401 Communication

Chapter 401 Communication

Lin Sheng Que's body, with a seal sword, has not been able to continue to cut off a very heavy cut in a path of power.

The three mud giants were able to support at the outset, and by the end of the day, they were exhausted by a variety of recruits, even if they were marshals of Demonic Spirits, and they were dedicated to spiritual methods.

Faced with Lin Sheng is completely restrained.

The only way, body dead, to create temporary intensity.

But for Lin Sheng, there is still no pressure.

The power of the three mud giants is even smaller than he is today.

“We can't go on like this or we'll all be tortured alive!”

One of the mud giants, Lord Demonic Spirits, screamed.

“Then do it! The heavens and earth bury ceremony! ”

“Everything is ready long ago, just one chance…”

Three mud giants were retreated from Lin Sheng's festival.

They have enormous bodies, left behind a path of the sword that continues to float. Some sword marks almost cut them off.

Well, in the mud giants, they have an irrelevant resilience, otherwise they will not be able to do so for so long.

Soon, three mud giants started conscious circles around Lin Sheng, and continued their attacks from three angles.

The odds on them started to grow, and a slice of pressure in the air began to increase.

Lin Sheng felt that change.

He moved, just as the weird weather of three mud giants was about to reach the top point.

He went backwards.

All of them, Saint Force, first they exploded.

Yo, Chi!

Crazy Saint Force was transformed into a path of white light, with the hiding of the sky and covering the Earth's moved towards eight sides spreading.

The hegemonic Saint Force was on the face of three mud giants, beating them all over the black smoke, that weird weather, and early detonation.


The three giants suddenly raised a brown triangle and blocked Lin Sheng's death.

“Dead, monster! The earth is buried! ”

A mud giant grows, and his whole soul burns like a flame. Flows to the triangle.

Not just him, but the same is the case for the two remaining demonic Spirits, who burned their souls to the triangle.

The gravity of the triangle has risen rapidly as the flame of souls continues to flow.

And the entire triangular cone has also begun to shrink. It seems that Lin Sheng's life card will be dead inside.

Lin Sheng had a sudden explosion of Saint Force, and a large number of white light sources continued to spill out of him. To the entire triangular space.

Saint Force sources are overwhelming, increasing and increasing.

Because of the Triangle blockade, these Saint Forces, who were supposed to fly away, were stuck in this universe burial ceremony.

With the increasing number of Saint Force, there has also been some instability in the triangle.

At this point Lin Sheng's location, Saint Force's concentration has reached the same level of white fog.

Strong exclusivity and corrosion have allowed Saint Force to continue to erode the internal structure of the Triangle.

As Saint Force is getting more and less crowded.

The shrinking of the triangle has also begun to shake and gradually float the tornado.

Saint Force does not sustain the triangle, but rather relies on invasive invasibility, purifying the interior structure of the Triangle and eroding the infiltration.

“No!”Three of the Demonic Spirits, linked to the Triangle, were yelled at by their heads.

The last thing they have on them is all injected out.

The triangle continues to shine, and its surface is rebuilt with great influence.

The tornadoes are growing, spreading around soon.


After a tremendous noise, Lin Sheng came out of it.

His arms have been shattered, and only a little bit can be stripped off.

The new demonic Ability sword on his hand is gone.

That's the final bid of three marshals. Lin Sheng discovered earlier, detonating everything in the way Saint Force erupted.

As a result, Lin Sheng's armor was completely broken.

“Very nice. Too bad you chose the wrong number. ”Lin Sheng walked into front of a mud giant, bringing together a new demonic Ability Saint Force sword to the next stab.

The mud giants have long lost all their power, and there is no way to resist it, stabbed in the chest, broken in the heart.

The marshal of Demonic Spirits in the heart, also in despair, was stabbed by a sword and quickly turned into a big, small black pearl of boxing.

The mud giant slowed the dissolved, and Lin Sheng beneath it grabbed the black demonic Spirits Pearl, and Saint Force shined and began to purify.

A moment later, Lin Sheng left a circle where one after another took the two remaining mud giants in the body's demonic Spirits handsome and obtained a total of three black demonic Spirits.

all around is hopeless, no more head of Demonic Spirits exists.

Lin Sheng Sox sat on the ground and started absorbing Demonic Spirits in his hand.

These three Demonic Spirits, both qualitative and quantitative, are far from the other Demonic Spirits.

Lin Sheng started to absorb immediately after being purified, and all Demonic Spirits' jewelleries on the battlefield were collected.

The source of the ocean's souls continues to inject white golden turbines into his back.

He just found a place to sit down, sit on this battlefield, and keep quiet and start breakthrough.

Thousands of Demonic Spirits around him this time. Not to mention that there are three other beaches that are different.

Lin Sheng's madness absorbs the soul, and the total amount of the soul is like blowing up, and it goes up.

And gradually, as souls grow, Lin Sheng feels the limit, and finally it's almost there.

There are limits to life.

Substances are also limited, and any structure is limited.

So the soul, in fact, has the same limits.

Lin Sheng's soul has become strong since he swallowed the sea's natural fragments.

And now, more so, under the brush of the ocean's souls, quality increases.

This step is to the limit.

“I now have the limit to accommodate so much of my soul, which is already the result of the transformation of Rock Dragon Bloodline.

It is impossible to go this way by replacing it with others. ”

Lin Sheng knows this very well.

For breakthrough limits to be achieved, existing souls need to be quantified into qualities. Turning the vast total of souls into a higher quality of souls.

To do so, the structure and perception of the soul will need to be achieved at a high level.

Lin Sheng has no knowledge reserve in this area, and with respect to the soul, he has received a set of theories from Holy Priest before.

Then after he came here, he began to gain insight into the Force of Soul after massive contact with his soul.

Nonetheless, Lin Sheng was afraid to move on until the breakthrough limit.

“The soul is no worse than the flesh, and if breakthrough's wrong, it's really bad. Even a little bit of injury will have a significant impact.

There must be no slight paranoia before a similar dictionary is found. "

Lin Sheng's heart pressed down the impulse to try.

There are no more demonic Spirits on the ground, and Lin Sheng has only brought the three largest demonic Spirits marshals, standing up.

“Demonic Spirits is the master of spiritual manipulation, perhaps I can learn from them, from the knowledge of the soul."

He suddenly thought of that.

The Marshal Demonic Spirits was killed, but this demonic Spirits hole is not just a strong man.

Lin Sheng continues to move forward.

The blood red earth looks like there's no margin, but Lin Sheng knows there's a border from some Demonic Spirits.

Demonic Spirits is not unconscious, no accumulated monster.

On the contrary, they have benefited more from trade in knowledge and capacity to the creatures, knowledge and capabilities of the rest of the world.

Just different from Lin Sheng thought,

Not all Demonic Spirits have a lot of talent, everything.

Instead, every head of Demonic Spirits has the same capacity as expertise.

When it comes to ceremony summon in the margin, they judge the knowledge and capacity of summon people on the basis of the spiritual fluctuations transmitted therein.

Then the right Demonic Spirits will meet before responding to the request. Transactions of some of their abilities to the other side exist.

These capabilities often consume blood or spirituality when used.

This part of the blood or spirit consumed is compensation and food for Demonic Spirits who traded. It can keep growing.

Lin Sheng, after having captured some Demonic Spirits, questioned the specific process. There were some thoughts at the end of the day.

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