402. Chapter 402 Communication

Chapter 402 Communication


Lin Sheng was stabbing a demonic Spirits in the body, slight.

Demonic Spirits screamed to be ashes, a demonic Spirits jewellery fell down.

Pick up Demonic Spirits, Lin Sheng's seat and sit.

He's in the middle of a continuum of hills where all around is scattered Demonic Spirits Pearls.

There was a small Demonic Spirits community here, and Lin Sheng had always thought Demonic Spirits was individual.

But here he really realized that Demonic Spirits actually had a surname.

“Get out.”Lin Sheng sat on the hills and suddenly spoke in Demonic Spirits.

all around the silence, there's only one big Warrior in the dark red, with lightning tattoos, and slowly walking on the hills.

“Degar Devil, meet the lord."

Demonic Spirits, outside Warrior, was dispersed with weak spiritual fluctuations.

Of all Demonic Spirits seen by Lin Sheng, only three Marshal Demonic Spirits were able to override this demonic Spirits.

And, most importantly, this is the first guy who saw him not attack immediately.

Even Demonic Spirits, he was curious about it.

“You're not afraid of me?”Lin Sheng is happy.

His strength, his essence, was too restrained to demonic Spirits. All Demonic Spirits are food in his eyes, together with the available Saint Light power.

So the Demonic Spirits that I've seen in the past are either mad attacks on him, or fear escapes far away.

Now this guy has the courage to come and see him on his own initiative. That makes Lin Sheng very curious.

Demonic Spirits Warrior, who called Degar Spirits, sat down.

“My community of demons is nearby, and if there is no accident, it will be on the way forward.

If I don't do anything, then today may be the time for me and my community to completely disappear. I don't want to. ”

“Are you patriarch of the Devil?"Lin Sheng asked.

“Yes, my lord, I beg you to let the devil go." At the expense of me, the Devil's family patriarch Degar, will be attached to you as a member of your power. "

Demonic Spirits Warrior is down deep.


The atmosphere is seated down.

It was also the first time Lin Sheng saw Demonic Spirits talking to him in person.

Now this guy has crossed the level of General Demonic Spirits, but it's not as good as Marshal Demonic Spirits. If you take it down, you can count on a good assistant.

Lin Sheng was looking for a complete Demonic Spirits Series, and he needed to know how Demonic Spirits made the soul breakthrough a second time.

“Interesting.”Lin Sheng laughed. "How are you sure I won't kill you when I see you? ”

“I'm not sure.”Degar Devil's hand is low and answered, "I'm just gambling, and fate gambling."

And fate gambling?

Lin Sheng can't stop laughing.

His current souls have reached the limits that he can allow, followed by high water, and Saint Force and Demonic Ability.

At this time, laugh, the invisible trap in the laugh, Saint Force and Demonic Ability, with a tremendous shock in the sound wave, shocked the Dear demor's hand and floated in the body inner Qi blood.

Long time Lin Sheng stopped laughing.

“I want the knowledge of your community's whole cultivation system. I want to know how Demonic Spirits grew up, qualitative. "

“My pleasure, my lord."Degar magic hands are tough, relaxed, knowing that each other is willing to accept him.

Actually, he came here, and he didn't plan to go back alive.

In the face of this monster who eats Demonic Spirits, no Demonic Spirits dares to say that he can go back in front of him.

Even the Marshal Demonic Spirits died before, let alone his General Demonic Spirits.

“Lord, please come with me.”He stood up and headed the way.

Lin Sheng's up to follow closely from behind.

The two men went down the hills, didn't walk out of several dozen meters, and went to the other hill.

At the bottom of this hill, there is a very small stone door.

Degar's hand opens the stone door and leads Lin Sheng in.

Behind the stone door, it's an open, full of all kinds and sorts of sculptures.

All these sculptures, they're all weird demonic Spirits. The statue is very delicate.

“This is the great library of the Magic One.”Degar magic hands with Lin Sheng, soon to a small circle room.

The walls in the room are a circle of books, all sorts of books.

“My lord, you need Demonic Spirits to study the system, and we have three sets of hands together."Degar magic said it.

He soon pointed out the book position of the three systems.

“The big soul system, the devil system, the devil system.”

Lin Sheng walked through and took out a book from the big soul system.

In the Demonic Spirits language, it documented how Demonic Spirits should step up learning to upgrade themselves.

The system mainly swallowed other Demonic Spirits routes, but Lin Sheng was concerned with a final qualitative change, breakthrough extremely limited approach.

He soon went straight to the back, General breakthrough and the marshal.

In Demonic Spirits's ranks, General, and the rank of marshal, that is the true spiritual mutation.

Lin Sheng, if not with natural restraint, has enormous souls and many summon objects as backshields. I'm afraid it was already killed by General Demonic Spirits.

Demonic Spirits, 90 per cent of all spiritual abilities, and the spiritual abilities, which demonic Spirits became the tiger without claws, unable to withstand a single blow.

Lin Sheng still took advantage of King of Night and Skyscrapers at two ranker levels.

Most of the spiritual attacks he suffered, mostly by the two forcibly shared past.

Soon, Lin Sheng turned to how to make the spirit change, breakthrough limits, and accomplish the General.

‘…Achievements, General Demonic Spirits, first and foremost need to understand a concept.

That is, all things in this world, any life, any power, anything, they have their own limits.

The limits of the sea exist on numerous occasions, countless universe, countless degrees of vitamin, a distant place that is unknown.

It's like the rocks that the giants communicate, the hot sea where the Blaze leaders communicate. Flowers communicate the elf sea and so on.

Any kind of power has a corresponding extreme energy concentration. All things in the world are unimaginable, and all things are limited.

These purely powerful oceans are the recipes we need to reach.

So we Demonic Spirits, as well as Utmost Spirit Sea, we're going to communicate. '

The following is a series of symbols, structures, fluctuations and frequencies to be used, etc., required for communication between Utmost Spirit Sea.

Communication to a very remote sea is a matter of utmost caution for any one.

Most importantly, Lin Sheng saw ranker shadow from here.

Demonic Ability, communication is the sea of equality!

And now, in addition to freeing the sea, there is another very limited way of communication in front of itself.

Utmost Spirit Sea…It's a way and channel better for Saint Force and Demonic Ability than equal sea!

Because Saint Force and Demonic Ability are essentially spiritual extensions. And Utmost Spirit Sea was screened by Demonic Spirits, the best choice for the soul.

Looking at the moment of the information, Lin Sheng decided to choose Utmost Spirit Sea as his own breakthrough qualitative direction.

He soon looked at the remaining two systems, with the contents recorded almost in that direction.

General Demonic Spirits, at this level, can have little communication to a little Utmost Spirit Sea breath to strengthen self-reliance.

It is clear that Utmost Spirit Sea is much stronger than equal sea.

According to classical records, the limits of the sea are close and weak. The most appropriate limit sea needs to be chosen as its own reverse.

(This chapter is over)

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