403. Chapter 403 breakthrough 1

Chapter 403 breakthrough 1

How to communicate Utmost Spirit Sea.

This is very clear in classics.

Lin Sheng, in collaboration with Degar magicians, quickly collected all the communication ceremony elements. And start officially trying to use it.

Materials, terrain, are available, the only thing that needs to be considered is security.

It is naturally impossible to place trust on them by the people of the devil who have just surrendered.

So Lin Sheng was suddenly stationed in the hands of one of the devils, looking for a gap, and then, through a spiritual link, letting Skyscrapers hold ceremony on the other side and open the Demonic Spirits Gate.

Returning to the Research Centre through the passage, in the isolated room, he immediately began the Utmost Spirit Sea experiment.

Oh, yeah.

Orange yellow candles have been lightened, one by one, all over Triangle ceremony.

All the candles are on the ceremony formula.

It's strange that these dozens of candles are different from each flame.

The shape of the flame, some bend, some pencils, even twisted, ranked up, more like a triangle singing poetry language.

Lin Sheng was standing in front of the candle, with Demonic Ability taking control of all the flames and shaping the shape that he needed.

At the back entrance, two red Warrior guards took a strain of ultraviolet plants that were still active.

These plants don't look like ordinary flowers. But every one of them is a powerful swamp for three Wings.

These greed flowers were also taken here after most of them were killed by the patrol, and the remainder were reprocessing and then taken here.

Red Warrior was careful to narrow a dozen times the grain to the edge of the ceremony formula.

And then they looked up, moved towards Lin Sheng, and left the cellar after the fist ceremony.

Immediately, the Skyscrapers put together a bunch of gloomy fists, all over the glow, and walked in.

“Acares snake heart, for you.”

She lost the light in her hand to Lin Sheng.

“Thanks.”Lin Sheng didn't say much.

He knows that Asyle Snake is a very strange six-Wings monster, in many of the monsters that have emerged now.

Asiale snakes are also one of the strongest.

The heart of this thing, which has a special role to strengthen ceremony, is one of the best materials to increase the success rate of ceremony.

Soon, the rest of the material was transported by Lin Sheng from various channels and integrated into this ceremony in the separate room.

On the afternoon of the second day, all the pre-sequence work is ready.

Lin Sheng, sitting in the middle of ceremony, began to slow down the body Saint Force and Demonic Ability.

A white and green flame burned on him, mixed with each other.

Soon the green flame was swallowed, and only the white flame was burned even bigger.

This shows that Lin Sheng's study of Demonic Ability is actually used to stimulate the promotion of Saint Force.

Until the white flame burned for a little while, Lin Sheng suddenly coldly shouted.

“Open ceremony.”


The whole ceremony pattern blew up a bunch of fresh red light.

A large power can pass through the floor from a brake, while reacting, and a piece of ceremony material that was previously installed.

All the material was blinked in a blink, all of it turned into dust, and then took off to the top of Lin Sheng, and formed a transformed black little ball.

“Let's go.”Lin Sheng looked at the black ball on the top of his eyes. settle down, slow down.

His spirit began to move up into this empty black ball.

This little ball is the real core of this approach.

Its role would allow the spiritual force of the protagonist to temporarily increase the sense of souls of hundreds of times in a short time.

The soul has all sorts and sorts of attribute. Like power, speed, sensation.

Sensitivity is one of them. It's like putting a super sensor on the soul.

And that is when, in one corner of the ceremony formula, the same material is burning rapidly, beginning to start the energy cycle in a way that is completely different from the General Front.

This insignificant small-scale approach is dedicated to Lin Sheng, who is integrated into the Front, and guides the direction to coordinates.

Its role is to tell Lin Sheng where the spiritual sensitivity of the decentralized spirit, Utmost Spirit Sea.

With time moving, soon, the black little ball on Lin Sheng's head began to slow down.

Once the black balloon was completely cut, Lin Sheng opened Sea Gate this time, communicating Utmost Spirit Sea, completely failed.

But at this point Lin Sheng's spirit is long overdue with the intensification of the RUF, moving towards the direction, the accumulation of power and the ability to erupt at any time.



red, white, yellow, green.

Four different colors in front of Lin Sheng, like a flashlight, swing fast.

These four colours represent the four forces that Lin Sheng has at this time.

white Saint Force, yellow Dragon Blood, Green Demonic Ability, while red, is the most prime source of humanity, the body of blood and the nature of the existence.

Four colours of power continue to fuel in Lin Sheng in the body, leading him to an attempt to move towards the limits of his own sea.

But such leadership is actually very weak and requires only a little disruption in the middle of the road, which is likely to be completely lost.

And by relying solely on force guidance, the limits found are generally the closest ones.

This category of extremely limited sea wins by location and can force all around breakthrough.

So it's really stronger than it is, it's far better than it's best suited to its own limits.

Lin Sheng was trying to concentrate on God, leaving other misconceptions behind his head soon.

This is a critical moment at his breakthrough ranker level, and there must be no distraction.

He will be careful with the strength of his own soul, with the insignificant strengths it contains.

Soon, he focused his efforts to broaden the direction and make it clearer.

“This way!”

Oh, shit!

Lin Sheng's ear is a strange noise, and all the colors in front of you disappear, instead of being replaced, are an endless gap like the cracks on the glass.

He looked down, and then he was sitting in the middle of the plot, moving, and everything around became black white grey.

Only the red crack of a circumstance of twisted worms outside of the law is the other color outside three.

Soon Lin Sheng found a gap between the guides.

He was without slightest hesitation, conscious of the control of the soul, completely turned into a grey light, and then struck into that gap.

He must be as fast as possible.

Otherwise, the gap would be moved and changed, and, similarly, it would continue to be consumed by the plumbing of black balls on his head.

So his time is limited.

Within the gap, it's a bloodless channel for red.

This passage is sometimes broad, sometimes narrow. Sometimes bright, sometimes dark.

But the pace of Lin Sheng, driven by F-FDTL, is very rapid.

Soon, his soul has been somewhat uncontrolled, beginning to grow up under the strength of the Front, going to be shorter and constantly adapted to the size of the road.

At the same time, it's even more crazy to speed up and accelerate.

The four powers in the soul, at the same time under the manipulation of Lin Sheng, are energetic.

Put the speed of his soul on the floor and hold it to what a bandits think.

That's the norm of ranker breakthrough.

Use of Front forces, combined with their accumulation, instantaneous eruption, breakthrough souls at a very limited pace and the fastest finding of an equal sea.

(This chapter is over)

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