404. Chapter 404 breakthrough 2

Chapter 404 breakthrough 2

In reality, demonic Ability's ranker has not had such a good chance.

There is only one limit that they can choose, that is, the equal sea.

And the equality sea is, in fact, the Demonic Ability Sea, which is suitable for learning the demonic Ability's whereabouts. This has led to the world where only Demonic Ability can breakthrough into ranker.

Not the other power system, but the coordinates at hand are only one equal sea.

And then Lin Sheng is different.

He has a very limited sea coordinates, but he has a stronger Utmost Spirit Sea.

His speed at this time has risen to a terrifying limit.

This is the limit of the nature of the soul, and further, his soul will collapse because it cannot afford it.

Maintaining this limit is more than ten minutes later.

Finally, Lin Sheng felt like he was in three ambushes and suddenly went into a cold and cool ocean.

And he was full of heat, like when he was going to burn up, stuck into a frozen ocean.

This feeling of optimism is very difficult to describe.

He tried to open his mind and try to see what it looked like around.

Utmost Spirit Sea, what exactly is it?

That's what Demonic Spirits didn't record, and Lin Sheng was very curious.

Soon, Lin Sheng in the body's vast accumulation of Saint Force has had an impact.

At this moment when the remaining three forces burn down, Saint Force has the extra effort to continue to burn and to generate the slightest force that supports Lin Sheng.

At the same time, let him ‘see’ the view around him.

He's floating in a vast blue ocean depth.

Down there are countless holes in the nest, usually densely packed. These holes are freeing freshwhite smoke from time to time.

And all around, right ahead, back, left, right, on all sides, there's a round corridor with silver rays of light.

Sea water is being swallowed by these four sources.

“No, it's not.These aren't seawater! ”Lin Sheng suddenly wakes up and says, "These seemingly seawater liquids, actually sense, are souls!"

“so many souls…It's unbelievable! So I did it? Successful opening of Sea Gate, communication to Utmost Spirit Sea? "

Lin Sheng is happy.

The so-called opening of Sea Gate is, in fact, a test of whether life can be sustained when it rises to the very limit of the soul.

The vast majority of life, in this acceleration of souls and lives, is unable to support the enormous consumption of terrifying.

So, in the road, it broke apart, turned into a soul dust, and completely disappeared.

That is, Lin Sheng swallowed too much of his soul, as well as the pure power of planting Saint Force.

That's why it's possible to break this card.

“Well, after entering Utmost Spirit Sea, and in accordance with the steps taken in the Demonic Spirits dictionary, I have to establish a fixed seaGate belonging to my own association, which is used to collide with Sea Gate, deep in my soul."

“The two Sea Gate connects and forges a fixed corridor to be backed by Utmost Spirit Sea at any time, truly stepping in ranker!"

Lin Sheng's mind quickly shows how to establish a link to Sea Gate.

He thought about slowing up moved to the edge, changing a position, and then stretching out.

He didn't have any shape at this time, but he just imagined himself or the human body, so he would automatically shape the human body.

And then Lin Sheng stretched his hand and left a little piece of blood on his back automatically. Under the control of Lin Sheng's will, empty floats in the souls ocean.

“First, leave the coordinates. Choose part of your soul, which is the price that must be paid. "

Lin Sheng's heart is steady.

“Secondly, use power in the body to establish cyclical ceremony.”

Cycles ceremony, which is one of the necessary conditions for entering ranker.

When communication enters the limits of the sea, it is used to stabilize the establishment of a special ceremony linking Sea Gate.

Lin Sheng relied on the burning of the body Saint Force, controlling his finger, and laying a freight line around a small piece of soul flew out there.

These lines continue to float and build a concise ceremony formula around that tiny piece of soul blood.

But it's just the first one, Lin Sheng, who keeps cutting the line.

Soon the second ceremony formula flew out, on the other side of the flesh.

And then the third ceremony formula, the fourth, the fifth, the sixth…

Seventh, Nineteen…

The more it was built, together with Sea Gate ceremony, the more it was connected to Sea Gate, the stronger it was.

Similarly, the stronger the support that can be obtained from Utmost Spirit Sea.

Lin Sheng's strengths of great souls have also been demonstrated at this time.

And soon Saint Force burned out, and the top of it was his own soul.

A huge soul, almost ten times the size of the general ranker.

One or two connections, Sea Gate ceremony, were only painted, but he was a painter of 50, with a total amount, to stop and leave some effort to cope with the accident.

Fifty ceremony formulas surrounded that little body of soul blood, almost wrapped it into a freight light ball.

Only the surface of the globe is composed of a small red front, ceremony.

“Next, it's time to go back…”Lin Sheng Shaned, look around.

This mysterious Utmost Spirit Sea is not sure if there is a second chance to come in.

This is the fate of the soul, the ocean of all souls.

The four channels don't know what it is. Maybe we'll have a chance to look into it later.

With these misconceptions in mind, Lin Sheng relaxed the power of spiritual combustion and left a gap between moved towards a temporary construction if there was nothing down there to lead himself.

The vast nest under it is the countless link between Utmost Spirit Sea.

Lin Sheng's soul is going down quickly, down, down again.

Get out of Utmost Spirit Sea, get into a brake at the intersection.

A strange impulse, pouring into Lin Sheng's head.

It was like asking him what was at the heart of his soul.

"Your wish…"

“My wish?”Lin Sheng stopped for a moment. "Safe. Absolutely safe! ”

The impulse suddenly disappeared.

Everything is calm.

Lin Sheng's soul has consumed most of it and, under the pull of the lead, has begun to accelerate its journey back.

The distance he crossed was too far, and if it were not for him to be strong, there would be no power to return.

It's a problem when you go, but it's very simple to come back. There is a pattern of lead, with a large group of summon subordinates serving as coordinates.

Lin Sheng came back to spend only one third of the time.


In the isolation room, in the light of a freshly red light's ceremony, Lin Sheng, sitting on the plate, suddenly swept up his body, right hand's back, and there was an irregular silver scar on his back.

The whole ceremony was slowing down and then a shock and a complete stop.


It is obvious that some of the places in the RUF are out of smoke.

Lin Sheng, the black balloon flying on the top of his head, has not known when to consume it.

Skyscrapers pushed the door out of the door, looking towards Lin Sheng in sight.

“Success! Congratulations! ”

“Thanks.”Lin Sheng stood up, and the gods were a little weaker. "Just breakthrough, there's still a need to consolidate. The first communication to Sea Gate requires a return to take place. ”

While solid Sea Gate has been constructed on both sides, access to the sea Gate has also required considerable backup.

But then there was a connection between the coordinates on both sides, and Lin Sheng needed only to turn his soul into a slightest spiritual silk, which was enough to cross through and connect.

Once the link is reached, Sea Gate from Utmost Spirit Sea will be opened for the first time, and then the endless Utmost Spirit Sea's soul will collapse, under the guise of the soul, and will be completely connected to the construction of this lengthy road.

“Take a break and then we'll test it.”Skyscrapers don't move their lips, souls sound transmission.

“All right!”

Lin Sheng was pleased to agree.

(This chapter is over)

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