405. Chapter 405 breakthrough 3

Chapter 405 breakthrough 3

Three days later.

Cafipo Demonic Spirits hole.

Degar Devil, sit quietly outside the studio chair.

There are other demonic Spirits guards and quiet guards in the intersection of the room, apart from him.

Shortly, there was a sudden slight blast in the bookstore.

Degar magic expression, stand up quickly.

In the Loung Loung, the door of the hidden library is slowly open.

Lin Sheng came out slowly from inside.

He seems to be different from before, and the body is like a white light, the air and the posture, which are much more intolerable than ever before.

“Back in position or here?”Lin Sheng looked around and made sure he went back to the big library of the magic community.

He looked around and saw the Dear devil who guarded the door.

“How long has it been since I left?”He's asking directly.

“Back to the grown-up, over 20 red black shifts.”

Red black shifts are a typical pattern of time in the Demonic Spirits Cave, where there is no sun and moon, only the night.

The day is red light, and the night is the darkness.

Twenty red black shifts, which means it's been 20 days.

But Lin Sheng was actually more than three days in reality.

“Without notice, it seems now that there should be a much faster time than reality. Reality has lasted more than three days, but it has been here for more than 20 days. ”

“That is, seven or eight days to stay here, and reality will last one day. What a plan! ”

Lin Sheng is happy.

“Well, tell me, what else is in the Cafipo hole that I didn't clean up?"He kept asking.

“There's only one last place, but there's a leader there. The subordinates were supposed to attack the territory for the Lord, but unfortunately… ”Degar demons are ashamed of their heads.

Lin Sheng estimated this guy was hitting his name, bumped over, and then suddenly came out of there with a marshal and didn't give him a face.

So he was beaten without slightest hesitation.

“Take me to see.”Lin Sheng's lazy.

Now he's got that right now.

Degar magicians are afraid to speak so quickly through spiritual law, and then take Lin Sheng out of the cellar slowly and return to the ground.

At the time of the surface, there were three General Demonic Spirits outside, hundreds of sharp Demonic Spirits waiting.

These are the backbones of the demon's family, and now it's Lin Sheng's own home.

“My lord, get on the horse. This is the ride we have prepared for you, and it's called Blood Oga. ”

Degar's hand brought Lin Sheng a giant horse like dark red.

This giant horse seems to be one of Demonic Spirits, with a sharp, thick black armor.

Far away, this guy is all metal armor, thick weight, surrounded by stabbing, collision, scratch, blade, etc.

It's not like a horse, but it's like a terrifying image!

Bloody Augar walked quietly to Lin Sheng, and it was calm, but the chimpanzee's eyes looked at Lin Sheng in peace like a searchlight.

“Bloody Auga? The name is too long, and then you'll call it Blood. ”Lin Sheng stretched his hand lightly to touch this giant's typical warhorse hair. The other side did not refuse.

Silence, strength, like a silent volcano, may erupt at any time the forces of terrifying.

Lin Sheng turned around riding.

Although he was the first to ride, he had strong physical control, and he had to keep his body balance for the first time, like a mountain, steady on the back of the blood demon.

Degar magicians are tough in the back, relaxed.

This horse took his nine cow dudes to convince me.

Blood Auga is a powerful Demonic Spirits at one level with him, but only the bloody devil has been looking for a strong man who wants to recover the brilliant and invincible place of warfare before he was born.

But such a presence has never been found. Sometimes you meet a strong man, but the shape of the family is a lot of oppression that doesn't need to ride.

Until Lin Sheng passed away.

Degar magic is trying to figure out the best gifts suitable for human organisms such as Lin Sheng.

So he went to the bloody forest with his hand and went through a war, and finally convinced Blood Auga to believe that there was an unprecedented strength here.

The result is now.

The blood demon admitted Lin Sheng, and Lin Sheng likewise liked Blood Oga. And he was more satisfied with the family of the devil.

That's a win-win.

At this point, under the leadership of the patriarch Degar devil, the entire devil went to a demonic Spirits territory in the last hole – the teeth tower.

This is the only top building in the entire Cafipo hole. And the only building.

At the same time, it is the only landmark in the history of the entire cave.

Lin Sheng et al., when they arrived, they stopped far away from several hundred meters and looked forward to this tower.

The tower is six sides, the general black, a little bit rough down there, and the spiral is slowing down until the top is sharp.

“We Demonic Spirits have super wisdom, superpower, but we never want to construct buildings."

Degar's hand looks far away from his teeth, Black Tower, and his eyes are complicated.

“Because in the Demonic Spirits world, there will be a huge turnaround of the crust every other time, and then the earth will be overturned and any building can only be destroyed.

Therefore, we can only protect a small number of buildings for use as storage space. ”

“However, the toothwheel Black Tower is different, and it has gone through many times without knowing how many times the heavens and the earth have overturned and remains safe.

We tried to analyze the secrecy. But finally failed. Because we can't cut off any fragments from this black tower. ”

Lin Sheng has a slight head, indicating understanding.

Degar's hand breathed deep:“So big, let's go in.

It's the last marshal of Demonic Spirits who would rather die to resist. And his community, the sinners.

They're good at the less visible erotic toxicity in Demonic Spirits, because, for the reason of this irreversible black tower, the Marshal Demonic Spirits hasn't been able to… for centuries. "

pā tà, pā tà.

Lin Sheng suddenly walked forward and interrupted the words of Degar demon.

The blood devil stepped on the ground with a heavy horsehoof, and shouted with a tremendous shock.

Lin Sheng was a heavy white armor, and his head was wrapped in a brown armor helmet, and he was well known to be one of the gravel blood demons.

“Those who have never felt strength will sleep in hallucinations."

Lin Sheng, relax.

Broadly hand-held is remote against the Black Tower.

“Face the truth…”

He shakes his fist lightly.

An invisible distortion, centred on Lin Sheng, slows the spread of all around the world.

This one twists the flame and spies over the sky.

In the sky, the big red hole began to break, shake, float the tunnels.


The silent room.

A pure, pure, giant beacon, breaking the cave sky, falling straight down, tranquilling and silent, covering the whole black tower.

The vast beacon of light is gentle and bright, full of sacred and pure.

It looks like peace, quiet, holy, pure.

But this Saint Light, in the face of the tens of thousands of Demonic Spirits in the Black Tower, is the most toxic drug.

At the brake of the light column, tens of thousands of Demonic Spirits cried out of black smoke and turned into pure Demonic Spirits.

A very small number of General Demonic Spirits and the top elite are painstakingly underpinned and surrounded by oil pans.

They endure unbearable pain. With hate eyes looking far away from Lin Sheng. Hate not to swallow his flesh, tear his soul apart.

Lin Sheng's strong body is covered by heavy white armor, masked with faces, unable to see the face, with only one pair of golden eyes staring at black towers.

Focus on the great Saint Force Light Pillar, which covers Black Towers.

The Dear devil behind him was terrified of distortion, trembling, and dared to make half a noise.

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