Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 406

406. Chapter 406

Chapter 406

The vast souls, Sea Gate in Lin Sheng's mind, turned instantly into pure Saint Force, with the source of constant bombardment.

Saint Force was separated and turned into a light column covering the Black Tower.

Although scarce, it is already extremely terrifying for the general Demonic Spirits.

One minute later.

The light column slows down and melts.

Lin Sheng took the lead on the horses and walked towards the Black Tower.

A large group of Demonic Spirits back there, while looking to the Dear devil, waiting for instructions.

And the leader of this demon's family, after a sudden shock, pressed the fear of his heart and uplifted his hand.

“Go! Protect your lord! "

Demonic Spirits of the demonic family are mostly human beings, and there is also a little bit of a weird at this time, and I don't know what to say.

After all, Degar's knees lick so loud that they can't even watch their clansman.

A while late, Demonic Spirits had some kind of buzzing.

It's not that they don't dare, but they won't let that big man like them to go up there.

If that grown-up wanted to show himself his strength, it was hampered by the subordinates they had put on.

Then they have a way to live?

Demonic Spirits of the Demonic Spirits of the Devil's clan became cautious after Lin Sheng had fought to kill 10,000 Demonic Spirits.

They're just ants who can die with their hands for that big man.

Lin Sheng in front did not take so much care of it.

He rides the blood devil alone and walks all the way to the front gate of the Black Tower.

The gatekeeper at the gate is a five-metre tall leopard with blood.

Apparently, he was seriously injured by the mask of the light column just now. At this point, half of the hatred is on the ground, staring close to Lin Sheng.

“Out of the way.”

Lin Sheng walked on a horse to the head of the leopard, beneath the helmet, looking at the leopard.

“Innocent death is not a substitute for victory."

The leopard jocked and wanted to stand up, but he was too big, too many places he had just been shot, too bad.

At this time, a little bit of a move will be taken out of a lot of black smoke.

For Demonic Spirits, such black smoke is actually their blood, the more black smoke goes away, the weaker Demonic Spirits will be.

And then the leopard heads are like a cigarette column, and they're empty.

But he's still roaring, trying to climb up.

Too bad.

Lin Sheng shakes the rope, and the blood devil under the seat grows up his blood hooves and goes on the next step.


A circle of heavy microwhite shock waves, spilled out of the bloody finger.

The air began to sweep up a huge, powerful intangible field.

The site just broke out, covering all the range of square 20 meters.

Within these two ten meters, the leopard is also present.

It's just a moment when the Panthers have changed their faces, and the whole body is not under the direction of self-government, and they're on the ground, and they can't move.

The intangible extreme pressure, like mountains, was repressed on his back, and it was not possible to earn it several times.


Finally, the leopard heads are too burdensome and spits out of blood are turned into black cigarettes, and the whole man is completely out of it.

He's on the ground, and his eyes are getting dark, and he's losing his life.

Lin Sheng was riding the blood demon slowly from next to him to the Black Tower Gate.


The door was pressured by invisible graves and exploded in the inward direction.

The rest of the demonic Spirits exploded one third. Calm down and scream loud.

In the lobby, a large number of black cigarettes that represent death are spreading, and it can be seen that demonic Spirits has a cold heart waiting behind them.

It's just Lin Sheng's natural power field, so strong, let alone the real killer.

“Kill! Kill him! He's been using so much power. Do you think that the great magic you've just been able to use? There must be restrictions! ”

A flame purple Demonic Spirits floating in the middle of the sky, issuing thoughtful presumptions.

“No one can ignore my determination to wait! Kill!A tall Demonic Spirits with black tiger heads, squeezing people, hand-held hammers, and moving towards Lin Sheng.

Then a group of Demonic Spirits, in the intangible field around Lin Sheng, was instantly extinguished and turned into black cigarettes.

Soon, Demonic Spirits is dead. Apart from these reckless things, the big black tower, no more Demonic Spirits dared to offend Lin Sheng.

Real hard molecules, long before forced, are almost cleaned up.

On horses, Lin Sheng's peaceful journey around the Black Tower and walked into a small square.

It's all over the road, Demonic Spirits, mostly picked up by Lin Sheng.

There are few others that should have been depleted by conflict before.

Blood warfare slowed down and walked to the square.

There's no Demonic Spirits around.

Even Demonic Spirits had been purified by Lin Sheng just now.

There is also no Demonic Spirits around here, and Demonic Spirits have been collected around Demonic Spirits by the Dear Magician, at the order of Lin Sheng.

After all, the size of the big black tower, the 10,000 Demonic Spirits Pearls, was not picked up by Lin Sheng.

“Get out!”

Lin Sheng stayed in the square center and remained silent. Suddenly coldly snorted.


The whole square started to shake a little bit.

It's like the earthquake came, and it's like there's something huge, and it's approaching fast.


All of a sudden, the square was blown up and struck out a dozen metres long shadow of grey.

The giant shadow was intended to come out of Lin Sheng's feet and was suddenly squeezed out by a hard-working force when it was approaching Lin Sheng.

He had to go down, and he had to choose a little bit of a way out.

The giant shadow starts up, spies, leaps down.

There is no cover at this time, so people can see what this giant shadow is.

That's a huge gray-black monster.

It's got countless silly necks, every neck with an eagle.

And the body of a strange bird is so fat that it's all over the pit with a bundle and scars.

It's like a nipple bird, but there's a lot of strings in the neck.

“My name is Gondy. Aliens, slaughter my people, die! ”

The monster came down from the sky, with lots of delicate necks raining, like moving towards Lin Sheng.

Each delicate neck has a tremendous sound of shock, apparently powerful.


In that brake, all the details were beaten hard in the location of Lin Sheng.

The square was fragmented by overlapping collisions and shattering rocks and dust flowing.

All Demonic Spirits' visions and perceptions have been distorted over time by tremendous force shocks. I don't know what's going on inside.

But soon, as dust slows down, the perception of Demonic Spirits is becoming clear.

In the square, Lin Sheng still rides horses, not even a slightest hit marks.

He was in a quiet position, and he didn't move, just like the world-shaking impact and siege were fake.

“Not really… No! You're…Oh, my God!

Weird Gondy sent an incredible terrifying weirdo in the middle of the sky.

It never imagined that its own attacks could not even reach each other's side.

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