Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 407

407. Chapter 407

Chapter 407

“Too…It's too strong! ”

Degar's hand looks far away from Lin Sheng's location.

If he had a few thoughts before, he would want to steal from Lin Sheng and rebuild the magic community in a different place, so as to get out of control.

So now, this idea is completely gone.

Instead, he was completely attached to Lin Sheng and dared not to have any ideas.

Because he saw from Lin Sheng the possibility of a magician flying on his own.

And the demonic Spirits, who follow the rest of the demonic Spirits back there, have a little eye on General Demonic Spirits and see how powerful Lin Sheng is.

The rest of the pawns are exaggerating and completely unaware of the level of strength of the matter.

But whatever it is, Demonic Spirits of all the demonic clans, is all cheering up at this time.

They started screaming sporadically, screaming at a name that represented the highest in Demonic Spirits.

A name who never dared to name himself before.





There is an increasing number of screams, more and more integrated.

At first, only a few Demonic Spirits were yelling at, but soon, fragmented stars spread out of the ocean.

All Demonic Spirits are yelling at a name.


This is the word Demonic Spirits represents the king.

In the square, the birds are once again mad at the downward pointing several times.

But it seems to be strong, but even Lin Sheng's nearby power field cannot be approached. It can only be blown down on all around the square.

“Opera, it's over.”

Lin Sheng lifts his head and stretches around the top of the bird.

The same move as before, he just opened five fingers and grabbed them lightly.


A slight wind, flying down from above, flying around.

“Kill! I'm gonna kill you! Kill you! "Bird Gondy's mad rage, and his body started dropping a black liquid in the rage.

These acid liquids landed on the ground of the square, and soon the ground corrosion came out of a large pit.

The original Square was hit by a freak bird, where it was a hole.

At that time, strong acid fluids fell and corrosion opened a deeper pit on the basis of the original pit.

As a result, Lin Sheng's surroundings around 20 meters have evolved into an increasingly high platform.

Because the surroundings are surrounded by acid corrosion, sinking.

This, in turn, puts Lin Sheng on the ground as a platform.

The bird saw this scene, the more angry, because his poison could not fall into Lin Sheng's two-ten meters.

He keeps screaming in the middle of the sky, and it looks like he's cursing and roaring Lin Sheng.

He was ironic when he saw Lin Sheng rise and stretched his hand to him.

“Stupid! Do you think it's just the rare force you've ever had before, trying to crush my strong body, Kundy? Stupid! ”

“By the strength of that concentration, it's 100 times more effective for me! Hahahaha!

Come on, come on! Show Master Ben how stupid you are! Come and grab me! Hahahaha! ”

He laughed, spinning in the middle of the sky, making some interesting laughs.

While he was acting aggressively, he was always paying attention to the white light that might fall on the top.

Before that white light, if the concentration rises to a certain height, it is likely that he will be battered and exhausted, although he will not be re-established.

“What's the matter? What's the matter? Don't you just raise your hand? Nothing happened? ”

“Hahaha! I'm waiting here! Wait for you to do what you call extinction! ”

“Come on, come on! Hahahaha! I've been waiting too long! You're not just gonna blow me a wind, are you? Stupid! Or you're going to fly up and… ”


Everything's quiet.

It's just boring, and it's steeply stopping.

Strange birds used to put their bodies on, and they didn't know when to stagnate.

His body, more than 10 metres long, was set up on the ground with a huge, sharp stone, a pencil straight through the body and hard life hanging on the rocks.

The rocks cover freshwhite Saint Force, while the bottom is made up of rocks in Lin Sheng all around the Square.

a dozen dozen meters of sharp rocks, like a rifle throwing out of the depths of the earth, instantly, precisely and brutally stabbing the birds.

Saint Light, on the surface of the rock, is more like a high temperature, crazy roast with a strange bird body hanging up there.

A piece of black smoke spreads out of the freak Cundi.

All his eagles are struggling, making a sound, but they are already hurting, and they can only convey a few relentless grievances.

“Take his skin off and make it a flag of war."Lin Sheng indifferently said. Hands shake the rope, turn around the horses towards the Black Tower.

Degar's hand heard what was said, the spirit of the Houston, the sound of the sound.


In the rest of Demonic Spirits, the psychiatric spot was followed by a loud response, followed by the Dear Devil's hand, and then went to the middle of the scene, Kundy.

Lin Sheng's face under the helmet is cold and calm.

That freak bird is only the Marshal Demonic Spirits of the six Wings Limited Level, in the Demonic Spirits Cave, where he has not met the strong Demonic Spirits at ranker level.

It is not proud to have killed the six-Wings limit with ranker efforts. And it should be as it should be by rights.

Just let him have some surprises that, after the ranker, he will be able to summon in a pound of souls.

But these souls need to be transformed in order to become Saint Force or Demonic Ability for his drive.

And if these souls are to be transformed into their own cultivation base, it will take a short time.

Because of the souls of these summon, the complexity of the geology is highly disputed, and the nature is even more cynical.

If Demonic Spirits' souls are not purified before the geological complexity is one. So summon's soul, the geological complexity is hundreds or even thousands.

Saint Force was cleaned up, and the difficult gap was enormous. The cost of time is more than a dozen times higher.

So at least at this stage, the use of Demonic Spirits to upgrade their own souls is much better than absorbing Utmost Spirit Sea's soul.

Twenty minutes later.

Lin Sheng was sitting at the top 9th Layer of the Black Tower – the Temple of the Spirit.

The entire temple of the emperor is grey, and the wind is so pale.

in great hall, simple old ceremony symbols are kept in mind, as well as a sketch of fauna and fauna curves.

The rest is the only stone throne, at the top of the left.

The stone throne was built pretty rough, and behind the wall, it sculptured a huge Nine-headed Bird sculpture.

“Nine-headed Bird?”Lin Sheng was sitting on the throne, and there were some accidents that would see this Totem here.

“This is the dream of that weird bird, Gondy, being Nine-headed Bird?"He remembered Nine-headed Bird as a myth animal he saw on past life Earth.

I didn't expect to see anything like that here.

But the sculpture here, Nine-headed Bird, is completely different from that Nine-headed Bird in the Earth Mountain.

Nine-headed Bird sculpture here, surrounded by a hot red flame.

And on the edge, Demonic Spirits language celebrates its ability to celebrate it, and it is the god of the sun and the moon. The gods of the sun and moon.

Leave this alone, Lin Sheng went back to God, through the helmet gap, looking towards Demonic Spirits Degar, on his knees.

The head of the community, who has clearly shown a fanatic fever, is putting all the demonic Spirits that have just been collected on the ground of great hall.

All Demonic Spirits flourish with a big rock, like countless red grapes, beautiful and obsessed.

All of these Demonic Spirits' pearls are top, and one of the most troubling masters.

Lin Sheng realized that the main pearl must be that weird bird, Gondy.

Not because of the others, but just because, this pearl, too big.

The size of the face basin is crushed on a bunch of small pearls, and the whole body shines with a slice of fresh fluorescent.

Demonic Spirits like this knows unusual once they look.

(This chapter is over)

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