Summoner of Nightmares Chapter 408

408. Chapter 408

Chapter 408

“King, this is all collected Demonic Spirits Pearls, please."Degar, low head reporting.

“Don't look, I believe you.”Lin Sheng, the powerful spiritual force at this time, sweeping a little bit, basically estimates how many Demonic Spirits pearls are in the rocks.

If the water is clean, think of these demonic Spirits helping him solve the tricks, he won't be too much to rectify the very small number of pearls. There's always some soup left for the subordinate.

“Many thanks King's trust.”Degar prostrated, "In addition, the blood forest in the territory of the bloody devil has just arrived at thousands of Demonic Spirits troops, two of whom are General."

“The purpose of their journey is to wish to be attached to the blood devil."

Lin Sheng, when he grabbed Demonic Spirits, the jedensely packed flew and flew towards him.

“Yes. Let them go find the blood devil themselves. ”

Lin Sheng will do whatever he wants. That's how Demonic Spirits jewels are taken, so they start purifying their souls in half an air.


In the rocks of Demonic Spirits, the lightning of the white light.

In the white light, a Demonic Spirits jewellery was constantly purified out of black smoke and then released pure souls and vaporized.

All pure souls are united, shattered by streams, inbound into Lin Sheng's chest.

Turn around, all Demonic Spirits in the rocks, including the biggest, are vaporized and absorbed in Lin Sheng's chest.

Lin Sheng clearly felt that his total soul had increased a little bit, about 10 per cent.

It's already great for him now.

The Dear Demonic Spirits tribe has begun to report that a number of small demonic Spirits have come to gather loyalty.

“All of them are temporarily admitted and selected as elite, and the rest of them are viewed as potential receipts as long as the large Demonic Spirits level is concerned."Lin Sheng told me. Big Demonic Spirits is about to step into the level of General Demonic Spirits.

“The subordinates understand.”Degar's hand is very conscious and immediately understands Lin Sheng's intentions.

“By the way, did the Cafipo cave record other Demonic Spirits?"

Lin Sheng didn't find a record in the hands of one of the devils before, and maybe he turned the book too rough, so ask again here.

“Return to King, Demonic Spirits Cave, which is essentially a huge independent isolation. We're not connected to any other Demonic Spirits hole.

If you're looking for the other Demonic Spirits hole, we're often going through ceremony. "

Degar's hand swiftly answered.

“Then why am I actually opening Offering Sacrifices to Spirit Ceremony, where is the only connection?"Lin Sheng asked again.

He doesn't care about the fact that he is from Pearl Ocean and Miga.

He was more interested in finding ways and means to go to other Demonic Spirits caves.

“That was determined by the ceremony structure and symbol, as well as by the varying energy supply."Degar's hand swiftly answered.

“If the subordinate is correct, in this black tower, the library records the ceremony method of linking the other Demonic Spirits hole."

“Find out, give it to me."Lin Sheng indifferently said.


The one who did it…

The one who did it…

Miga, Henrikara.

Temple glory.

“A print genius Imperial Family? The queen of the Tianjin? "

Margaret wore silver half-body armor, with a perfect, well-designed shirt, and entrusted her with a full chest, fibre and rectified limb.

At this time, she was the head of the Temple Fleet, and her eyeballs were locked.

If she hadn't seen the video with her own eyes, she'd think it might be stupid, and the subordinates were making fun of her.

Unfortunately, surveillance videos show that the queen of this clan is indeed a genius of seal capacity.

This ugly queen was sealed in only two days during the test.

Even more terrifying, she sealed a monster and didn't pick a place.

That is, she wants to seal the monster in something, so it can be sealed in.

Without taking care of the quality of the whiskey, even if it was a glass jewel, it could seal four Wings Suppression Level other monsters.

The Queen did that when she tested it.

And her sealing methods are simple and rough.

That's it, bleeding.

You know, you know what?

Margaret has some hard hits on the table. Since she was responsible for glorifying the intelligence services of the members of the Temple, she has raised such an unconscious gross illness.

“If she is accepted, we will face considerable pressure from the constant Rikara. This pressure, not just from the three Secretariats, will also come from 7 Locks Tower. ”

Margaret, a noble Oro, is well aware of the status of seal capacity in the Demonic Ability community.

This is the best way Demonic Ability Users can end the study of the dust world's monsters.

And for seven Locks Tower, seal capacity and its dangers.

The seal power theory, as long as the bloodline is strong enough to contain enough blood, can seal you to death even if it is the six-Wings limit.

“This is a real problem…”Margaret finally decided to report the matter.

She is different from the rest, and she has the right to communicate directly to Palace Lord's Skyscrapers.

This is the immediate right of communication given to Lin Sheng prior to her arrival.

Think about it, she picked up the cable phone on the table, pushed down the number of the Skyscrapers.

Satellite signals have also begun to be severely disrupted during this period, and in order to avoid overdependence on satellites, the replacement of communications equipment has begun to be upgraded in Henrikara with the support of the Benne University's factories.

Landing continues, all people's phones will be converted into local communications or networks with short distance signals.

At the same time, fixed cable communications will be installed in the home to minimize interference.

I'll call you soon.




“Nobody answered?”Margaret waited a long time until automatically ended the dial, and nobody answered it.

If she hadn't called through a day worker's phone, she'd think Lin Sheng gave her a fake signal number.

“Trouble. It appears that only one can be put first, until His Majesty San Sue leaves the door. "She can't find Skyscrapers, and she can only arrange it.

As for other high-level consultations? Margaret doesn't think it's a good idea.

She has blocked all the news of the arrival of Queen Xiaoxi. People talk too much, once they leak out.

At that time, the whole of Hindrikara will be under extremely difficult pressure.

Just when Margaret was upset about the queen.

Henrikara's on the edge.

A deserted supermarket in a shadow of ashes.

An old friend of Tianxia is slowing down his arrival from nowhere.

Between the collapsed shelves of the supermarket, the fog was in the air and opened a black vortex with silence.

A man with cold white robes was slowed out in the turbine.

He stood gently, green in his hand, flashing out the ink Crystal Cane, supporting the ground and balancing it.

“Artemi, isn't it yet?"

“Wait a while.”

The supermarket warehouse door, the sudden emergence of a black silhouette. Then the sound of a man flowing, as if he had no standing, ignored the right.

“Just us two?”Old man wrinkles, "Miss Mitsubishi doesn't have any extra support? You should know what happened to me last time in the hands of Tianxia. "

Dark silhouette smiled.

“Of course I do. Tianxia does have strength, but why do you think the three Secrets have been so afraid of me waiting?

Don't you really think it's up to seven lock yourself up for the opposite? ”

“What is that?”Old people doubt it. There was no such war in the past, nor did he have the opportunity to know those secrets, although it was strange, but it was lazy to explore them.

He is now offered by Dark Silhouette, who is also asking.

“Very simple.”The man named Asaimu raised his hand and took care of it.

“Fuck this.”In his hands, he lay down a purple red three-dimensional devil.

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