409. Chapter 409

Chapter 409

Cafipo Demonic Spirits hole.

black sand dust forms a path of dragon from the space-board, slowing down on the huge red plains.

Dragon rolls out of all kinds and sorts of pieces on the ground, and then tears it up more fragmented and then turns it into dust into dust into its own.

The whole Demonic Spirits cave was trapped in a huge rhythm.

Black Tower, a bunch of fresh black ashes spreading from around the Black Tower, guarding the entire tower from the blackDragon.

Lin Sheng, a white armor, and Patririarch Degar of the Devil's clan, are standing silently on the middle floor of the Black Tower and looking far away from Black Dragon.

“This is the dark sky, and occasionally we will explode in the demonic Spirits cave. For living organisms, it's a devastating disaster.

But for us who are purely souls, that is, easy to lose. 'Cause Black Dragon didn't hurt the soul much.'

Degar's hand is low and silent.

Lin Sheng nodded, looking around the Black Tower asylum, has thousands of Demonic Spirits that are building large communication ceremony in densely packed.

This is a big preparation for communication with another Demonic Spirits hole.

If he wanted to be alone in the past, that would only require the creation of a simple Offering Sacrifices to Spirit Ceremony, and then a slight improvement could be achieved.

But now, he's not going to be alone.

It's not easy to conquer so many forces, not to rush with his men, that it's really unjust to have him gather so many hands here.

“Are the ceremony passage ready?”

“Already, ready to start.”Degar's low answer. “ceremony is not complex in itself, and it is crucial that there be no harmony between Demonic Spirits' caves. "

“It's okay. You mean, you're worried about the first time across the street?”Lin Sheng's reflective.

“The subordinate means that a team of General Demonic Spirits will be dispatched first to explore and then decide whether or not to enter the military corps."Degar proposed.

“The failure of the investigation is also irrelevant and the damage is modest.

If we find our intentions on that side, as long as we're fast enough, they won't be able to gather so much troops in a short time… ”

He offered the advantage of a article, but in Lin Sheng's ear, he immediately found out that this guy was actually trying to show himself.

‘Also, the presence of General Demonic Spirits is a good thing to recognize his own values and gain a greater place in the hearts of the top.'

Lin Sheng hid the masks under the mask.

“So.”He started talking. “What about the demonic Spirits hole open? "

Degar cleared his voice, and the seemingly calm slipped out of a white golden axis. The middle tied up with a gold line.

He pulled the gold wire on the scroll lightly, then started the entire scroll, and threw it forward, and left it in front of Lin Sheng.

“It's Bavru."

“Bavru Demonic Spirits Cave."

Degar was silent and seemed to be remembering specific information.

“Bavru is different from our Kafipo, where there is a stronger Demonic Spirits world called moving.

This is due to the wealth of resources and the strong Demonic Spirits, known as the spiral. The Demonic Spirits, part of the spiral, are known in many worlds by the creatures as demons. "


Lin Sheng is really astonished this time.

He also thought the next Demonic Spirits world was close to Kafibo. I didn't think I'd hear anything, but it would be a demon world?

“Yes, that's what you think of."Degar said resolutely.

“Also through trade, more power and growth are obtained.

The spiral of Bavru has improved the natural quality of Demonic Spirits, and has become more resourced by giving summon special innate talent. "

“They were actually on the road away from Demonic Spirits. And I waited for the president Demonic Spirits. "

Lin Sheng, listen to Degar's continual introduction, and you're going through a series of ideas. The sight remains on the axis of the sky.

It was shown that it was the information presented by Bavru.

“What does it mean, in detail, to give innate talent?"

“Yes.”Degar's a little low.

“For the time being, we call Demonic Spirits of Bavru a demonic.

Their ceremony not only improves the essence of the use of blood corpses as a sacrifice, but also radically transforms itself. "



Bavru Demon World.

Treasure green in the big old forest.

A giant tree of gray brown, like a scratch hat, is on the edge of a vast canyon that extends thousands of miles away.

The trees are surrounded by a lot of green fluorescent.

Every point of fluorescence is a small, big, small demon.

These little demons grow up with human bodies, bees' wings, shaking wings in the middle of the sky, and dancing around with naive smiles.

They're surrounded by giant trees, and they're spreading a little bit of intangible.

These faints are the natural dispersion of life spiritual qi by the demons. It makes organisms healthier and longer-term.

The sheep around giant trees is very large, far-reaching, just like the stars of the sky, and the graves of the desert.

Too many demons have even formed special spiritual qi fog, covering all around.

Under the giant trees, countless densely large roots are between.

A black hair man with long sword, with a positive step forward.

He has an unknown special symbol on the edge of his clothes and back. A gentle black hair, a quiet black eye.

“Don't go any further. Rady. ”

On the top of the forest, a soft and bright woman comes far away.

“This is already a spiral tree, the quiet place of His Highness Oursen."

Men stop and raise their heads. Seems to be looking for the source and direction of the sound.

“Distinguished King of the Demon, I do not agree with the ruling of Klein. So by today, it is hoped that the roots of Beatrix will be re-examined. "

“In order to obtain your support, I brought you a key evidence. One thing that proves Klein they don't have to betray. "

He took out a small bag from the waist, a small round black rock with a nail cover.

Then throw the black stones to the front.


The gem exploded into powder and formed a black Frente in the middle of the air.

In the course of the FRF movement, a smaller Frente was once again highlighted from the middle of the process.


Men are gentle, press the FRF center.

Oh, yeah.

The two French-based positions were also blew apart and turned into a black circle around.

The circle began to float images and portraits that had taken place.

It's just that the picture has just begun to be broadcast, and suddenly a long, vague wave of fluctuations is being carried away from the distant trees.

The picture that is being broadcast is shaking, and it will be restored to normal immediately.

But this fluctuation is already extremely obvious for black hair men, and for the unidentified demon.

“Keep going.”The Devil King indifferently said.

“Yes.”Men are afraid to split up, and this is the last opportunity to complain, and if not, perhaps Klein is really hopeless.

At the dawn of tomorrow, they will be held at the altar of the Mother and the Tree, for a public sentence.

The images of the Frente POLISARIO continue.

Yomo, five minutes later.

“Stop it, I already understand.”The voice of the Devil King is ringing again.

The French paintings are stagnant.

(This chapter is over)

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