410. Chapter 410

Chapter 410

“Just rely on this evidence, even if I speak to help, it will not be meaningful.

The roots of Beatrit are the trial chambers above Royal Family, and their decision is that I cannot turn away. "

The Devil King answered straight.

“Plus, even if I don't execute, there are thousands of trees King Kaiser in there.”

“But if that's the case, I waited for the demon's justice to have what black hair man said was stagnating.

That fluctuation in the forest has left without silence.

This represents that the Devil King has left.

The roots of Beatrix have existed for thousands of years, and their resolutions can only be rejected by the Devil King and the King of the Tree.

But it's just an objection. In the face of the root of a total of 19 votes, the Lord of the Demon plus only four votes.

It's been too long.

There's too long for the Bavru Empire, the more arrogant.

Now they want to judge the two innocent natural blessers without distinction of any reason.

Blessed by nature, what kind of innate talent is that?

It's a pet with natural spoils, and any kind of technique can exist a thousand miles a day, far from normal genius.

These are the geniuses recognized by nature, and now they are sentenced to punishment by the roots of Beatrix?

“What a fool!"black hair men hold up their fists, and their eyes are implicit in anger and determination.

“against nature will surely be subjected to natural anger!”

Two silhouette articles appeared near men.

“Sugar, order! I have already said that those aloof and remote people have long forgotten what their roots are.

They have been eroded by power and arrogance and forgotten that nature is the very essence that I am waiting for a demon! "

“Yeah.”The other one is a woman, and the sound is cold. “Now the demon empire is huge and swelling, and ancient and corrupt. Save Klein and we'll leave. "

“I want to throw up every second I stay here!”She's green in her eyes with cold and disgusting eyes.

black hair man Sugar, silent detachment to the Frente POLISARIO, looks at the dissolution of the retroactive approach produced by colleagues who have worked hard to collect.

The truth is not really important anymore.

He suddenly clear comprehension. Why did the most gentle demon kings of sexual affection go away at the end?

“Let's go…Go back, tell everyone to get ready! ”

He turned around and finally put down the last hesitation and walked in the direction.

The remaining two follow closely from behind, and there is no one left behind.

Three people quickly leave the trees.

Just as she walked out of the trees to cover the edge, all of a sudden there was a time when a heavy step went on.

“This voice…It's a six-eyed snake tail! White silver high, wild creature! "

Sug Seth, move towards sound.

His eyes suddenly flowed into a fresh green light, and his eyes began to pass through large trees and see what was happening far away.

“The son of a bitch is attacking humans again. Want to eat?”His heart swept up, "Stop it!"


The other two were simultaneously pronounced.

Three people are shattered and fast moving between trees.

After passing through a dense cherry tree, Sugar saw what was happening.

One of the elephant elephant six-eyed lizards, with thick rock armor, hit two frightened humans.

“Help!”Sugar can hardly figure out why there's a common man here, pulling a sword to the front.

The bloodline isotope, which belongs to the Silver Classification, starts instantaneously.

“The archer."

The sword in his hand suddenly shined up a rainbow like rays of light.

That rays of light stretches out, lights pulls out a arch, precisely blocking the six eyes of lizards.


The six-eyed lizard hit the color arch with a blunt sound of metals and rocks.

Similar to the white silver level, the power of Sugar is clearly not the opponent of the six-eyed lizard, and looking at the archer is about to be knocked back.

However, the other two launched simultaneous attacks from both sides. Mitigating his strengths.

“Let's go! You two! ”Sugar saw which two people were still standing in the ground, moving, screaming in time.

These two are young men with ordinary black sleeves and fancy pants. There is no noteworthy innate talent stone on it (the stones of a contract between representatives and demons, the better color and the higher innate talent).

The other man is a farmer who looks honest, and he sees this scene, and his face is so frightened. A straw knife in his hand, Pātà, fell on the floor, all shaking.

Look at it, it's basically the ordinary farmer on the edge of a demon tree.

“To find the ordinary human being who signed a contract with the demon? Is that farmer a guide? ”Sugar speculated the answer in the first instant.

Well, that young man reacted quickly, pulled his farmer back and quickly ran out of ten hundred meters to avoid being bitten by a snake tail of six eyes lizards.

“It's you again! Sugar! Why do you meet every time you come out for food? You're a disaster star! ”

The six-eyed lizard escaped from the food and was angry, but there was nothing to do with it.

It and Sugar have crossed many times.

And as for those who have superior power over mortal limits, their strength is very different, so they will fight, and whoever will not die. Everyone can turn around and run away.

Lin Sheng's new curiosity looking at this lizard right now.

He was about to go out and slap this lizard and eat it for dinner.

But now it looks good he didn't even do it.

Because it looks like this lizard seems to be weak here…If he eats it, it's not in line with his infinite investigation here.

From the Cafipo Demonic Spirits cave, his purpose was to look into the situation on his own.

From that farmer's mouth, he learned that the Bavru cave world was a natural habitat of a human demon. The same as the existence of the secret.

Here, all powerful people have signed a contract with the demon, thereby obtaining a strong innate talent demon Warrior.

So he spent a little bit of gold at the expense of asking farmers to take him to the forefront of the mother and tree that says there is no danger. See if the demon is willing to enter into a contract with him.

But without a few rounds, I met the six eyes of the snake tail lizard.

"Looks like there's a lot more complicated here than Kaffepo…And here the demons chose to combine themselves with humans. "

Lin Sheng was quite different about it, but thought about it.

‘Indeed, demonic Spirits are spiritual creatures, pure spiritual creatures, and it is easy to be killed once they meet a natural restraint like me.

But once combined with blood organisms, it's perfect to fill this flaw. Even the power to become a stronger soul exists. "

At this point, the six Eye lizards left soon after having been handled with the three Sugar.

The means of the Sugar three are more dependent on the innate talent and sword wrestling techniques, which are being haunted by six eyes lizards.

By contrast, they look like Warrior, and Demonic Ability Users are more like a purely tactical jurist.

Six Eye lizards were resolved, three Sugar relaxed, and that was why I looked back to Lin Sheng.

“Are you here to find the demon who signed the contract? Don't come in the last few days, it'll be dangerous. If you hadn't just met us, you two would have become crazy wild beast food. "Sugar language is harsh.

“Thank you very much for your help.”Lin Sheng switches up to be serious and thankful, "I'm Lin Sheng, the adventurer who came here to meet luck."

All in Demonic Spirits, his current Demonic Spirits language, with the help of that farmer, has slightly changed the tone and turned into another strange rural accent that never happened.

As for that accent, the Sugar three tried to listen for a while, and only half of the words were understood.

“Well…Forget it, it's not a place to talk, come with me, if you really want to sign a contract with a demon, I can help you. But it's a charge. ”

Sugar's under control, Sofia.

Lin Sheng, he just felt the strongest force fluctuations here. That's why farmers brought him here to turn around.

I didn't think he'd be willing to take him to the demon to sign a contract.

More than these three, the farmer must have been without them knowing this place.

So Lin Sheng immediately changed his original plan.

“Really? Are you sure? ”He opens his eyes and shows surprise colors. But this surprise is not fantastic.

This detail shows that he has a strong restraint, while giving the impression that he is more subordinate.

At least it won't make anyone think he's never seen the world.

“Of course, we do this business.”On Sugar, a handsome young man smiled and answered.

At the same time, Lin Sheng suddenly had a feeling.

This Bavru cave world, even if it's gonna have to be a bit more tired and slow to explore.

"Find a landing foot to live, then turn back to Hindrikara to deal with the miscellaneous business, and then make sure that your heart will be explored from time to time."

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