411. Chapter 411

Chapter 411

Aswood is still a clean shirt with wrinkles.

At this point where water sources are now under control, this dress is already relatively good.

Looks like some kind of social elite of ability.

Yes, now the social elite, that's what this image and honor is.

He walked on the streets, and the ordinary people in the eye were either working for Benne University or wearing a sacred envelope. It's no longer the peripheral staff of Star Mang and Moon Pool.

Only those who have just entered the city have not found their belongings, except for the dismissal of their staff and the families of the superiors.

Asemo ripped the mouth of the border, and there were some surprises about the stability and peace of the city.

Walk along a street that was filling a hole, and he beneath the right, and went to a staircase at the corner of the street.

Walk along the stairs, fast before he comes to a red security door on the third floor.

dong dong dong dong dong.

He stretched his hand to knock.

Not for a while, the door opens a stitch and reveals an eye full of blood.

Seeing him in the eye seems to recognize him.

“Come in.”

Keep your eyes back.

Artemi pushed the door and walked in.

In the living room, there are residual food packaging bags, and the couch and the table chair are all cut paper clips.

The whole room has a word, chaos.

The owner here, a man with a human tone drag, a beard, a skinny man, sitting on the couch, picking up a cracker and stuck it in his mouth.

“What are you doing here again? I'm just a normal person, and I don't want to be involved in your shit. ”

“Don't worry, nobody knows you're my grandmother brother.”Artemi laughed and answered.

“I prefer never to be younger brother like you."Bullshit man's lazy player.

“So, what are you doing here?”He knew Artemi's younger brother would never be all right to look at him.

Asemo did not come back immediately, but stood up, walked to the window, pulled up the curtains and looked outside.

“What do you think of Henrikara? I mean, now, Hercula. ”

“Herrikara? Compared to other gatherings? ”The hookers touched the beard, thought about it.

“It's pretty good. Beyond the secret, the rest of the gatherings, I personally felt that there wouldn't be anyone who would do better than here. ”

“So what? What's your purpose? ”

He always knew that younger brother Asemo was a very ambitious person. So he came here, he must have done something.

“If you're here to overthrow the sanctuary, then you can go right now."The hookers think they gave a good advice.

Asemon laughed.

“Big brother, you're still so careful…But you're so cautious, and finally decided to meet me, honestly, I appreciate it. ”

The smile on his face is covered up.

“Actually, this time I came here to ask you to look into the true strength and detail of the Temple!”

“Real strength and Detail?"The hookers think about it.

“Yes.”Azerwood Point. Put your hands down the curtains and push the boxes on the table and light the back on the table.

“We have always seen the Holy Mosque as an emerging and large armed organization.

But after several successive major events, Neither the three big secrets nor the seven Locks Tower, we can no longer ignore this larger organization. "

“Compared to other cults, such as Van Eun, in front of the temple, like the difference between eggs and stones. Not at all a level. ”

“Two ranker battles, the sanctuary is in absolute jeopardy. This is a shock to the outside world.

Almost every time they reach the temple, the outside world will find that they still have more powerful forces that do not show up. ”

“After all, you also know how much energy and time it takes to develop an ranker even if we're seven Locks Tower.

Where's the Temple? The strong ones in them, like they drilled out of the air, suddenly came out. It's also a place where we can't understand. ”

“So you're going to look into the details and decide on the attitude towards the Temple?”The beard will come to the point of 7 Locks Tower.

“You can say that.”Azerwood Point. But now there's a smile.

“However, a pure search will take a lot of time, and we can't waste so much of our leisure. So… ”


“So we used a little strategy.”Asemo showed mysterious smiles on his face.

“What do you mean?”The hook blinks.

“Meaning…Second lockdown, maybe it's almost up to Xilun now? There's the legend of the Temple of the Temple. ”

Asemo's face shows the color of confidence.

“It is clear that the temple's frequency of movement on the side of Hindrikara has a much greater impact than Xilun.

It is well known that they are likely to put the main forces on this side. In order to open up new areas.

As a result, the presence of local headquarters is likely to be due to a lack of capacity and the inability to act as the first Level fighter.

So there's no big move over there, and that's why I guess. ”

“So you're going to let the second lock try to find out the truth?”Bullshit.

“Yes. This hypothesis, I believe more than 80 per cent is true. ”Artemi showed no better than self-confidence.

“I have a feeling.”

The one who did it…

The one who did it…

Xilun Temple Headquarters.

King of Night salt lay on the bed, and he tried to make his body flat.

That way, when you're covered, you can't see people sleeping in bed.

He's got a strong secret!

Since his study of Saint Force, his strength has been driven by the bloodline of terrifying, and has risen again.

Plus, the present temple covers amplification, and his actual strength is probably equivalent to the two former ones.

But this guy's personality is even more lazy at the same time as the power upgrade.

“Lord Night King! Stop hiding…I've seen you! ”

A ghost woman, slowly floating outside the bedroom.

“hehe, come here again, think I'll do it every time? Oh, God! ”King of Night's heart is cold, but he's the kind of man who sleeps to become stronger.

I want him to work. That's what killed him!

“Lord Night, His Excellency The Honourable Archbishop of the Super Ford Battalion of Xilun will come to see you personally, which is in the face of our temple. You better get out of here. It's too late if you don't go. ”That sound goes on.

“hehe, bully me! The prime minister came here yesterday! Still here today? Think more. ”King of Night laughs again.

Besides, King of Steel, who breakthrough to ranker, is there and is not required to show him at all.

“Besides, even if you can't, you have to eat and drink the bathroom?”That sound goes on.

“For more than ten days…You've never been to the bathroom. Don't you want to pull it in your pants?

“hehe, it's so naive. I've already pulled a hole under the bed! Go to the bathroom or something! ”King of Night doesn't care.

“hehe, you're such a little ghost.”At the bottom of the bed, suddenly there was a pretty face of a cold smile.

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