412. Chapter 412

Chapter 412

“Aaaaaahh! Cardula! ”

In the Temple of Xilun at night, it suddenly came out of a loud shout.

In the woods out there, a few owls were scared to lift their feathers and open up.

The staff who are cleaning the temple are stopping their work and looking for the direction of the sound.

The palace of the Holy Mosque was built only within the Great Sage Palace.

King of Night was frightened to jump from bed to the ground, and looked back at Cardula in the middle of the bed.

To be precise, the other side is one of Cardula's ranks, and his deputy, Cardula 1131.

This Cardula 1131, before being integrated with Cardula, is the female servant in the palace of an ancient kingdom, with the position of Deputy Defence Officer.

It is now isolated by Cardula, who has been dispatched to serve as a personal deputy of King of Night to help him deal with various miscellaneous matters.

“You can't scream so loud."Cardula 1131 wears grey uniforms, some of which are like a tight coat with a short dress.

However, the benefits of such dressing can be seen if the fighting forces are taken into account.

The black dress, which seems to be thin, does not know how many small assassinations of all sorts were hidden.

King of Night has seen it personally, and this deputy, in five seconds, struck 13 Superman.

“Well, I haven't been able to get through that hole, but are you going into a single man's bedroom like this, a little rude?"

King of Night was tight on the tight body, a butt sitting on the chair.

He was found, and he broke the tank.

“It's okay, I didn't see anything.”Cardula 1131 is faint.

“Well, come on, what's the matter with you? You know, every night at 7:30 is my sleep time. ”

King of Night's unsatisfactory. He was well aware of the character of the deputy, but the style of the other party was abundant, although not long before.

If it's really just a small thing, she won't suddenly come so late to bother him.

“My lord is well known."Cardula 1131, slightest bow, shake up, slip out of the hole in the bed and stand up.

“Lord Cardula, I hope you can go and see the progress there.”

“Well…Call Pearl Ocean? "King of Night's face is serious.

Ever since Lin Sheng succeeded in standing steadily in Hindrikara, he has conveyed his directive to all leaders to find a way to open the way between the two Holy Mosques.

And between the Temple of Xilun and the Temple of Etrikara, there is a small piece of Pearl Ocean. About a thousand miles away.

If it was Black Tide before it erupted, it might be okay.

But it is now a time when Black Tide continues to erupt throughout the world, wherever the means of transport are available, at a remarkable cost.

Money people are trying to move to a safer place.

sense of security, being the only driving force in the world.

In the wake of the blackTide outbreak, Xilun continued to dispatch two small convoys of convoys in the impetus of the Temple.

But both fleets have been secretly missing on the missing Pearl Ocean.

A lot of mysterious fog, with a strong disruptive nature. Even satellites could not be detected from the antenna.

So on both sides, it becomes the most important thing.

“My suggestion is that without the strength of six Wings, it would be better not to send out to die.”King of Night calmly said.

“The fleet we sent before, among them, one of the most powerful individuals, namely, the Suppression Level.”

“But it is impossible to even send a reply. Mysterious disappearances. As far as possible, Pearl Ocean is too dangerous. "

“I understand, I will convey it to Lord Cardula one.”

All Cardula can be connected at any time, so this side gets information, and the other side receives it immediately.

“In addition, a new member has been added to the body and is present at the same level as me.”King of Night said solemnly, “If you can, I think…"

“Sing the show over there? Don't you want to be overtaken by the later ones? ”The deputy is slight. “Is it the dignity of the dragon King bloodline? ”

The vice-president thought a little bit, and he felt an old, noble feeling of self-esteem.

That's what she thought, the master of her own service, but the legend of the Dragon King's bloodline!

Lieutenant, lower your head and seriously answer, "I understand, I will never embarrass you."

“No…I just want to… ”

“When will she come over here to receive this…"

King of Night to raise hands.

“I don't have much more, I don't have a lot. I think I'm still fit for the bottom plate.

That's the kind of bottom plate that can put under the pressure box. ”


“You actually want to stay in the trunk…"The vice president is right.



The Xilun coast, a white debris beach.

“Congratulations. Lord Alvin Safu Rayne, come to Xilun's Division! "

Twenty gray robe kneels and sends the highest greetings to a white man who slows up on the beach.

White hair men are strong, and silver metals are in their chest, embedded in muscles.

The wind blows from around his body.

The wind brings sound similar to those called and shouted, surrounded by him.


All gray robe, together, has a low head, each with a freshy Demonic Ability smoke.

Green Demonic Ability's cigarette is coming out of the area, and it's coming up with a half of the transparent cover.

Obviously, these gray robe people are also extraordinary, and since they come alone to this wilderness, they do everything they want.

The gray robe, led by the gray robe, is a dry old woman with yellow money.

She had a small black staff with a small arm, a small size, a slight rise in a pair of plastic balloons and a sublime flowing in her eyes.

“How dare you ask your lord about the purpose of this trip?"

If it were the other seven locks, she might not be so willing, but now this one, actually, is supposed to be her grandfather.

So in private relations, that's why she was sent to meet.

“I came to Xilun, only for one purpose."The subordinate Alvin is cold, very proud, “that is, destroying the Holy Mosque.”

“The Holy Mosque?”old women were in contradiction with the Temple and the Seven Locks Tower, but that contradiction should not be deep.

The Temple, as an emerging force, has been characterized by a remarkable role in Black Tide, and she has long heard.

“The headquarters of the Temple, located in the city of Mington, where a small mountain is occupied by them and renamed the Temple Mountain, which should be on that hill.”

Seychelles, Alvin, come on.

“Good job.”

He looked at the watch.

“Arrange me the past car, I have an appointment at night."

“Understood!”old women stand up and are moving.

Suddenly, Alvin's foot stopped, rising up.

“Far from being watched and solved."

He walked on the shore of the beach, where there was nothing, and suddenly a fortress blue tank was automatically flown.

Get in the car quickly, and the rest of gray robe split up two teams, one to address the remote visuals, and one to keep up with the cars that follow.

“Holy Temple…”

Sit in the car, sit in the corner of Silvin's mouth, and make a mockery of the cold smile on your face.

According to information, there has been no sign of ranker ranker ranks on the side of the Temple, since the establishment of the Ethnic Rikara branch.

It's right to see their analysis.

The fact that the Holy Mosque is empty is no longer controversial.

“Fear against the top seven Locks Tower.

Fight, pain, let me enjoy it a little longer. "His tongue licked his lips lightly.

That's half a tongue, and it's like a snake's chip.

(This chapter is over)

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