414. Chapter 414

Chapter 414

“…The last time I saw no more options… ”Lin Sheng looked down at those consumption amounts, and his heart was a little dizzy.

It is estimated that the last time there were not a few of them, it should be that there was not enough Saint Force at that time and that there was no activation.

Now the Saint Force pool is full, so it automatically shows.

Think about it, Lin Sheng said, “Search the Saint Force pool."

New Ancient Rennes language is floating right now.

‘Saint Force pool:100,000.'"Full."

“Yes, I will!”

Lin Sheng looked around these six options, with the first time determining the large Saint Force pool.

“Make sure, choose to enter the big Saint Force pool.”He said solemnly.

‘Set it out, choose success, and the big Saint Force pool will automatically enter. Take Saint Force 20000. Stage time:15 hours. "That gentle woman rings again.

“Determine, choose a phase of energy pressure.”

‘Set it out, choose success, and energy pressure will automatically move forward. Take Saint Force 5000. Stage time:15 hours. "

“No change in energy pressure under 1 Level?”Lin Sheng looked at the current tree map, showing that energy pressure on the elevation of this magic is still five thousand.

Just after promotion, it shows that repressive hierarchy becomes two standard grades.

“Then come again!”Now, when there's more money, say it with light.

Energy pressure is more powerful than that. Far from what other magic can compare.

‘By the way, it would seem easier to know if the Temple's wisdom could change the criteria and better be converted into a realistic hierarchy.'

Lin Sheng thought about it again.

“Request for replacement of the standard level of reference.”

“Copy. Please adjust your name. "

The woman answered.

And then, in the painting, Lin Sheng's current tree image was narrowed, left a space, leaving a new picture flowing out.

The new pattern shows the power hierarchy system used by Black Feather City.

That's from 1st Level to 18th grade.

Lin Sheng looked at the hierarchical system in front of him, stuck in his mind.

“If the third Level is right to one Wing, all just stepped in, then the level of follow-up, according to the formidable power comparison, is probably two and one wing each."

“So, Level 5 equals wings, 7th Level equals three Wings, Level 9 equals violel Level. Ten 1st Level equals five Wings, ten 3rd Level equals six Wings.

Every 1 Level is wings multiplied by two, plus one.

Just 10 Level 5, really equals ranker? I've never seen 10 Level 5 big guy, no judgment.

And this judgment is only a general estimate, and King of Steel of the former ten 1st Level and six Wings are also powerful enemies. I really want to fight, and I need to see a comprehensive measure. ”

“Forget it. Forget it.

Lin Sheng moved quickly, started spiritual control and modified the chart before it.

The third Level began to change, and the third Level was termed unincorporated. There are no wings in three stages:general, sharp, very limited.

Three Level started, one Wing, and then two wings, three Wings Four Wings, five Wings, six Wings, ten Level 5 after six Wings, Lin Sheng was set as tentative.

“There's still the highest 18th grade back there…I really don't know what Black Feather City would be like for the strongest time. ”Lin Sheng is invisible in his heart.

In fact, he felt that Demonic Ability Users were far less detailed than Black Feather City because of the low power ceiling and the hierarchical system.

“In accordance with the Memory Fragments that I have absorbed, Black Feather City has referred to the strengths of the 10Level 5-18 as legendary. Just don't know who the legend and ranker is. ”

Replace the hierarchy, and he asked about the Saint Force pool, 75,000 more.

Sophistication has raised energy pressure to the top, that is, 3rd Level.

3Level's energy pressure can reduce the level of one wing by suppressing non-Saint Force trainers within the limits.

That is to say, one Wing's non-Saint Force superhero, entering the Temple, and suddenly becoming ordinary.

“$65,000 left…What do you want? ”Lin Sheng's vision is on both sides of the evening tower and the sunset pool.

“The false lights created by the Temple of Power are converted into three Wings, and now there is no shortage of three Wings in Hindrikara.

Even under the pressure of the field, three Wings pilgrims here can be used by four Wings Suppression Level. The median power is not scarce. ”

Lin Sheng thought in his head.

“What I need now is a means of shielding detection and resistance to heat weapons. After all, my enemies are not just Black Tide, but also Demonic Ability. "

So, look at these six options, Lin Sheng knows what he needs.

Evening tower.

He no longer hesitates, directly choosing the evening tower.

"Make sure, choose to enter the evening tower."

‘Set it out, choose success, and the evening tower will automatically be built in your chosen place. Take Saint Force 20000. Stage time:15 hours. "

Lin Sheng raised the evening tower to 3rd Level with 60,000 Units. Then pick up your place on the side of the Temple.

So Saint Force pool's got 10,000 left…

He looked at his choice from the beginning to the end.

Energy pressure, big Saint Force pool, sunset tower.

All three of them are now necessary in the continuance of Rikara.

“3Level's energy pressure and the sunset tower do not know how it works."Lin Sheng is somewhat what what about anticipated.

A breath of 90,000 Saint Force, he was very comfortable.

Fifteen hours is not hard to wait, and he intends to go back to bed, and then rest and think, like, wake up and see a change in the back.

The one who did it…

The one who did it…

Xilun, Milton.

The bright light is just clear, outside the Saint Light line established by the tree Minton.

On the absurd highway, a silver sedan dropped at a high rate, parked all over the road and completely blocked the entire road.

In the back of the limo convoy, a tank of the same car stopped.

The door is open.

The second lock, the subordinate Seversa Rayne, the colour of peace walks out of the car.

He's clean, silver, grey, with a sophisticated white glove, with a few silver metal chains in his chest, and he doesn't know what to do.

The old woman who got out of the car quickly went up and said, “Grandfather, we arranged a raid team, together with…”No, no. ”

Alfred, break the line.

“I go in alone.”He took off his white glove and threw it to old women, “Ready for morning tea, I'll be back for dinner.”

“This…We haven't started a short distance-transmission device… "Old women are ugly."See you safely. Can you wait a little longer? ”

“Do you think my strength will worry about a small town in this area?”Alvin frowned.

A huge depressed breath field, with time steam from him.

old women breathe and don't dare say more.

“hehe…Even the Temple headquarters has ranker. I'll make him understand, ranker, and there's an irreparable gap. ”

He was one pair of men who fought against two of the three big rankers without defeat.

It's just the Temple of the District.

He goes in, there's only one result.

That's the massacre.

(This chapter is over)

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