415. Chapter 415

Chapter 415

7 Locks Tower, one of the seven locks, subordinate Seversa Rayne.

As a relatively rich and ancient noble family, he has received very good noble education since he was little.

But as times change, he is in a period of time when nobles are gradually being empty and becoming empty.

He has been educated by nobility, making him always bound by being a qualified nobility and demanding himself.

The tide of the era is irreversible.

After countless efforts, he continued to be fruitless and finally joined by seven Locks Tower's package, breaking the bush wreck and choosing to join.

Destroy everything and rebuild a new order.

That's the thrust of seven Locks Tower.

It is also the purpose and hope of all members to choose to join. Equally, it is his own wishes and thoughts.

Alf came back to God, and he had gone to the shade of a little river surrounded by the tree.

Through Saint Light's defense line, he walked straight to the Temple Mountain.

He didn't choose to move on now with a big flag drum. It's quiet, step closer to target.

Just before he came in, he heard that the Temple had a hand in resisting Black Tide.

But after he really entered the defense line, he understood that the means of the Temple were no longer at all. Rather, it has reached the point where the hearts of the people can really be brought together.

He was a man who had been through the time when the noble people fell from aloof and remote to dust. So it's also the most obvious time that terrifying has the means.

Along the shade, he even saw a couple of young couples pushing the baby car out of a walk.

It's just like the time before the blackTide erupted.

“What a…It's incredible. ”

Alfo used his own extraordinary abilities along the shadow of the forest, a crystal cover that could put himself in an unknown subordinate, concealing all traces of gas.

He looks like a general tourist who came to visit the tour.

But every man who passed through him will not remember his face.

They just have a little concept like 'someone just walked through me’.

After the shade of the forest, Alves soon arrived at the public park beneath the foot of the Temple Mountain.

There are more people here than elsewhere.

If, in other places in the trees, the inhabitants seem to be all right.

So, under the foot of this Temple Mountain, these would have been normal residents, and at that time one became a bit more enthusiastic.

They keep moving towards the Temple Mountains closed, praying and reading words in their mouth. Some of them look like they're here, and they're going to camp with tents.

Some seem to have been here a long time. It's unbearable to get dressed, sweaty fox stinks together.

Alfred looks to the deepest part of the park, which looks like a small mountain with only a number of hundred meters.

It's an unusual small mountain, but it makes him feel different.

“Looks like it should be there.”Alpha's heart is determined.

He didn't hesitate when he walked to that hill.

As ranker, he could actually go up or fly directly to the mountains.

However, in order to gain a better understanding of some of the holy shrines, Alfo was patient and stepped forward between the people in the park, near the Temple Mountain.

As we get closer to the Temple Mountain.

The relatively scarce Saint Force particles in the air are also beginning to be depressed.

A weak force of repression, without distinction, covers the perimeter. And also covered him.

While he was at different spatial subnational levels because of crystal isotopes, he was also aware of some of the repressive effects.

Even Demonic Ability, who was in the body, was affected by repression.

ranker itself is strong enough. But their strong roots are the ability to open the Sea Gate at any time and to communicate with the equals, with the support of proximity to unlimited demonic Ability.

In this environment, if the Sea Gate is to open up the sea level of communication on an equal footing, it will have to overcome the situation of Saint Force repression everywhere.

As ranker, he is not heavily affected by repression, but he leads to the equality of Demonic Ability in the sea, which must be affected by Saint Force.

So the opposite, even ranker, will be affected, and fighting formidable power will be reduced considerably.

“That's a brilliant idea…"Alf once again sends a compliment.

Soon, he came to that long white stage.

In a state where the guards cannot see it.

Alfo stepped on the stage, fast enough to cross the five-6th Level and turn his eyes on the upper side of the hill.

Throw the whole of Erica down from here. Alfo was sighing.

“That's a beautiful view. Unfortunately, such beauty will soon be destroyed by my own hands…It's hard to make people feel guilty… ”

He has shouldered his hands, stepped forward and appreciated the more pure natural landscape building in the Temple Mountain.

Finally, he came to the church at the back of the hill, representing the Temple.

“Everything, it's over.”

He stretched out his hand, grabbed the door.

His shape, under the influence of superpower, quickly departs from the subordination and returns to reality.

To be in touch with reality, it is essential to leave that observation.


The door is open.

Alfsch walked in with calm and freshness on his face.


He's got a terrifying venture blowing up, and he brushes it to every inch of the church.

That's what ranker is, and that's what he belongs to.

“I'm 7 Locks Tower's subordinate Silver. Shake, fear, then kneel down and pray for forgiveness! "

At the Temple.

King of Night, King of Steel, Cardula, Adolf, is bringing together and seems to be having a meeting.

Listen to Alf, a few people blink, and at this point they don't know what to do.



For a while, King of Night and King of Steel, they look like they're coming in, Al.

Alpha's jaw picked up, sweeping the eyes of a few people.

“Are you scared by my temper?"

He shot the dust on his clothes.

“Forget it. Give you a chance. Let's go.”

The sound slows down, but it's hard for a while.

In the Temple prayer hall, it's been a little cold for a while.

King of Night and King of Steel exchanged an eye.

"You know this guy?"

‘Oldman came back from abroad, how could he know?’King of Steel.

"Then how did he get in?"

‘I don't know…However, according to old man, this guy has weak energy volatility. I should be able to hold you up a few times. "

King of Night touched the chin.

Suddenly he turned around and faced Alv.

“Did you just say, together?”

Alfcoldly snorted, on the other side of the temple, to a few people.

“Naturally I said.”

“Then I'll blow my breath. Do you dare not move?"King of Night's serious questions.

“Funny, are you kidding?”Alfo's not happy. "Remember, you have only one chance. This is what I have given you as a benchmark, a great deal of forgiveness. ”

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