416. Chapter 416

Chapter 416

Xilun, within the Temple.

“So I blow it?”


“What a blow?”

“Blow it.”

“You sure?”


Alph's on fire, Timothy Path.


The air of the entire temple around the Temple was several hundred meters, while the air was flowing towards the centre.

King of Night's big mouth, deep breath, countless fluctuations into his mouth, making a path of an emergency invisible turbine.

The mountains are shaking.

The sky starts to ring.

A deep sea pressure spreads from King of Night. Cover every position in the Temple Mountain.

The pressure was enormous and almost instantly crushed the atmosphere on Alf.

Alpha's body was impatient and he was afraid to believe in the color, but the body first reflected it, and the cold sweat on his head came down.

His arrogant spirits have not changed at this time, but the horn and nose have broken the line like sweat.

Didn't you say that there's no ranker anymore? What the hell is the intelligence? "

His heart was trembling, but in order to maintain the glorious image of the seat, he was still dead.

“That's…That's a good force. ”Alf worked hard to keep the shock of his head and squeezed out an elegant smile on his face.

At the same time, rapid thinking in your head starts with programmes to address the immediate situation.

If we don't find a way quickly, it's probably his holiday next year.

From the breath alone, the power of this man is not just ranker anymore.

Not to mention, there's a guy on the side who seems to be sitting in peace with him.

“Young man, I think you can do it now, you can do it now. Actually, I was just trying to test you for a second. ”Alf took his hand and stood up and said,

“A test?”King of Steel's armor passed a smile.

“You don't really think His Highness King of Night is serious with you?”

He was old and, although he had failed in his last life, did not prevent him from having many superior qualities other than fighting forces.

One of those observations is observation.

Alfo's arrogance from the time he came in, so far as he was calm, he couldn't panic.

He's all over another look in the eye.

Just ranker, after all, ranker.

Alf was worn and cared, and no more than that.

“It was not thought that the Temple still hides two rankers, which, if passed out, was the earthquake in Demonic Ability.

And since you have been hiding yourselves and are not famous, that means that you do not want to leave behind.

So, I don't think I've been here today, nor do I spill your information out. Everybody take what you need. What do you think? ”

His analysis is timely and detailed, and it is possible to analyse the points and capture each other's psychology in so few seconds of a short tension.

There is no doubt that he has a lot of psychology.

“Ah, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh," King of Night kept his mouth shut and hit a big debt.

This slows down when the normal air runs around.

“What did you just say?”King of Night wiped out the tears of his eyes.

“…"Al felt like he suffered 10,000 hits in his heart.

“I…"He's not looking at it, but he's squeezing out a smile. "Actually, I…It's on behalf of seven Locks Tower…Come and join the Temple! ”

He turned his head around, and he switched one hundred and eighty degrees instantly.

“It was also to test the defences of the Holy Mosque that had been stolen before."

Alfo was the one who decided to confuse the past.

“But we didn't hear anything?”King of Night thwarted his face.

“Because this was the first official contact, we didn't intend to disturb you. Only two of them are too powerful to detect my whereabouts. "Alfonstone swiftly answered.

“So your answer is…”

Within the prayer hall, King of Night and King of Steel exchanged information quickly. The flow of information on souls makes their communication extremely advanced.

“While you seem to be very sincere, the rhetoric sounds fine. But… ”

King of Night lightly smiled, turn around.

“You just said you're not moving.”

“… Well, come on, next time this hit, before you broke in, I can't see it. "

Alf's silent.

What are you laughing at, just that level of fluctuation, even if it's him, is to make a similar move, and it requires a whole spectacular attention and full effort.

But now this man…

As ranker's strong intuition, he told him that the man at hand was probably one of the strongest of the enemies he had encountered since he was born.

“If you will, I promise.

It's just that I came with the goodwill of seven Locks Tower. This move of yours is likely to turn the two major organizations of harmony into enemies! "

Alfo is in a hurry to get out of it, and he's got a bad feeling.

“It's okay, I didn't think so much.”King of Night said with a slight smile. “Anyway, you let me whistle first. ”

“…"Alfo was stagnant, and his heart was clear, and the two sides were not at all misguided by their words.

They had long seen their original purpose not to be good.

If you want to understand that, he won't talk much more.

“Well, 7 Locks Tower, second lock, subordinate Alfof Rayne, accepted your test.”

He took a slight bend, moved towards the end of King of Night's courtesy.

Even if lost, the dignity of seven Locks Tower must not be lost.

He lifted his head, looking towards King of Night's beautiful eyes like Galaxy.

He's a flower in front of his eyes, and it looks like he's taken out of the temple and put it in a dark space.

But in the next minute, he couldn't think about anything else.

A piece of pressure, as substantive as it is, came from all around before he reacted.

Almost the instinct.

Alfred's got a straight body. Sea Gate in the body opens up.

The endless equality of the sea Demonic Ability, like the river, came out of him in the body.

He belongs only to his own powerful power, and it starts instantly.

“Absolutely crystal cage! Lock it! ”

The brake was a huge white six-dimensional crystal that packed Alf's whole body.

the white crystal has slowed down and, as a matter of substance, has completely removed Demonic Ability and become another phenomenon.

It was also the light of the White Crystal release that allowed him to finally see what his opponent was.

In the dark void, he was slowing around a black dragon of up to 100 metres.

Just as he sees dragon creatures, King of Night has a personalized voice in his ear.

“Blood mystery:The Dark Dragon."

black giant dragon slight his mouth in this direction.


This is the shadow of hiding the sky and covering the earth. Rolling out of the dragon, rolling everything out.

(This chapter is over)

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