417. Chapter 417

Chapter 417

Lin Sheng washed his body, pointing to the villa before that little girl's sword and Saint Force cultivation. Then he went out.

He used to be leisure, lay down and sleep for a while, and breathe from morning to afternoon, he couldn't be better.

It's just a few minutes before the altar is completed.

He wants to witness this change in person.

Leaving out of the lab, Lin Sheng jumped up, and a large number of Saint Force was fired by him and turned into a driving force.

With a great deal of Saint Force consumption, he can fly freely in a short period of time like a real bird.

Lin Sheng wandered around the city and quickly found the highest commercial trade building in Henrikara.

He flies straight down the stairs, and soon he gets to the roof.

“Right here.”

Lin Sheng looked at the ground, and it was clean.

After a sudden attack on Black Tide, the financial group in the business and trade building announced the abandonment of the building, which cost billions of dollars, and then sent it to Benne University, which maintained the order of Superman.

Unfortunately, when the real Black Tide arrives, this place has now become a waste building.

Because the elevators on dozens of floors, as well as the buildings cleaning up every day, are not what ordinary people can imagine.

In particular, in the context of the growing scarcity of material resources, it is simply impossible to spend a great deal of electricity on maintaining the elevators of dozens of floors.

Lin Sheng turned a circle on the roof, and his heart was a little bit emotional. So good the building says it's obsolete.

“It's actually normal.”

Skyscrapers don't know when they're here.

“The same is true of the times I've been through. The more dangerous times, the more simple, quick, practical. ”

Lin Sheng laughed, no answer.

Though Skyscrapers also have certain independence, it is not entirely him.

But it's like a man who turns his mind around.

This concept says so, and that concept says that, like that, there are different ideas in the brain.

Not to mention the fragmentation and the formation of independent individuals.

“Here it comes!”

Suddenly Lin Sheng moved his head and moved to the top.

There are only a few long clouds of clouds in the clear sky. The rest is all blue.

Without industrial pollution at sea levels, the quality of air is improving rapidly.


Suddenly, from the holy holy Saint Force pool, a red light came out of the sky, and turned its eyes over Hindrikara into something like a lot of dark red dust.

And then another light sound, and the temple is coming out again with a transparent smoke.

The smoke also explodes in the sky and soon combines the dark dust flowing around it into a solid dark red cloud that covers the top of the city.

And the point is, this cloud, which is generally invisible, does not affect the sunlight coming down.

“That's a wonderful technology. It's Master's job… "Lin Sheng sighs.

Skyscrapers don't talk, just look at this dark cloud.

“And then energy pressure.”Lin Sheng's direct soul link to the Red Warrior in custody.

At this point, he immediately saw that energy suppression was excluding and suppressing the forces of other systems.

The most immediate positive is the sudden death of dozens of people in prison.

These people are too many bruises on their body, and normally rely on energy support, and now energy pressure, hard life pressure a wing or even more.

Once Demonic Ability is not enough, the wounds also erupt.

So it was a tragedy.

“Looks like everything's going well.”

Lin Sheng arranged for a man to deal with the prison, lying on the roof and lazy.

Suddenly, there has been an upsurge, and there has been some forced and voluntary movement. More obsessed with pursuing.

Lin Sheng rarely has such an opportunity to lie in a corner where nobody knows.

A little rest, Lin Sheng almost fell asleep.

Skyscrapers stand on the edge of the building and look down at the corner of the whole city.


Suddenly, a sharp alarm came directly from Lin Sheng's mind.

‘The evening tower found hostility, with unknown biological groups attempting to hit the line of defense. Please take immediate measures. "

Lin Sheng reacted immediately and should have kidnapped his temple to speak.

This design, which has been constructed by many Master Master in Black Feather City, is not mature in many places. But actually, it works well beyond Lin Sheng's imagination.

“Ask me first."Lin Sheng got up, took out the phone and called.

That's right over there.

“Fix, is the headline on Bern okay?"Lin Sheng's heart determines the outer line of defense.

“Go back, my lord, no problem."

“So what about us? Internal defense line. ”Lin Sheng asked again.

“Wait a minute.”The details of the inquiry will soon be transmitted over there.

“It's safe now…No, it's not! North, 30 kilometres away from us, there's a wave of unidentified monsters approaching speed! "

“Photography, send it to me.”Lin Sheng was decisively hanging up the phone. Then look at the images and information transmitted by the evening tower.

Just a minute, the phone will be ringing soon.

Lin Sheng, open the phone, adjust to the best light.

Take a picture.

The monster of the attack is, of course, a half-body and a guy like humans.

They have centipede as long as they are, and their heads grow up like kids, and they're so naive.

At this point, all the monsters are spinning around together. Far away like a giant meat ball.

“It's another new monster…”Lin Sheng is a bit desert. The monsters on this picture, and the sunset tower feeds his image.

“I've heard from the subordinates before about something.”And suddenly, the Skyscrapers were questioned. "They say that the monsters around them are almost well known to them. But now you suddenly come out with so much… ”

“Maybe it's just a good road."Lin Sheng has a little deep answer.


Suddenly it was the second alarm.

"There are mysterious caves near the Temple, and monsters are coming near."

"Quantity detection starts…"

"One hundred and fifty-one, please be careful as soon as possible."

The effect of the evening tower is strong, and the third Level evening tower almost makes Lin Sheng unhappy.

At this point, he swiftly switches the battlefields and draws like high-profile cameras directly installed in his head. It is also possible to choose to open up the effects of various mythology amplification.

Lin Sheng thought about it, choosing to increase evil detection.

Evil detection of this innate talent magic, at the lowest level, is also the most useless mystery.

But when it is strengthened, it is no longer an evil detective.

Rather, it became a special skill for similar mental shocks. They can be uniformed in a short period of time in the face of people who are less spiritual than themselves.

Lin Sheng named this enhanced evil detective as a sacred shock.

That's right here.

Far from the sky, it suddenly flew into the deep blue shadow of densely packed.

That was a blue monster like Winged Dragon, and a bunch of collusive flights, with a lot of panic.

Lin Sheng looked at the blue bird group far away, and they were not completely close, and they came several times down.

bang bang bang bang!

A high-shooting artillery has been continuously shelled, characterized by heavy artillery shells flying into the sky, killing several freaks every time.

“It seems that the situation is improving. But things in the world are not that simple. ”

Lin Sheng felt tired when he wanted to.

The earth, the earth, the sky, the three places are all together. If it wasn't intentionally possible to say it.

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