418. Chapter 418

Chapter 418

“Did someone deliberately induce monsters to attack the city?”

Skyscrapers and eyebrows.

“Without excluding this possibility, it is possible to attack together on three sides at the same time, which means that there is absolutely a command of the monster.

As for whoever commands, he is a monster, it doesn't matter. As long as it's alive, it'll die. ”

“Don't you think it's boring right now? You have to find something to do, don't you? Black Tide has not stabilized yet, and these haunted people can walk away.

They're not afraid of Black Tide? Don't be afraid of all kinds of monsters in there? ”Lin Sheng has a slight light in his eyes.

“If we can take their secrets to our hands, we will certainly be able to access the path of the Temple on both sides.”

“an innocent man treasuring a jade ring becomes a crime. Whatever his identity, whatever his intentions, since he shows up that capacity, he can take it for me! ”

Lin Sheng stood up and communicated the Temple Temple Tower.

On the eve of the screen, the portrait under control of the tower quickly passed into his head.

He was screened by one after another, looking for a black hand that might trigger the monster Black Tide.

This capability is more terrifying than satellite surveillance.

And now, Herrikara, because the sky is covered by mysterious red clouds, satellites have no way of positioning directly here.

If you want to see it here, you can only see it in a way that goes in the back of the eye.

Soon, Lin Sheng first found out where the monster first started to show up.

The strength of the evening tower is that all information in the area covered by the preceding three days can be accessed at any time, wherever possible.

As long as it happens here, everything can be found.

Lin Sheng quickly screened a lot of meaningless surveillance time through precision. And then, in a fast-moving way, let Skyscrapers work together.

So he was also suspected of being slow and quickly mobilized dozens of Red Warrior around to help check suspicious targets together.

For ease of inspection, Lin Sheng directly divided the projection screen into dozens, with one in front of each summon.

Under a crowd of hands.

Ten minutes later…Really, I found it.

“That's him.”

Skyscrapers point a little silhouette down on his screen.

Lin Sheng one after another matched several other monsters when the whole silhouette in the picture appeared in several places.

And before monsters start attacks, this coincidence makes people feel compelled to suspect.

“Well, I need to know where this guy named Ansewood is now.”

Lin Sheng identified the suspect and issued a directive on the evening and evening tower.

‘Abolition of the second commercial area, 300 Hiroshima Road.’The message of the evening tower is conveyed.

This is a bit of ease, and Lin Sheng has to be grateful, and technology is power.

Although this thing is not general technology, it's magic technology.

“Let's go, go and see this little guy, what's in his hand?”Lin Sheng laughed and jumped off the roof. Behind the day after work, Shakespeare follow closely from behind.



Artemi is sitting on the mattress, and the peace of the mood drinks tea that just builds.

This tea was purchased from a great nobility when he carried out his mission from a distant Oro.

The amount of tea is limited, but the number of people robbed is very small.

Not for other things, but for more tea, it's renewable. Demonic Ability Users or ordinary people are applicable.

“Now, summon's monster should have started offending?"Asemo knows very well the formidable power of the three colours.

Once this thing comes out, for those monsters in Black Tide, it's like the highest honey. It's like honey from the black bear, the bloody smell of sharks.

This was an accident he was born in danger, and he got the curiosity. Although the devil in his hand is just a replication.

At that time, he almost died for nine years, and he almost thought he was dead for half a journey.

I didn't expect to come back to the blessings of the disaster, to join seven Locks Tower with curious capacity and tools, and to gradually rise in it.

He's less powerful than ranker.

But more than those ranker who can only kill, he can do what he can to influence than they can.

“Try and look at the response of the Temple here, and then find a loophole in defence mechanisms and develop a response plan.”

Asemo has always believed that there is no intrusive defense in the world, and that the distinction is only a matter of time.

As the third mentalist of seven Locks Tower ranked, he had successfully planned three large-scale local battles in succession.

And in three battles, nothing has been achieved. So the master of this tower entrusted the Holy Mosque with his full powers to deal with it.

As a wise person, Artemia is most aware of the fundamental importance of the information.

So the first time, he changed his identity and came directly to Hindrikara for the first time to look directly at the true details of the Temple.

“Artemi, don't do anything you can't see!"Dude, the man with the beard is feeling naughty on the side.

He doesn't like this younger brother, but in any case, each other is his bloodline to relatives.

“How? I'm done now. ”

“What did you do before you left? Walk? ”It's not a good touch.

“Take a walk.”Artemitan answered.

“…You said you were going to the show before. ”The beard's a little broken. This guy, he shouldn't have believed him at first. There's no truth in your mouth.

“Yeah, that's what I thought before. big brother, you know, the idea of life will change as things change. So I like to walk now. ”

The hooker shakes his head, and no more competition with younger brother. Go straight back to your room.

Artemi sat in the living room, slowly picked up the tea in front of him.

Tea water, clear projection out of his face at this time.

“There is too little information that can be collected, and the temple seems to be open. But in fact, there is very little detail to reveal.

Such an organizational model is also rather rough and relies more on means and unknown special knowledge to judge whether members are insured and subordinated. "

“But this is interesting.”A smile in the corner of Azerwood's mouth. "The directors are smarter than I thought. Then let's see if Black Tide will show up after he attacked the city. "

He looks forward to it.

As long as he gets caught in a silk, then, in any case, a strong rival will be small.

Eventually, it can be stalled to the end.

Rather, those who never come in, never shine and do their own business.

“The triangle can attract a lot of Black Tide monsters to gather here. Even ranker sat in town. This place must also die.

By then, the Temple…What are you gonna do with that? ”

He had a crunch of his mouth, a cup of tea, blowing off the floating tea leaves, and drinking a drink in his head.

d dong.

Suddenly the doorbell rings.

Artemia's a little suffocation, and he knows that his big brother has no basis here.

Even if it wasn't for the night before, the drunken fell under the bridge, no one could ignore it.

Or seven Locks Tower's subordinates, looking at him in the face of Asemo, were taking care of the big brother family.

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