419. Chapter 419

Chapter 419

“So this time comes, is it an accident or a design?”

Stand up, Artemi, because it's close, take the initiative to open the door.

The more disguised this time, the more suspicious it is, the more powerful it comes out. People don't doubt people anyway.


The door is open.

7 Locks Tower's young wisdom was forced to look at two people standing outside the door.

A single armor, with a helmet, has only one pair of fresh eyes.

Another gesture is calm, and it's faint. Just a big double sword hanging around the waist, showing her identity.

“Hello, I'm glad to meet you, I'm the chief of this region, St. Clace Lord.

We smell a special breath, so let's go check it out. "

Lin Sheng smiled.


The beginning met a golden player…No, that's not even the game.

He's a wise man, a wise man who needs time, a higher idea, and in the face of two powerful people who have already arrived, Artemia feels like he's going to kneel.

“Hello…Who are you looking for? ”The heart of Artemia is trembling, but still strives to be a relative of a distant house, a moderate path.

“What we're looking for is a guy who can walk through the monster zone without any danger.”Lin Sheng said with a slight smile.

“You're laughing…Anyone like that? It's unbelievable. "Asemo barely squeezed out a smile.

“I'm not kidding.”Lin Sheng said with a smile, take a lighter shot, and he quickly walked out of the pilgrimages.

“All the people in this room are taken away. Upon return to the review, it is decided whether or not to notify. ”


The guards with white and half-body armaments, squeezed into them from the Azerwood side, started searching.

Not later, the big brother's tongue upstairs was raised, and he remembered that he had paid his contribution. How come there's a shock check again.

“Did I say there was a misunderstanding here?”He tried to save it.

Although he also knows exactly what his younger brother is.

Lin Sheng's lazy, and he's going to search the room.


Suddenly out of the window, there was a boring footsteps.

Hey, bang!

In the window, everyone can see that a big group, is walking on a step to heavy movtowards here.

It was a mess on the street, and the monsters were able to hide when they attacked the city. Only seven eight rounds of vehicles are blocked into one group.

It is still outside, not arrogant, or people who need clean-up work outside, who are temporarily unable to enter the job.

Simply speaking, it's the only wolf, the staff.

The former is good, and running quickly is a great feature, but the latter is different, and many staff do not even have the capacity to fight. Meet him and only wait for death.

Through the window, Lin Sheng and the rest have also come to see the situation outside.

A giant object with a body of up to 15 metres is approaching here on a step-by-step basis.

This guy looks like a green gorilla, just a more careful look than a gorilla. Seems to be very intelligent.

This is a fairly perfect animal, with no variable parts and no contaminated traces.

If it's not too large, Lin Sheng thinks he saw this gorilla in the zoo.

“Take the man first, this guy has a sacred man in charge of solving this area.”He came to the head of the pilgrimage after that.


“Well, I'll see you later.”Lin Sheng, let's do it.

“Yes, sir, this is from those two guys, please.”A saint behind him whispers.

Lin Sheng, this is just a little bit of interest, turning around looking towards the rear.

On the short table ahead of the couch, dozens of messy and disorderly items are being stored at this time.

One of them is a three-colored devil, and a wallet representing identity.

But unlike others, Lin Sheng saw the first moment of the three devils, he knew he was right!

There must be problems between those two.

“Well, it's all right, it's all locked up, it's going to take a closer look, it's probably gonna get more good stuff.”Lin Sheng picked up the devil and put it in his hand.

He concealed that the giant gorilla seemed to have come from this thing in his hand.


In the middle of the street, the green gorilla was angry and yelled. It's going to blow up all around the building.


A calmly sound came in, the gorilla was shaken, and it seemed to have been hit by some kind of shock, a loss of operational capacity and a standby.

At this point, the patrols who have just arrived quickly distributed the division of labour.

Immediately a series of offensive methods erupted.

A group of patrolmen began to attack gorillas with all of them and sorts. Silk line, with items, simulation's simple animal shape, etc. But it has little effect.

Soon their chaos were united.

Then a path of white rounds went out, so it caused a lot of harm to gorillas.

Lin Sheng stood by the window and looked down at the patrols in their own way to solve the big guy who was beaten up in the face.

“Demonic Ability used to attack, or was it better than Saint Force…"Lin Sheng saw the next green light shining.

Demonic Ability, a team member, formed the same plant as Fujima.

And it looks really simulation alive.

This phenomenon, even in the Demonic Ability Users circle at High-Level level, is very rare.

Demonic Ability was originally purely energy.

Once this energy is activated, and when simulation is activated, it combines the seeds of certain entities, the result is real revitalization, which will be strong.

Like Lin Sheng saw at this time.

He had no need for more control of the Fujira in his hand, but for a directive, Demonic Ability would be able to complete it on his own.

This guy has been swimming over a few other team members, looking like a strong anomaly, actually zero.

“Team two, resistance. Three groups, weakened. ”

That voice continues to command.

Lin Sheng, in the course of the war, also saw the superiority of this voice, so it was not surprising at this time.

It is true that, with the cooperation of the two groups of patrols, the gorillas are trying to break around.

But as a chain of chains with Saint Force fluctuations, the gorillas are surrounded by a fanatical white young man with a knife close to the past, with a knife stabbed to the throat of the gorilla.


Blood spilled out. The whole gorilla quickly started steam black smoke, and the body started to slow down the old age.

Turn around, more than 10 metres of gorillas vaporize only a skinny chimpanzee.

The remainder of the patrol teams are also subject to relaxed. Take a closer look.

“The chimpanzee, how do you feel about what the zoo sees?"Lin Sheng's a little interested. But the chimpanzees are too weak to impress him.

“Forget it, go back.”

It is now possible to determine that, within the Temple, the personnel of the patrol are sufficient to cope with risks and problems.

With the double blessings of the purification field and the evening tower, a saint with only one Wing can actually play more than a wing battle.

(This chapter is over)

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