421. Chapter 421 Family matters 1

Chapter 421 Family matters 1


No matter how many times Lin Sheng entered, it was difficult for him to describe the exotic feelings of entering Dreamland.

The soul can return to the body at any time, as if it was drifting out, flying around.

That feels amazing.

Lin Sheng enjoys this sense of ignorance, but is aware of the contradiction of consciousness.

You know, you know what?

When he comes back to God, he has heard the sound of a second needle again.

all around is a ruined white light. I can't see the outline, nor can I see where it is.

“Have you changed your place again?”Lin Sheng's heart is dizzy. He walked into the Demonic Spirits hole, and he had a feeling of fear that his dreams would be anomalous.

After all, he went to the Demonic Spirits hole, and he was already in the rest of the world.

So he never sleeps there. Regular sleep supplements have been made only after insistence has been made on returning to reality.

It's just that even so much attention, when he comes back, he's worried about something going on.

Dreams are once again biased. He's not in the position before.

“So, where is this place now?”

Lin Sheng tried to raise his hand, and his hands were still, and it was clear up there that he could see a delicate tattoo.

Then he took his legs and went forward.

Everything in the white light is blurred.

Lin Sheng stepped up, moved towards a direction.

bang bang bang bang.

His heavy footsteps continued to flourish in white space, but there was still no response around.

I don't know how long it's been.

Finally, he saw a door in the front.

A door he's very familiar with.




Looking forward to the security door!


Lin Sheng Step stopped, with full face looking at that door.

While he went past life Earth, the family was looking forward to security door, but now he's in a dream and suddenly see if it's too bad to see it?

“Forget it, everything in your dreams is possible.”

Lin Sheng looked around, and he didn't want to waste any more time.

So he walked to the security door, stretched his hand, lightly pulled it.

pā tà.

The door is open.

Lin Sheng stretched his hand off, it was a red light, familiar red light.

He's still home at Xiling!

The door's over there, it's his living room.

In the living room, the TV machine broke into a bunch of wrecks, lying in the cabinet.

A wolf on the floor, like the giant claw, has been struggled, and a lot of wood has been torn up, like a piece of wood that has been pulled out of it, and can see the wooden in it.

The couch has shown white cotton everywhere. It's like broken feathers, miserable and pathetic.

Lin Sheng went back, looked towards the back, and the back was still a white light.

He stopped, and then he walked forward and walked into this familiar home.


security door is slowly closing down.

Lin Sheng walked into the living room, and red light from the window came in and photographed the whole family as a fresh red one.

“I'm back again?”

Lin Sheng seems somewhat understandable.

It's like a transit station, where his dreams are temporarily stopped, where consciousness appears.

He traveled around the living room, checked around, determined that there were no hidden monsters before he went to the next room.

The bedroom and the bookshop windows are open, and Lin Sheng goes into the bookshop and sees a blurred silhouette lying at the desk and seems to be faking.

The red light outside the window fell before silhouette and was more dark.

“Who is it?”Lin Sheng is alert.

It's not like reality in the dream, and the monsters who encounter any kind of dimension here may be.

It's a good day, and it's the same for many powerful presidents.

He doesn't know what kind of monster would break in here. So be careful.

It seems to be heard.

Silhouette in front of the desk slowly rises up, looks towards Lin Sheng.

He didn't talk, just watch Lin Sheng quietly. Don't move.

“Yeah?”Lin Sheng went a few steps forward and found that the other party seemed to follow him on the same lines.

He went back two steps, so that man followed the mobile vision.

“Can't you communicate and communicate?”Lin Sheng wrinkles up.

“One more question, who are you?”He changed Demonic Spirits and Ancient Rennes to ask each other.

That blurred black silhouette, there's still no face on his vague face. Just stay and watch Lin Sheng.

“Forget it.”Lin Sheng Soon opened his hand, and a clean Saint Light blew up in his hands.

The pure light will shine out the entire studio at once.

That black silhouette screamed so hard, flying fast into smoke, moving towards the window.

However, until he flew to the window, the smoke was rapidly reduced and eventually completely disappeared.

“So weak?”Lin Sheng wrinkled over and scrutinized this guy's residue.

Nothing, the residue is a little grey dust. Not even a soul.

He's disappointed in shaking his head, walking past the window swiftly.

Then go check in the bedroom again, close the window.

Two bedrooms, one kitchen, one bathroom, all checked once.

Finally, he cleaned up one of Saint Light's lights once again, and then this time he could be sure that there would be no other problems in the house.

Close all the windows, Lin Sheng, just leave a little Saint Force around.

To prevent new monsters from coming in.

Take care of everything, sit back in the living room, watch the broken television, think about how to solidify this place, become a mobile home in the dream, or a small safe house.

“First of all, I have to figure out how I got here. How did this come from? ”

Lin Sheng recalled the elements of his own return here every time.

Every time it's over, all of a sudden come here.

One more time ago, he was in this house, doing his own death, and he ran into another dream. White waste of time to rest here.

After rest, Lin Sheng started trying to use Saint Force to infect and create holy land.

This is the strong capacity of his Rock Dragon Bloodline innate talent and Saint Force cultivation base.

The creation of holy land, if it is successful in the dream, means that he is most likely to have a strong self-preservation capacity in his dreams.

Even a lot of confidential information and knowledge are kept here, perhaps more convenient than reality.

Unfortunately, however, the holy land cannot be manufactured, and Saint Force has not been able to carry it here for too long.

Although he used the soil in the flower basin. I don't know if there's any impact.

“Maybe later a dream library or something.”Lin Sheng had some thoughts.

Like a lot of knowledge that can't bring out dreams, like the original Demonic Spirits book, can come out here. You need to check it out when you want.

This time, InDreamland doesn't seem to be in any trouble.

After the loss of the holy land, Lin Sheng's quiet exercise began with Demonic Ability, and then waited until the end of the dream time before he woke up.

When I woke up, Miga was 8:00 in the morning.

He wakes up, eats in the Temple Division, then exchanges his views with the upper level and replicates to a number of major initiatives.

Skyscrapers are not here, and the whole Ethan Rikara is his biggest.

As far as Benne University is concerned, 99 per cent of the current Benne University is full of shrines and followers.

So there's no need to separate each other.

(This chapter is over)

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