422. Chapter 422 Family matters 2

Chapter 422 Family matters 2

All the miscellaneous work, Lin Sheng called home.

Satellite signals are still available in most geographical areas. Only a few places are too much disrupted to use.

Hence, Hindrikara, while being cut off, does not represent a complete disintegration with the outside world.

This is almost all the same in large cities around the world, and it has been established as a model similar to those to be held in cities.

Contact phones, traffic depends on Superman Guardians.

Strong superheroes are becoming more and more delicious on the market. Progressively becoming a mainstream profession of popular orientation and envy.

Great cities are better, but small places are not that easy.

A large number of towns have had to migrate as a result of too few defensive forces, relying on large cities and rebuilding their homes. Since the resident population in large cities is extremely expensive, few can live.

It also forms a special model centred on large cities around small satellites.

Lin Sheng had breakfast and called his home while everyone else went to pray for meditation.

Two noises on the phone, and they'll be answered soon.

“Hello, Chenchen?”The phone was mother Gu Wanqiu's voice.

“It's me, Mom. How are you at home? There's nothing wrong with that? ”Lin Sheng also remembers his own personality – an excellent young man who stays in school with Miga, tends to work hard, and is in contact with a friend of his classmates.

He gave the family the impression that there was a wide range of people, a lot of roads, a lot of relationships, a lot of money that he earns not only to pay school fees, but also to send it back to his home.

“Nothing at home, your sister is still the same, and your dad's been learning about prayers and meditation the other day. Isn't this the official's home to propagate the Temple? He went to check the hostages too. ”

“Ah?”Lin Sheng was a little pointless, and I didn't think Dad was starting to be interested in that. "So what happened? ”

Although he knew the answer long ago, it was natural that the time had come.

“What else can I do? People say he's very qualified and only needs to buy a few boxes of medal hydraulic water, to drink and promote it, to improve the quality and to be successful in awakening Saint Force's qualities. "

“…"It's all sold to your father…

Lin Sheng, the founder of Saint Force, has nothing to improve the quality, and he knows the best.

So what the hell is that big medal of holy water, that's all a liar.

Forget it, for the time being, if he gets rid of this marketing organization, then he'll kill all similar organizations, so he won't be cheated again.

He's not talking about this anymore. Rather, it asked about all aspects of Xilun's side.

Two people spoke for a while, and Gu Wanqiu suddenly raised one thing.

“Chenchen, I'm on my side, there's one thing to mention to you, you see, it's not convenient, I'll push it right away.”

“What is it? Mom, you say it first. ”Lin Sheng was curious, and the family rarely looked for his help.

On the one hand, it's because I don't know what he's doing. The second is that they don't want to disturb Lin Sheng's studies here.

“That's it, Mom has a good relationship with a good old classmate. There's a daughter in her house, and she's studying in Miga.

She'll be here in a while, and if you're convenient, just help. Rent her a house or something.

After all, girls are alone, and now it's so chaotic and easy to happen. ”

“When did she come? Don't worry, little thing, I'll take care of it. ”Lin Sheng should be simple.

“Well, that's good.”Gu Wanqiu is very relaxed.

Because that old classmate was the one who really had a good relationship before, and the other had helped her a lot.

At an occasional meeting of peers, the other party heard that her family's children were also studying in Miga, and that they were said to be good at it, and they were living in Hindrikara. So you're on your mind right now.

On many occasions, each other has asked for permission. Delivery.

Gu Wanqiu also wanted to mention this to his son.

“Don't worry, Mom, Etrikara is now one of the safest areas of Miga. Security is absolutely fine. There's no major event. ”

Lin Sheng started to describe the monster that took place before mother, from appearance to resolution, and not more than a minute later.

No one was killed or injured, except a few cleaners who had been intimidated from a distance.

Call again and make sure there's no problem. Lin Sheng received simple information from each other.

That's why you hang up.

In a while of meditation, Lin Sheng clearly felt that since breakthrough ranker, his body appeared to have breakthrough a new limit and started to grow up.

Sea Gate, while still in a state of closure, has occasionally been infiltrated by slight chaos.

These chaos, like the same bunch of hard sands, continue to grim Lin Sheng in his own tenacious body.

Make it stronger and stronger.

As souls continue to be hammer and Lin Sheng's qualities are increasing, Saint Force and Demonic Ability's capacity is also growing.

He's still insisting on demonic Ability. Now the Demonic Ability values have risen to more than 60,000 steps.

Such values have reached the level of the suppression Level.

Demonic Ability Users of PurLevel, a crossroads, with minimal strength.

They went into this level, and many clandestine secrets were not in control, so the actual battle force was just a little stronger than three Wings.

With these lasLevel really acquired a variety of powerful secrets, they began to refine powerful fighting secrets that had not previously been qualified to study.

This is the time to pull the gap off.

And this level is the time for Demonic Ability to start surge.

Strong PieLevel, Demonic Ability's worth can even reach over 100,000, or even 2,100 thousand!

All because Demonic Ability at this level no longer absorbs only his own Spirit Heart's dark face, but can absorb the negative Spirit Heart power outside the world and translate it into its own use.

After the exercise, Lin Sheng had eaten at noon, and Madlain et al., had a little chat to determine the situation over Benne University.

That is why he knows that a number of people from the nearby towns who have recently landed have come to join Hindrikara.

After the establishment of the holy line of defence in Sirikara, it was attracted to a number of surrounding towns and villages.

In cases where Black Tide monsters are likely to occur everywhere, the common sense of security is seriously missing, many of whom suffer from mental illness. Even someone's gone straight crazy.

And then the Holy Defense Line is completely different from Demonic Ability Users in other cities.

It was said that as long as it was possible to enter the divine line of defence, everything would be better.

It's not just Sunshone brightly, peace and tranquillity, even mud are clean, air is sweet, even toilets are perfumed.

It is said that there are powerful and bright Warrior patrols everywhere every day. Any evil has just been wiped out. Safe is the same.

These slightly exaggerated rumours have also made it extremely expensive to enter Hindrikara.

Lin Sheng wrinkles ordered to contain this distortion. Whoever screws up in the back, grab him straight off.

He claims that the Holy Mosque is not a private organization of a person, but rather a divine religion to save the world, in order to preserve the last net soil of mankind.

The image of the temple must not be stigmatized by someone who has no use in it.

The rest of the Holy Mosques are profoundly convinced.

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