423. Chapter 423 Family matters 3

Chapter 423 Family matters 3

At the afternoon, Lin Sheng just received the mother's reference to the old student daughter after all the cumulative miscellaneous services had been processed.

The two sides agreed to meet the house rented before Lin Sheng.

Lin Sheng went back to change his clothes and rehabilitated into a student sample, and then returned to the rented house in his capacity as a student Lin Sheng.

There was no fluctuation, and he met the old student daughter that mother mentioned on the phone very well.

Where he was rented, or before Adolf, he was temporarily rented to the general residential room. The house itself does not look like an eye.

Lin Sheng has been using this here for some time to perform sacrifices and summon ceremony while dealing with mysterious matters.

But now it's not working because it moved to the research center.

Sunshone brightly in the afternoon, and, more recently, Ericara is a bit darker than normally.

Lin Sheng became a student dresser, and when arriving in a small area, she saw a black hair girl with younger sister head.

She was just putting a little white bag down there and waiting down the stairs.

Girls are less than sixteen or twenty years old, with a slight picture, which is the age of waiting.

It makes people feel like they teach good girls at home.

Lin Sheng approached a little bit.

Girls are wearing black dresses, with rice needles on their shoulders, long hair shoulders, and a pink rabbit jacket on their head.

The pair of legs are flown straight, with little cold shoes with transparent toes on their feet. Looks cute.

Lin Shushu?Lin Sheng said hello.

“Yes, I'm Lin Shushu, Lin Sheng Lin Sheng Ling Big Brother, right? I'm Lin Shushu, mentioned by Gu Wanqiu Aunt on the phone. "Girls smile, very polite responses.

“All right, let's go up and say it?”Lin Sheng pointed the stairs.

“All right. Excuse me. ”Lin Shushu Point.

The two people went up to the rent room, and the door was open so as to avoid any misunderstanding.

Then sit down on each other, depending on the couch. Lin Sheng gave her a glass of water.

“How long have you been in Miga? Why haven't I heard from my family before?”

Girls are sorry to say, “Not long, only a few months. I went to school in a nearby town.

This is also a feeling of growing turmoil, and the family wants me to go to the big city and have a friend to take care of. That's why the relationship found Ling Big Brother. "

“It's okay.”Lin Sheng understands the starting point. At home, his image was to stay in school and work as a good college student. And there's a lot of hard work, and the arteries are fine.

This time the Black Tide fluctuated, fearing Fang Family, finding out if it could help, and as it should be right by right.

He pulled a note, and shua shua wrote his own communication number and postal address.

“This is my phone and mailbox, there's an urgent need for help, you can give me a call, even though I can't promise I can help you solve it. But how much should be familiar with you. "

“Thank you, Lynn Big brother."

“Well, the other thing is the rental of the premises, and the house in this safe zone, I'm a coincidence, and if you want to stay, pay me 5,000 a month.”

“How's that going? The market price is now on average 6,000!”Lin Shushu seems to have no money at home.

Also, the conditions of the family should not be poor for those who have access to Miga's study.

Both contested for a while, eventually Lin Sheng wasted her time and left her for six thousand months.

“Well, Linbig brother, don't you mind if I bring friends in?”Lin Shushu added a question.


“Well, yes.”

“That's random.”Lin Sheng is actually lazy enough to handle these things, and if he doesn't want his help from home, he won't be here at all.

And this house, which was intended to return, was just a landlord who lost contact, and the nearest people were dead, so they were filled and then allocated to him.

That's why he doesn't care how much money it is.

Soon, two people went to the nearby house intermediary, registered the lease contract and then signed their names.

The entire city is gradually restoring normalcy with the preservation and stability of the Temple, despite the fact that there is a small number of citizens and the cold depression.

The Holy Defense Line covers a number of areas outside the farming land, gardens, vegetables, etc. This slowly begins to restore vegetable fruit supplies to the urban population, although the price was somewhat expensive at the outset.

In addition, specialist professors, such as nutrition and pharmaceutical sciences, in Benne University, have developed a number of food black Tide variable biographical profiles.

Every day, there will be separated Demonic Ability Users hunting outside and then returning to trafficking in the flesh and fruit of the mutated organism.

At the same time, the Holy Mosque, with rapid changes in the management of the upper level, has set up hunting teams to hunt for monsters everywhere.

Everything's moving in the right direction.

After the stabilization of the citizens, there has also been a growing desire for strength.

After all, in such a world of chaos, it is the greatest security that it has its own strength.

As a result, a large number of civilians began applying for Demonic Ability and Saint Force examinations.

Lin Sheng even thought that Lin Shushu was dedicated to the quality test if he hadn't checked before.

The result of the dark search was that Lin Shushu's qualities were very common, without Demonic Ability and without Saint Force.

Just a common man.

When the contract agreement was signed, Lin Sheng split it to girls and then handed over the focus of the next life here, thus turning away.

He's got a lot to do. He's going to the Demonic Spirits Cave in the day, the demon Empire, and he's going to enter Dreamland at night to explore how to make a safe house.

Not long after he left.

Lin Shushu returned to the rental building, where two other girls of the same age had been gathered.

“Coming sister, all right?Can we really stay in here? ”

Two girls are younger than Lin Shushu, and one eyeball is red, which seems to have cried. A sunshine opens up, looks like an outward.

“Yes, my family has helped me find a relationship, and there's really some turning around to find a place to be determined here.

But we're going to think about finding a job right now. ”Lin Shushu is sure.

“Well, it's just now that the school doesn't open, the airport and the docks are closed, so many people stay, are looking for work everywhere, and we don't know how long we can stay here."

The girl with a red eye is a little depressed.

“I have some savings here, you don't need your rent for the time being, and I'll be right back when you find a job.”Lin Shushu softly and said with a smile.

“Thank you for the comb, thank you for this trip."Two girls are seriously bowing, and thank Lin Shushu.

“Then we'll turn around, and there's a lot to be safer out here, and we have to step on. Look where there's no place to work. ”The girl from Cairo explained.

“All right, watch out for safety, don't go dark. I went to the room to clean it up, and before that was the place where the boys lived, it wasn't right. ”Lin Shushu was good at understanding.

“Well, we'll be back in a minute to help.”Caroline girl, hurry up.

Both said good-bye to Lin Shushu and began to circle around the residential building.

all around here is a boring abandoned building.

Abolition of supermarkets, abandonment of the building shop, abandonment of the mall, abandonment of the writing building.

The abandoned vehicles on the road have been removed and the roads are open.

There are only few vehicles in the past, and more people on the road are in a rush, not outside.

Two girls moved to half, and suddenly they slowed down.

“The comb is just ordinary, and we have to watch that she can't be involved."The girl of Cairo is a serious reminder.

“I know. We'll be careful. Selina will be withdrawn, and three big Secrets and seven Locks Tower are fighting. It is also easier for us to collect action. It's just a pity, Sister Olyn… "Red Eye Girls watch and cry again.

“What are you crying about? You're like this every day, and that's what Aulene doesn't want to see. Besides, she's trying to protect everyone from sacrifice, and I'm going to be someone like her! "The girl of Cairo is serious.

“Sister Sola…”

“All right, stop crying, annoying people.”

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