424. Chapter 424 Hunting 1 (Thanks CZLB's alliance lord for the beating)

Chapter 424 Hunting 1 (Thanks CZLB's alliance lord for the beating)

What's wrong with the rental little guy, Lin Sheng doesn't care.

At this level of him, there's another skyscrapers in town. Don't worry about anything.

So when he goes back, he goes into the quarantine, goes into the ceremony corridor and goes to the Demonic Spirits hole.

From the Cafipo Demonic Spirits cave, then to the demon empire.

The time has passed for more than half an hour after entering the Sun Sea of the demon Empire.

Lin Sheng appeared under a strange tree on a big leaf.

The channel is random, and it is unfortunate that no one can find it.

The sky is slight, some yellow, and it's raining in the rain.

Smell fog is also flowing in the air.

Lin Sheng walked out of a giant leaf of height and left the body in the rain.

The perimeter can only see two thirty meters from the distance, and it's a long way to go.

Lin Sheng looks up and sees a tiny light floating around, like a lot of wings.

These little people talk to each other and release fresh green fluorescents.

“Is that what Demonic Spirits is like?"Lin Sheng's mind guess.

“This cave is too big to sweep. But with the great power of the Empire of the Demon, it is not difficult to resolve the situation here. "

Lin Sheng is not very interested in absorbing the general soul, because the number is less than a million, and it doesn't matter to him now. Why don't he lead the chaos down and slowly digest tempering?

So he's now more focused on the bottom of a demonic Spirits hole.

He's behind the end of the real world.

Once the real world collapses, the end of the day falls, like Black Feather City, the Demonic Spirits hole may be suspended as a follow-up option.

It's his heart's intention.

After all, Black Tide can destroy the world as tough as Black Feather City, let alone the ranker who can't afford it.

Return your mind, Lin Sheng, with a disguised grey robe, hid the whole head in it, and showed only two eyes.

He took his feet to the most elite place.

The man who saved his black hair told him to go in that direction would find the core area of the demon empire, a vibrant ring.

The vibrant circle does not refuse to allow foreigners to enter or leave, but rather they prefer more foreigners to enter and exit.

That would make it easier for them to find the strong ones in innate talent and conclude contracts with them.

Lin Sheng, on the other hand, remembered some of the information that the young man said before.

When the man rescued him and his farmer, he answered a few questions that he had been here for a while.

Just Lin Sheng didn't think about going back to reality, and there was a bunch of things that didn't calculate bad times, and then it was too early to expect people to have agreed.

And the information he knows is almost entirely from that employed farmer and the young man.

“Unfortunately, miss is a mistake, and if you can stay here all the time, then act with that young man, perhaps much easier than I am alone. Even with a compact demon. "

Lin Sheng walked all the way, did not show any superpower on him, Demonic Ability and Saint Force were good at walking, and he was like the common people, on the same footsteps.

The number of demons on the head is increasing, and there are occasionally a few demons who fall down and watch him.

But with the way forward, there is also an increasing number of people on the road.

Among those routes, there are outsiders like Lin Sheng, and there is a whole team armed to the mystery of the teeth.

More adventure teams like the treasure search team.

Lin Sheng was mixed in there, and there were no features other than the extraction of the body.

Soon, the demons found him unintentional, and no one's been watching him anymore.

It was a golden team who was very familiar with the route from the back, and crossed Lin Sheng's front.

As the trees are getting deeper.

all around the trees are getting taller and stronger. Smells in the air are also getting stronger.

Slowly, the number of people on the road has grown up.

Lin Sheng went further for more than ten minutes. Finally, a real artificial building was seen.

That's a triple cone like the white rocks tower.

Every top of the tower, like a hat, has a circle of white umbrella and is constantly moving.

Lin Sheng swept the people in front of his eyes, and everyone was quiet from the tolerant line, and the land continued to move in the middle of the white rocks towers like these triangles.

The team that just surpassed his golden light, too.

“Welcome to the courtesies and respect the imperial rule, and if lucky, you may encounter a strong demon who is fit to conclude a contract."On a nearest Triangle, white stone tower, the sound of a calm, indifferent man.

In the yellow light, Lin Sheng followed the crowd into the core of the demon Empire without delay.

The trees around them are getting smaller, but the intensity is increasing.

A giant tree tree leaves are divided into a miracle ladder for the jinns to enter and leave.

Through the triangular white stone tower, Lin Sheng immediately saw a vast green grass.

In the middle of the grass, it's the biggest tree he ever saw.

The leaves of the trees cover the day when they are covered by the sky, and they will be covered by a hundred metres, and they will be covered by darkness.

In the shadow of darkness, there are a few big branches of giant trees, and there are a lot of trees.

The cave is even drifting out of the crystal, like a silver ribbon, falling from high ground, not falling into the surface, and turning into a fog.

Lin Sheng walked into the corner of the crowd, and most of the people who came here were curious about looking for that giant tree.

Many of them are weasely dressed with scars everywhere, both men and women.

These people seem to be adventurers of poor economic conditions in the family. Come here more than want to encounter the demons who chose themselves, flying over the sky.

There are also a number of people who steal private language and are linked to one another as a large and small group that seems to know each other.

They speak very strange language, and Lin Sheng understands only a few of them.

That part is talking in ancient Rein. The rest is completely unknown.

“nayizuo!"Bring someone up! ”

Suddenly a sound shouting.

Lin Sheng saw the fog spreading.

The sky slows down a golden light.

golden light shines the ground, lights the trees around it, shines the eyes. There seems to be something flying.

That's a golden bird with more than three metres, and it's slowing down the wings and landing lightly on a big tree dry.

“Lord Kim Phoenix!"

“Did the Golden Phoenix come here to see it personally? So His Majesty will be there? "

“Lord Kim Phoenix…Thirty years ago, I saw the elephant's gesture, and I didn't think it was a pleasure to see it again.

A while ago, sighs and loud voices came out of all around the crowd.

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