426. Chapter 426 Hunting 3 (Thanks CZLB's alliance lord for the beating)

Chapter 426 Hunting 3 (Thanks CZLB's alliance lord for the beating)

Lin Sheng stood on the ground and smiled slightly on his face.

This so-called turbulence naturally came out of him.

To test the power of this demon empire, it is impossible to wait for nature alone.

A little effort is needed.

So he let Cafipo have some big Demonic Spirits coming over there.

Big Demonic Spirits, a powerful spiritual creature at General breakthrough's level, each big Demonic Spirits has a unique capacity to belong to himself.

They're like a weak version of ranker, though not strong, but diverse and varied.

Together with their own energy-efficient lives, immune physical strikes.

Just can be used to test the force values of the demon empire.

Soon, Loung Loung was gradually gone and replaced by a path of sharpness.

It's like life screams out of despair before death.

The center of the giant trees, the elite empire of the aloof and remote, seems to have begun to receive information.

One of them has some panic.

Lin Sheng does not need to contact Degar magicians, nor can he imagine that the war must be detrimental to the demon Empire.

Demonic Spirits, don't look at him when he comes up like a melon. But that's actually what Saint Force can do to demonic Spirits, and he himself is immune from the spiritual attacks of Demonic Spirits.

Otherwise, another creature, even if it has the means to hurt Demonic Spirits, has to attack the soul of Spirit Heart at any time.

Demonic Spirits move very quickly. In particular, there are conscious positioning positions with Lin Sheng's remoteness, and they come straight here.

A large number of demon empire guards on the way, all of them and sorts of attacks, far away, can feel the shock.

Unfortunately, it has nothing to do with Demonic Spirits.

Before the demons did not understand, all non-soul means were null and void for Demonic Spirits.

Lin Sheng is standing in the crowd, waiting.

He very much looks forward to the presence of the demons at the top of the Empire.

That would directly determine how he would handle this Demonic Spirits hole.

Soon, Lin Sheng has been cognizant of the slow demonic Spirits red light between the woods.

That's Demonic Spirits' unique contamination light, and if life is shined for a long time, there will be negative symptoms such as spiritual weakness.

In the light of contamination, all around the woods are gradually showing signs of dysfunctional and lost vitality.

A team of demonic soldiers, densely packed, is surrounding a head of Demonic Spirits.

These big demonic Spirits have more than two metres of height each, and they're different in shape, but they have a common denominator.

That's the speed of the attack.

This is also the sharp Demonic Spirits that Lin Sheng made Degar's hand pick.

One big Demonic Spirits, the second half of his body, is all red, and the first half is normal.

He's got a long whip in his hand, and he keeps smoking all the things around him.

Every time he whips out, he can easily come out of the soul of all around the demons.

These scratched souls were also shrinked on whip and transformed into a path of red smoke, flying into the mouth of Big Demonic Spirits.

Another big Demonic Spirits is like an elephant with a snail crust, and he keeps yelling at a huge wave of noise.

Whoever is guarded by his face is shaken out of his soul and swallowed into red smoke.

And the rest, Demonic Spirits, are different in each capacity.

But they're all in the same direction.

Lin Sheng stood silent in the crowd and waited for the demon Empire to react.

He does not believe that Demonic Spirits Imperial Congress here was beset by several major Demonic Spirits in the district.

“is an extraterritorial soul creature. I'll do it. ”A handsome lady on the trees jumped down and landed on the ground, and drew from behind him a little staff like the Bear Green Crystal.

There are people here, no one loses one's head out of fear, there's a demon empire high, and even Lord Kim Phoenix here, and no one's afraid of a few monsters without reason.

“Stay away from the wind, ring winter ray."

The noble woman raised the staff, pointing at a big demonic Spirits.


When the staff were on the roof, the red white twin column was shining.

The light column was precisely shot and hit the head of Demonic Spirits.

But it seems that everyone expects to be. This beam of light pillar just broke a little bit of Demonic Spirits' skin.

Lin Sheng is standing in the dark, and the face is calm.

If these big demonic Spirits really do so well, then he wouldn't have thought about using them to test power.

In order to achieve that, he moved a little bit.

These big demonic Spirits are not that simple.

The nobility of the woman was somewhat unwilling and once again raised the staff and tried to do it again.

Unfortunately, she has attracted the attention of that big demonic Spirits.

A red light soon reached the speed, pointing towards the nobility of the woman.

“Life is bright!"

Once again, the trees pass on a man's voice.

A tall man jumped down with a glass of green armor. Protect the nobility of the woman. Break off the red light.

A circle of green circles rune on the man's arm, and he's on the big Demonic Spirits, and he's on the brink.


Those circles of green circles Rune flew out, landed on Demonic Spirits, and blew it back.

But at this time more demonic Spirits have also continued to come this way.

There are more than ten big Demonic Spirits flying in a minute.

And the trees also jumped down the nobility of the demonic empire, working with the silver moonhunters to start hunting these big demonic Spirits.

The scene was stuck in glue for a while. These noble and silver hunters have energy-efficient attacks that can harm souls.

And the big Demonic Spirits have become very troubling by absorbing a lot of souls.

Lin Sheng clearly judged that the power of these people is at the third Wings Four Wings level.

“This isn't enough…And those who are the highest in the world who didn't do it… ”He looked to the top of the tree, where the Golden Phoenix and the Devil King were ready to turn away.

His heart moves and his fingers shine a little more white.

It's a signal. And it's an unusual signal.

The big Demonic Spirits down there seem to have received signals, retreated and then thrown a path out of the sky into the soul of the red smoke.

All of these souls are transformed into circles swimming in the middle of the sky.

Circumpolar center, slowly floating out of a ink black.

It looks like there's room for this paint to be blown up.


A white sharp bone stabbed out of the dark.

And then the second bone stab, the third one, the fourth one…

Soon, a giant monster with three dragons was filled with white bones, slowing out the paint corridor.

This monster looks like a giant bird, but three dragons and all the sharp bones that make it easier for people to think about.

It's just a six-meter tall, a giant body of more than eight metres.

“This is my best work. Come on, let me see, your limit…”

Lin Sheng, with the dispersed crowd, hides away, looks forward to waiting for the silver moon hunters ready for war.


The white bones stabbed the giant birds and left behind the ground, and the general Demonic Spirits were completely different!

At the centre of him, all around the air is stagnant, as if there were any huge pressures to squeeze.

all around the wooden grass is scattered.

Seeing this monster, the golden phoenix standing on the trees is finally colored.

Suggested a new dream book?

Unqualified king?

Sensein Classification, everybody's interested in looking around for investment.

You have time to focus on me waiting for my kind of work, the search artist to get out of here, and I'm going to be all right.

Like, in the last few days, I've been burning acute cholera, in a state of odd condition, but I haven't given up, and I'm still trying to keep it up! I'm so sorry about myself.

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