428. Chapter 428

Chapter 428

The Devil King is staring at Lin Sheng in the sky.

She already felt that white silhouette in the body had the terrifying power of a similar ocean.

That kind of power has just exceeded the limits that creatures can accommodate.

And as the same spiritual biogenic, she knew, like, that silhouette in the body had tens of thousands of seabed souls.

That silhouette, like a terrifying monster that brings together tens of thousands of souls.

“Forest, please respond to my call."

The Devil King raised the right hand, with a green wood ring on the finger and a soft and green tattoo.

A while of music rings from the ring.

The vast woods around the trees begin to breathe like living creatures.

The whole of the trees that are not on the edge began to disperse the invisible threat against Lin Sheng, who was overwhelming in the sky.

Unfortunately, Lin Sheng's in the body Saint Force is too terrifying.

He was pregnant with Rock Dragon Bloodline, and also breakthrough to ranker, communicating Sea Gate and acquiring endless chaos.

At this point, he was released from Saint Force with a mixture of chaos, and the effect was very difficult to describe.

The pure Saint Force, with the exception of expelling energy, is only physically incapable of killing and wounding.

But after mixing the chaos, Saint Force's lethal wounds sharply increased.

The chaos of souls and the pure hegemony of Saint Force are mixed, leading to a slight collision, which will detonate immense explosive power.

At this point Lin Sheng in the body's Sea Gate Crazy Transmission of the Sea Gate, which is endless until Lin Sheng spiritual al force is drained.

But Lin Sheng's spiritual force is decided by Soul Force.

And his Soul Force was far beyond the general ranker, and it was not apparent at the lower level.

By that time, his vast potential for souls had finally shown advantages.

This releases the endless chaos in Sea Gate, and general ranker may support up to a few hours.

But he can totally hold on for a few days.

That's the spiritual gap.

At this time, he was also aware of the fact that the beneath the trees became living creatures and began to confront him as a whole.

That makes him very interested.

“It doesn't matter what struggles."

His body began to swell, grow bigger, and his skin flowed into dark yellow dragons. The eyes are swiftly converted into a bubble. At the same time, the forehead grew up with two spirits that were bent.

As half-dragon starts, Lin Sheng in the body is able to communicate further with the chaos that flow.

His body was completely turned into a thorny white eye. Flying over the trees.

Unpoor Saint Force rays of light cover, and hegemonic erosion of the core area of the Lower Demon Empire.

Black Feather City Saint Force, actually not so exaggerated. This is a defensive force that preserves the nature of self-preservation.

It was born to protect the soul against Black Tide. There are many other kinds of forces that are far more aggressive than others.

But at this point, I'm afraid that Wishing of Hope Anseria is here and that Saint Force will be used by Lin Sheng for such exaggerated effects.

Even Archbishop Black Feather City, the use of Saint Light is often used to treat and conserve, or to create boundaries.

No one will attack with Saint Light. Because there's too many energy systems that can go beyond it.

But Lin Sheng might be the first to do that.

He used Saint Force to be an incredible one.

Destroying Saint Light to shine the sky.

One of the next ordinary people who wanted to get mixed with the sperm compact can't bear the rays of terrifying light and can only cover their eyes with a clothing hat.

And there's just a little against the demon king of the momentum, and the power of Lin Sheng has risen dramatically.

It can only be hardly hard to support.

And those ordinary silver hunters and masks, among others, are already suffering from the erosion of Saint Force's hegemony.

Saint Force concentrations will automatically expel all other energy in the region to a certain extent.

At this point, these weak demons Warrior are facing targeted treatment by Lin Sheng.

Their special forces in the body are being expelled by Saint Force's hegemony.

This process, Lin Sheng Americans, is purified.

This is a special recruit he has recently developed. Saint Force's aggressive nature is weak, but it does not mean that it is truly harmless.

The great Saint Light is centred on him, the power circle is a few kilometers wide. I can't breathe the trees down there.

But after more than a dozen seconds, the top levels of all demon empire have been crushed hard and kneeled down. I can't stand it.

Their forces are being suppressed by deportation and are being weakened at a visible pace.

Only the Devil King and the Golden Phoenix.

Two of them are strong and willing to tenacious. Another is that birth seems to be different, and the pressure is weak than others.

So the two can last so long.

But in half a minute, they finally reached the limit.


Kim Phoenix is on the ground, and golden rays of light are gradually being replaced by pure Saint Force.

And then, it's like this energy creature, and I'm afraid it's gonna be hard to get rid of all golden rays of light.

And so, for golden rays of light as the core of life, once golden rays of light are completely eliminated, its life will also end.

Each body of life is an extremely complex machine, Saint Force and golden light are totally different in nature, and it is naturally impossible to replace golden light and become the source of life of the Phoenix.

And the Devil King is dying of the lights.

She has all the green energy left, just a little floating around, dancing around.

But she's still not giving up, but trying to support her body and stare at Lin Sheng.


She suddenly spilled a piece of blood on her left shoulder. That was energy confrontation, and blood tubes were unable to sustain the spiral of demon's spiral, causing physical damage.

Bee's green blood falls on the ground, it's bright, but soon it's eroded by Saint Light into a bleak.

Even the colour of blood has been eroded by Saint Force's hegemony, and it can be seen how high the concentration of Saint Force in this area is.

This is Lin Sheng's first effort to show Saint Force Series base. Control all Saint Force, perfect coverage in this area for a few kilometers.

Since he stepped into ranker, his Saint Force cultivation base has become stronger.

The fact that the quality has become stronger and no longer limited in the short term has also led to the upheaval of Saint Force in Lin Sheng and Demonic Ability cultivation base.

So far, even more so exaggerated.

“From today on. The demon empire will be taken over by my lord. "Lin Sheng looked down under his own power, and still struggled with the king of the demon.

“I appreciate your courage. The Devil King. "

“As a reward, you can choose to invest in the peace of this land."

“Of course, you can refuse. Just the consequences of rejection. ”

Lin Sheng suddenly lifted his hand to the right.

The brakes of white light flowing out like a waterfall, heading towards the sky on the right.

And it's weird that the sky was never there, and it came out of a lot of giant eagle Warrior.

The sky Warrior of these demons, a big white giant eagle riding the body, is just coming out of the transmission, not reacting to God, hitting a large number of Saint Light in terrifying.

You know what?

The brakes, like a dump, fell down a lot of giant eagle Warrior.

These demons, Warrior, riding giant eagle, even failed to see the environment, were crushed by the chaos of the ocean's Saint Force.

(This chapter is over)

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