429. Chapter 429

Chapter 429

No formula, no skills. There's no secret.

Lin Sheng was just bullying people with the unstable soul and a huge amount of Saint Force.

Whatever you bid, he's all a piece of ocean like Saint Force falling down, and this response is no use.

Whether or not, once recruited, all the superpowers of each other will be purified and then become ordinary in a short period of time.

And the next time you become ordinary in high air, it's actually simple.

In a few seconds, thousands of giant eagle Warrior troops were destroyed, all fell down and the wounds were heavy.

And Lin Sheng, like he did a little thing, took his hand back, still looking for the demon king down there.

“Cheung, or die!"He said solemnly.

The Devil King has understood what Lin Sheng means.

If she does not obey, perhaps the entire elite nation, she will be destroyed by the mighty man who speaks of himself.

She was silent for a long time.

Several times they wanted to activate the guardian chain from the chest, but they were forced to endure it.

Guardian chains want to start, and the cost is actually half of all the demons in the Empire's lifespan.

The cost is so heavy, and the formidable power of this natural mystery is even more alarming.

But this thing has a very deadly weakness.

That's only once.

And when they are used, they can only seal their opponents and do not solve the problem thoroughly.

So she insisted on it.

“Make a decision. I gave you three days. We shall destroy the roots of Beatrix in three days' time, if we do not promise. "

Lin Sheng left a last sentence, turning into a swing speed disappearing.

From the beginning to the end, he did not move those ordinary people. And just to deal with the fighting forces under each other.

From the core regional dynamism of the demon empire.

Lin Sheng Ma returned to Kafibo via the passage.

At this point, in the context of a common situation, there has been a significant accumulation of Demonic Spirits for Lin Sheng.

While the vast majority of these Demonic Spirits are at the heart of the magic community. And relax.

But at least there's a noise.

Three days later.

Lin Sheng came again through the passage.

He came out of the corridor, still in the old spot. That was the leaf plant down there before.

After entering, Lin Sheng is also welcome to order Karfibo Demonic Spirits directly into the cave where the demonic is located.

It is true that the Lord of the Demon has not intended to be easy. We've surveyed the location of this passage point.

And already all around laying down a lot of ambushes.

Lin Sheng redeployed Demonic Spirits to the army just hit the ambushes and hit them positively.

The end is miserable.

Demonic Spirits is fine, and the demons are good, and they all lose a lot.

And they fell Demonic Spirits, and Lin Sheng was all collected and absorbed.

In follow-up, the demon King has rectified two more teams to hang.

One is a great deal of magician demons, using massive magic isotopes and forming a huge map to attempt to seal Lin Sheng.

But brushed out by Lin Sheng a Saint Force Ocean. The print chart will be completely dispersed in the instant.

Second, a few of the sharp high-hands men came to assassinate with a powerful mystery.

One of them was a black woman with gold lance, with a bullet in his life, allowing Goldlance to blow up golden light.

golden light looks like a giant bird phantom like Phoenix.

lance Lightning is generally in Lin Sheng's chest.

Finally, it worked out that Lin Sheng's armor was broken.

Unfortunately, after white armor breaks, more tenacious darkness was revealed.

The Devil Emperor finally collapsed.

The demonic Spirits at the first ranker level of the demonic Spirits, who finally answered Lin Sheng's request.

The power of the Devil King is equal to that of the ordinary three Secrets ranker, and that is why Lin Sheng wants to put his income under control.

At any time, an ranker is an essential fighting force.



The Devil King is attached, the next day.

The vibrant ring, the roots of the original Beatrix, the tree crown hall.

Lin Sheng is following the Devil King and is on the edge of the lobby.

It's just this demon King, something different than Lin Sheng thought before.

After she was scattered, Lin Sheng finally saw what her face was.

The King of the Demon has the body of a good curve, with a seamless footage.

Just, she has no five officers on her face, and only one of them has over 90 per cent of the face's green eyes.

Large eyeballs sometimes turn around and appear to be watching the surrounding situation.

“The entire demon empire has about 3 million people. Of these, 40,000 were able to participate in fighting.

A compact demon, about 3,000.

In the boundaries of the empire, there are demons, humans, and part of the blood of the forest giants. The most recent census of population statistics was three years ago. "

People here are much richer than Cafipo. It's just for Lin Sheng to try all sorts of tests.

“Where's the library here? Take me. ”Lin Sheng thought the first time, it was a book.

For him, the book is the most true thing in the world.

“Library?”The Devil King has carefully identified the meaning of the term, and it is now clear that it is used to hide books.

“Please come with me.”The eyes of the Devil King are calm, and there is no difference in sight.

She walked forward, Lin Sheng walked behind, and both went through the lobby and went through a subway in the back.

After entering the tunnel, we went around some of the same rocks as the maze.

The two people are in the ground of the vibrant ring, enough to go a few minutes later.

Finally, the place is here.

That's a place like a tomb.

The walls of grey white, the ground of grey white, the cat who guarded the deceased sculpture.

And grey white sculptures and flowers.

Just different from the general tomb, there's no living here, and it looks like it hasn't been opened for a long time.

The eyes of the Devil King remain unchanged, standing at the entrance and starting to introduce them.

“This is the cemetery of the demon, a total of over 4,000 books. Each book is a great one. My lord can read it at any time. "

“There's no record of other caves coordinates."Lin Sheng's aim is essentially to find other coordinates like the Demonic Spirits hole.

“I don't know.”The Devil King shakes his head. Although she promised to join Lin Sheng, she apparently did not want to, but merely ask for it.

Looking at the many booklets before it, Lin Sheng slowly approached and started looking for a book of interest to himself.

Nor did he say anything after he found the correspondence shelf, but he looked at a book in silence.

Soon, more than an hour.

Lin Sheng's head, a thick skin cover in his hand, is slowing down.

The Devil King is waiting for him to be quiet.

During this time, Lin Sheng looked at one, and she picked up one.

Lin Sheng, every time he's done, will be gentle in writing.

And then this book grew up with white wings, shaking like little Angel, before it flew to the shelf.

Lin Sheng keeps looking, soon, one day passed.

Finally, he finally got a new harvest.

This harvest is not actually the coordinates of other Demonic Spirits caves.

It's a Lin Sheng that didn't even think about anything.

One shouldn't be here, something in the demon empire.

“What is this?”Lin Sheng raised a series of white stone chains found from the book.

That necklace is kind of amazing, silver's necklace, with an egg white stone.

white stones are burning a pure white flame.

That's Saint Force!

(This chapter is over)

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