430. Chapter 430

Chapter 430

“Saint Force?”

The demon King also recognized the flame within this chain, which belongs to the power system, which has just crushed the entire demon empire, including her, on the ground.

So she had to be impressed.

“Don't know.”She thought carefully, and she didn't recall any clues to this chain. “In my original memory, this library is not such a chain. ”

“So, is it possible to activate this necklace because of my arrival? A dissent? ”Lin Sheng guess.

“…"The Devil King is silent to the right.

Lin Sheng didn't think that the passage coordinates were in hand, and he was afraid that the Lord of the Demon would not listen.

If he was not satisfied, the demon empire could be extinguished at once.

While he recently absorbed enough souls, he did not exclude more.

This thing is like money, naturally, much better.

So for the survival of the demon empire, the king of the demon must, in any event, listen very well.

“Investigate the history and leads of this chain.”Lin Sheng said. "As soon as possible. ”

“Yes.”The Devil King is low, turning around and leaving.

Lin Sheng stayed here alone, and soon there was another substitute waiter who was specifically ordered to serve him.

Leaving off the necklace, Lin Sheng started a conscious reading of those ancient books that were long gone.

It was surprising to him that the history of the demon Empire had been rather long, and even books had come from the last thousand years.

One of these books, called Spirit City, documented a series of demons that had happened in the history of major events.

The record of the book was suspended two hundred years ago, and it has been interrupted until now.

Lin Sheng is a lover, and he reads it carefully.

The other books have not been harvested for the time being, and he has sophisticated several books that will be of interest to move to the desk and sit down and look at them slowly.

The flow of time here is nearly six times the reality, and he has ample time to look at the information slowly here.

Soon, the spiral city has gradually been turned over to the end page.

Just going to the last pages, Lin Sheng suddenly whispered and stopped looking.

“This sound…"He wrinkles at a page that has just been overlooked, and what's up there, according to Demonic Spirits, seems to be somewhat curious about familiarity.

He tried to read it down.


– What?

“It's…Anseria came here too? ”Lin Sheng stood up. God is serious.

This is very close to the real world he is now in, just a Cafipo Demonic Spirits hole.

“If Anseria really came here, then Black Tide in reality would have gone by.

Because this represents the world in which Black Feather City is located, it is likely that it is not far from realistic. ”

Lin Sheng came back to the cemetery a few steps and stopped again.

He retrieved the book and went on reading it.

‘…Friend Anseria, solemnly warned me, etc., about the great threat and deadly danger to Black Tide and the Black Sea.

And leave a message that if the truth in Black Tide is to be found, it can go to an indefinite city. She left behind the clues she ever got.

I have doubts about that, Black Tide, and the Black Sea, which seems to be real, but I do not believe that there will be such a powerful threat to destroy everything.

Anseria did not argue with me, but left the hope of seeking a redemption, and then left a message to the unlimited city.

And then I've never seen her again. Maybe she left, maybe…It's dead. "

The contents contained in the book are over here.

Lin Sheng carefully checked the pages and walls of the entire book and made sure there was nothing hidden in the wallet and what happened to the bridge.

He then put down the book to collate most of the information recorded in the book.

“Anseria came here, and left a message to go to the infinite city…Where's the infinite city again? ”

He has shown that he is close to some of the clients besides him, who are the secretarial administrators of the treasures that the Devil King has reserved specifically.

Because of the regular caretaker's office, the manager is quite knowledgeable and very old, and a white beard has been dragged to his knees, and it seems a bit of a mess.

Hearing Lin Sheng's question, the waiter pinned a white beard and said, "An unlimited city…If I'm right, you should say seven orders. The city once had an exonym. It was an unlimited city. ”

“Seven orders? Can you elaborate? ”

“Yes.”The waiter thought about it.

“The Seven Orders are an ancient city that has been lost for a long time, a vast mysterious city that once existed in a gap. Survivors who had many gaps were living in them.

But then suddenly, one day, without sign, the whole seven orders lost their whereabouts. No one ever saw it again. ”

“Know why?"

“Well…It was assumed that there had been significant changes in the gap. It was assumed that they themselves had variables.

We also used to have scholars trying to open the road to the Seven Orders, but that road was a dangerous gap between chaos and chaos. We can't pass. ”The waiter explained.

Lin Sheng's gone.

The gap between the lines is too much chaos, just like the lines, and there's no way to get close or pass.

He also inquired carefully on several occasions about the records and information of indefinite towns and Anseria.

Unfortunately, nothing has been gained.

In the meantime, he began to focus his attention on looking at the demon Empire power system.

The demon empire is quite simple and rough.

All Superman, once a contract has been concluded with the demon, will become the so-called demon Warrior.

And the demon Warrior is generally classified as steel, white silver, gold. And the Lord.

The Devil King is called the Lord. That's the ranker level. It's just that the dominant nature here is completely different from ranker.

The dominant battles, mainly a single type of astronaut, were integrated around the environment, then mobilized all around the Earth's natural forces and suppressed the opponents.

And ranker is a direct contact with Sea Gate, from a remote, very limited maritime connectivity force, a distant repression opponent.

In fact, in contrast, the power of the Lord exceeds ranker, but it is far less lasting than ranker.

Because the power of the heavens and the earth that God can mobilize is very limited.

ranker, in turn, is equivalent to a constant source of spraying rifles, the more water that can be sprayed over time, or even eventually drowned far beyond the control of the dominant.

Lin Sheng focused on the refinement system here.

The demons refine a meditation called Sam's heart.

The rest of the meditation of all kinds and sorts is based on this centrepiece and extends to research.

Lin Sheng focused on integrating this heart into his own refining system.

He intends to try to combine the strengths of both.

And as he's been here for longer, longer and longer.

There is also a growing awareness of Sam's heart.

In his ranker level, realm, in turn, is aware of this meditation, and it is not very difficult in itself.

In addition, Rock Dragon Bloodline was born with the ability to control the soil around the rocks.

Soon, Lin Sheng has a deeper understanding and consciousness of the heart of Sam.

He changed it to the heart of the rock by a slight adjustment. Become his exclusive meditation of Rock Dragon Bloodline.

(This chapter is over)

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