431. Chapter 431

Chapter 431

Except for this, there's nothing else valuable here.

Those techniques are meaningless for him.

He does not care about these knowledge skills anymore after he absorbs large memory fragments.

Many skilled weapons technique laws are used to maximize the power to generate stronger formidable power.

Those skills, 99 per cent of which are actually used for a small amount of demon souls.

Lin Sheng, with his own hands, sends the chaos that formidable power far outweighs the skills to use.

Because these skills are a framework model that strengthens the use, but instead limits the formidable power of Lin Sheng's hand.

He relinquished such skills, but was simply looking at the possibility of building the foundations and preparing for future self-reliance, with reference.

In the demon empire, Lin Sheng was enough for 12 days.

And when he left, all the books of the hideout were turned over by him.

And coincidently, Degar demons found a new passage coordinates and came to report.

Lin Sheng was pleased that the demon King was ordered to unite the powers of the Empire and to connect this path.

Time for a month.

A month of the demon empire, equivalent to four or five days of the real world.

Sorce Lin Sheng handed over instructions, returned to reality for the time being and intended to rest.

He absorbed a lot of his soul in the demonic Spirits Cave Empire and could have a new leisure, summon.

Just now, there are too few powerful people who can summon.

He doesn't want summon's fish trash, but only ranker or six Wings level, can now enter his eyes.

Just don't say ranker, six Wings, and rarely in dreams.

Well, in Lin Sheng is now strong, so he intends to explore it.

The one who did it…

The one who did it…


Lin Sheng slowly opened his eyes and swept around.

He's standing in the living room.

The windows are shining, and there's a cold creepy in the air.

“The home of this dream seems to have been able to maintain the status quo. Ever since I left, it's still what I'm like. "

Lin Sheng slowly turned around in the living room.

He stretched his hand and picked up a piece on the wooden shelf in the corner.

This original sculpture, with the black eagle's cheap plastic flash, became ambiguous here.

A lot of details are like hitting Massack, a piece of crap.

“It's a dream, the details, because my memory is not clear, so it's also a blurred and impossible to return it.

That is, the root cause of the dream, or my memory. ”

“No.”He remembered all his previous experiences.

“It should not be a mere memory, much more like a mix of memories and external information, combined with a delicate area of formation, or a magical venue."

In essence, indigent information can shape a world.

And if the venue is complex to a certain extent, it can shape a world that looks real.

“Information, giving brain stimulus, thereby generating sense, vision, hearing, smell, smell, touch, what is called five senses, is actually created by external stimulus."

Lin Sheng's face is calm.

“Well, if I abandon all the five senses of excitement, the senses outside to be aware of the dream, can I feel something different?"

five senses have a sixth feeling outside, and it may be difficult to find a sixth feeling for ordinary people.

But it's not mysterious for Lin Sheng of Utmost Spirit Sea to communicate with the vast spiritual, intellectual abundance.

Because the essence of the five-senses is actually the sense of the body.

And what is called the sixth sense, it means is the most basic vision of the soul.

Brilliant vision.

The soul also has five senses.

Spirit, vision, it's all from this.

“So…Let me see, in memory, there's a technology that opens the mind. It's just the most basic use of souls, a little modification… "

Lin Sheng, slow down your eyes.

“To shield the flesh, to understand the world with pure souls…"

One moment later, he opened his eyes again.

Everything right now, brakes turn into another look.

The living room is still the living room.

But the wall, which had been clean, had become a rusty flash, and it was always possible to get rid of the old look of the walls.

The floor is surrounded by fragmented blood, and in some places there is even a black hole.

The air floats everywhere with the same grey turf as a Maoist.

These vortex will sometimes pass out a while of human talk. Some are songs, animals screaming, musical noises, etc.

Lin Sheng probably figured out what those grey turtles were.

He didn't listen to these things, but looked up outside the window.

There was a red light window out there. It's time to see the landscapes clearly.

Outside the window is a red creepy fog.

In the fog there is a huge pillar of the earth, far above the earth.

That huge pillar seems to be living, slowing down from time to time, issuing strange and low clouds.

Lin Sheng slowed down to the balcony window. Took note of the windows' seals and had begun to infiltrate the slightest red fog.

“Seems like my dream home doesn't seem to be completely safe…I can't see before. Now look, it's a loophole everywhere. ”

His fingers are wiped out, and these seals are blocked by Saint Force when they penetrate the red fog.

Lin Sheng injected Saint Force like rubber mud, dead in all the stitches.

And because of his slight increase in concentration in the painting of Saint Force, it's perfectly possible to support more than ten days.

“Be thorough.”Lin Sheng's coming, why don't you just start painting around the house?

It's just this house's sewing too much.

He was so upset to brush behind him.

“Forget it, completely blocked again."

He started releasing Saint Force in a room where Saint Force, regardless of his 3,271, shined with every location in the room.

After a couple of rooms.

The whole dream house is new.

Without the red fog, the floating turf in the air was also dispersed by Saint Force.

Lin Sheng even felt that there was a substantive sense of truth at home.

Environmental issues have been addressed.

He goes back to the window again, staring at the red fog rolling outside.

“Let me see what the hell is out here…”

He pulled the window and jumped out.

Oh, yeah.

Lin Sheng, turn your hands off the window. Lower your feet, steady on the ground of dark red.

He didn't go far. Turn around your house first.

Around the house, Hezbollah is a vast plain.

The plains are all the same dark red soil.

Far from being concealed, a number of stone pillars can be found in the soil.

Lin Sheng, look up in the sky.

In the top sky, under red's screen, a flammable floating island is floating.

These islands are small and burn up on them as if they were not going to extinguish the flame.

The fire spreads large numbers of red light and becomes the only stable source of light in the heavens and the earth.

(This chapter is over)

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