432. Chapter 432, lead 3 (Happy Day for Children)

Chapter 432, lead 3 (Happy Day for Children)

“This place…Isn't it a dream? ”

Lin Sheng frowned, moved towards the pillar of the antenna, slowly walking.

He's got enough power to support him in a little exploring all around.


Just walk out of ten meters.

On the ground, it slowed up a strong Warrior with a black cap.

The black tent Warrior put a black basin in his hand, burning black flames.

There are no five officers in his face, only one color is blurred.

“Like, don't like, disappoint, despair!"

When the Black Battle Warrior saw Lin Sheng, he shouted in pain, and he hit the fire basin with his hands.

Lin Sheng, stretch a little. The fingertip blows a small Saint Light, just blocking the fire basin and popping it back.

On the one hand, the fire basin went back into the black tent Warrior, where black flames burned the whole man up.


The black tent was called Lin Sheng, not close, and was hit in the middle by a Saint Light.

After a blow, the top half of the black tent was crushed and then died.

Soon his body was turned into black smoke, dispersed in the land.

“It's weak…But… ”Lin Sheng's eyebrowing, Lower looking towards his own fingers.

The finger that just released Saint Force, its sophistication, the slightest fragmentation has become a little darker. It seems to have contaminated some dust.

“Not a misunderstanding…Looks like it's got something… "

Lin Sheng stopped stepping and did not move on.

Saint Force is not hostile.

That's what he knows.

Otherwise, Black Feather City will not be defeated when the Temple has power.

This kind of thing can be breakthrough Saint Force, with contagion on him, and it is likely that it is more than Saint Force, or High-Level.

“There can be no further exploration until it is thoroughly studied.”Lin Sheng, slow down, moved towards his own house.

Back to the window, he stretched his hand and opened the window and jumped in. And then back the window.

The plains outside the window, he named them the nightmare plains. Risk is unknown and is not intended to touch for the time being.

Back home, Lin Sheng meditated for a while, trying to disperse the sophisticated grey fingers with Demonic Ability and Saint Force.

But nothing.

Demonic Ability, or Saint Force, seems to have ignored that ashes. Absolutely not working.

It surprises Lin Sheng's heart.

Lin Sheng is still touching on how to deal with changes in fingers until the dream ends.



Separation in the room.

Lin Sheng has slowly come back from the dream.

Get up from the bed, he lift right hand, look towards the top of the food finger.

The skin invisibility and other location are different, relative to the ashes. It's like a little ash.

“Excuse me…Here comes the real… ”Lin Sheng's eyebrows.

But he can't take this gray for a while. Only over and over with Saint Force to wash.

Well, under a large amount of Saint Force brush, combined with the chaos that Sea Gate received, seems to have finally had some effect.

Lin Sheng's finger is grey, and it's finally starting to disappear.

After handling your fingers, Lin Sheng, that's what relaxed is. No nightmares have been explored since the idea was set.

Before identifying the essence of that grey force, he must be careful.

At the research centre, Lin Sheng opened the computer and looked at the consolidated information sent out below.

Today, the entire network of computers in Hindrikara is linked to a closed local network, and it is quite easy to communicate with one another between computers everywhere.

This is also within the cover of Saint Force. That is how convenient it is within the commonly known security zone.

Outside the security zone, even under the ground, there is a risk that monsters may sneak into the attack.

Lin Sheng looked at the information on the computer a little bit, and then changed his clothes and again became Lin Sheng, a student who left the research centre.

Recently, Demonic Spirits had a little bit of a lot of pressure.

So Lin Sheng likes to go to a tea building nearby occasionally, pick up a cup of hot tea, eat some tea, look at movies, play games, relax your feelings.

This tea building was opened by Xiling, and Lin Sheng saw Boss several times, a very good mid-year uncle.

He had a few words with each other, but he had no details. Just know that the other side came from nearby town after the blackTide erupted.

Out of the research centre, Lin Sheng slowly crossed two streets and walked into the ash tea building.

The tea building is rarely evacuated, and there are few guests.

“Get me a single box."He touched members' cards on the counter at the door.

“All right, sir, wait a minute.”The waiter swiftly handles the boxes.

Lin Sheng is going to go upstairs to the usual boxes, and suddenly he's looking at a sweep, and in a lobby he sees a desk of interesting guests.

The table guests were sitting near the corner of the bathroom, three girls, respectively. Two of these girls are neither old nor seem to be under 20.

And the other girl was at least 20. Looks a lot mature. She's wearing red shorts, blue black jeans, pointing out tight bandages of legs and hips.

Of the three girls, the two little ones don't look much up, they're two soybeans.

But the third relatively mature girl is quite sexy.

Of course, it's not possible that Lin Sheng would care so much about every girl under the sky.

Really let him care, right?

“Xie Qiaoyue?”

Lin Sheng had a name in his head.

At Xiling, this Xie Qiaoyue had a great problem for him. Let him almost conflict with Redwing's military.

Redwing's military searched the eagle with Xie Qiaoyue everywhere.

As a result, the Iron Fist Assembly Hotel in Lin Sheng was searched. Then the conflict broke out.

“If you touch it here, then…”Lin Sheng laughed and turned straight moved towards Xie Qiaoyue.

His goal is clear, straight. Soon, the Xie Qiaoyue was noticed.

Xie Qiaoyue himself sat on Lin Sheng's side, and heard a move, and she had a microscopic, looked towards Lin Sheng.

At first she didn't seem to recognize.

But two seconds later.

Her body started shaking.

Five seconds later, her little face was bleak, and she was ready to consider where to run faster.

If she wasn't being chased by that monster, she'd probably run away immediately.

But unfortunately, now this time, she goes out and dies.

And stay here. Faced with Iron Fist Assembly, at least there's a lifeline…


Lin Sheng's hands light on the table before Xie Qiaoyue.

“How did you come from Xiling? Besides, I'd like to hear it. Xiling, how's Salou doing now? ”

He looks like he treats an old friend, with moderate attention to Xie Qiaoyue.

“And what about your blue eagle?"

Xie Qiaoyue is stubborn and unwilling.

“The sea…The sea…Hawks run…Run away… "Grassly nervous, her tongue has begun to end.

“Don't be afraid, don't be afraid…I'll kill you as much as I can. It won't do anything bad to you. ”Lin Sheng comforts.

Xie Qiaoyue, get nervous.

It's not bad to be killed?

“I…I…There's important information to be provided! Please, let me go! ”She's shaking, muscle nerves, tears, snot water, all coming down together.

“Oh? What's the story? ”Lin Sheng came to interest.

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