433. Chapter 433 Recruitment 1

Chapter 433 Recruitment 1

Ten minutes later.

In the tea box.

Lin Sheng and Xie Qiaoyue sit relative.

“Come on, do you have any important information? If you know you're lying to me, you know the consequences. ”

Hillary Kara is Lin Sheng's own exclusive territory, even ranker, here trying to lie to him, and don't want to leave alive.

Not to mention the distinction between a Xie Qiaoyue.

Xie Qiaoyue was encouraged to be like a little chicken, sitting in the seat, fearing to shrink and not to rise his head. The head cheeks are sweating.

If she was faced with that monster who was chasing her, she would also be able to use various means and rhetoric.

So at this point, in the face of this old Iron Fist Assembly owner Lin Sheng, all the smarters she's good at are totally useless burdens.

While the remaining two girls did not know why Xie Qiaoyue was so afraid of Lin Sheng, she was also infected by the tense atmosphere in the trunk at that time. Not at all.

It is clear that Xie Qiaoyue elder sister, who has always been feared to do so, will never be a normal man at the moment.

“Lin…Lin will…I just…That's it. I know one, an important intelligence! It's about 7 Locks Tower! ”

Xie Qiaoyue has prepared a way of thinking, bold start talking.

“Say.”Lin Sheng's eyes are low and appear to have shown little interest.

Xie Qiaoyue is afraid to delay and continue the path.

“7 Locks Tower, full new Black Tide connections to ceremony, the second large-scale ceremony. Once they succeed, the evil temple of the dust world is likely to come true.

By that time, there was no way to stop the world from falling! The reason we're going to be chased is because I unintentionally got seven Locks Tower, the most critical of the ceremony. "

She took a deep breath, and she said it all in a minute. That's not the end of the bus.

“For that reason, seven Locks Tower has been sent for more than a dozen days!”

“And then?”Lin Sheng won't be allowed.

7 Locks Tower is strong, but strong, but what does it have to do with him?

In fact, seven Locks Tower was the loser in the course of the holy temple and seven Locks Tower.

Even if one of the first seven locks was beaten into serious injuries, the guy in possession of the three-colored devil was held in Lin Sheng.

It's really time for 7 Locks Tower to hate the Temple.

“Don't you worry? Once the big ceremony succeeds, the power of Locks Tower will be significantly amplification, and once the temple falls, the whole world will fall down! "

A little girl next door finally couldn't stop talking.

Two little girls, looking at Lin Sheng, have some reluctance to believe.

This is a major disaster in the world, but this person doesn't care about it at all. That's all I can say.

“The world?”Lin Sheng's smiling head, "Do you know how big the world is? Don't you think the whole world is just a country around Pearl Ocean? "

Seriously, around Pearl Ocean, Xiling, Redwing, Oro, etc., national forestry.

But in fact, this is not the whole world.

Pearl Ocean Ocean All around, all continental countries, all around continental countries, and extreme countries.

And the polar countries are surrounded, and that is now a scientific instrument that is not able to explore a clear, strange sea.

The ocean, called the fog sea.

Because on the whole ocean, the yearly clouds cover a fog.

That is to say, the world that is commonly referred to is generally a number of countries around Pearl Ocean. That's all.

If Lin Sheng is heard, the Xie Qiaoyue have some haircut.

Very few people in general have focused their eyes outside the known world.

“But Black Tide's power will be further strengthened, and here, your Iron Fist Assembly, will also be exposed to an insurmountable crisis!”Xie Qiaoyue is in a hurry, and it's not over for a while, but emotional attempts to persuade Lin Sheng.

“I am sure that 7 Locks Tower will not suddenly provoke and dispute with us. After all, our temple is a just organization that loves peace. ”

Lin Sheng laughed.

“By the way, I now belong to the Temple, and I am one of the researchers in charge of the research work in Henrikara.”

“But! If it's yours…I'm sure I can protect that letter. ”Xie Qiaoyue, the more excited, shouted out his intentions.

“A letter?”Lin Sheng smiled at you, and was just about to open his mouth.

Suddenly he smiled and looked towards the door.

The wooden door closed did not block his strong sense of consciousness.

Outside the door, on the stairs of the tea building, a man with a skull, is slowly approaching.

He's wearing black back, with his hands on a fist. Step on the stairs, face calm, face with black inks, pencil moving towards Lin Sheng's box.

As he moves forward, an invisible line of sharp wire is flown from around him.

All the silk flights are organized into a great prototype that protects him in the right direction.

And a little closer around, when men are approaching, there will be no good sudden thinking about what's going on, and then leave quickly.

Soon, the whole second floor was boiling, but after the man came up, absolute silence was quick.

The waiters are fine, the customers are fine. They're all famous about what to do, and they leave early.

Less than five minutes, the entire second floor left only one man in the mirror.

He slowed the pencil straight, moved towards Lin Sheng's four boxes close.

Soon, five meters away from the cabin door. Camera men suddenly stopped their feet.

His eyes under the mirror seem to pass through this door, and Lin Sheng in there is a remote view.


The doors are slowly open from inside.

Lin Sheng came out slowly from inside.

Naturally, he didn't come out for other reasons, but he felt like this mirror man, so he came out.

As soon as the door came out, Lin Sheng noticed the mistakes on the second floor of the tea building, and there were just a lot of people, and it now seemed to be a cold place in the city.

“Who are you?”Lin Sheng was curious to stare at the ink man.

In Hindrikara, there is the power of the Temple to suppress radiation.

All those who do not belong to the Saint Force system will be subjected to a hierarchy that is hard to survive.

That is, four Wings will be crushed into three Wings and three Wings will be plunged into wings. In such a way.

And this man now makes Lin Sheng feel a lot of danger.

At this level, he is already very powerful enough to make him feel dangerous.

Just let Lin Sheng quickly return to God that danger to each other does not seem to really make him feel the threat.

And just give people a dangerous warning and signal.

Simply speaking, it's scary enough.

The essence of each other's abilities is to transmit information that is dangerous and threatening to others.

Rather than being powerful in his own power, he could have created fear.

Unlike ranker's natural power field, this dangerous climate does not create a fundamental gap.

Just a piece of information.

(This chapter is over)

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