434. Chapter 434 Recruitment 2

Chapter 434 Recruitment 2

Heard Lin Sheng's inquiries that the ink man did not answer, but rather looked through Lin Sheng and looked for Xie Qiaoyue in the room.

“Still running away?What does this have to do in addition to wasting time? ”

His voice is low, with a spirit of tolerance and tranquility.

It's not good to be ignored.

Lin Sheng thought he was a very large man, but then he was ignored by the other side, and his heart rose up.

“Am I asking you, or is your ears deaf?"He's silent, but he's already filled with dissatisfaction.

This is Henrikara. In his holy capacity, even if it was Principal Benne University, it would not have been so embarrassed.

“I'm taking her.”The Camera man finally noticed Lin Sheng's presence, but he still had nothing to change, but raised his hand, pointing to Xie Qiaoyue behind Lin Sheng.

“Are you asking or threatening?”Lin Sheng picked the eyebrows.

“It's a request.”Camera boy calmly said.

“Too bad.”Lin Sheng laughed, “I can't allow it."

Let's not say that he intends to learn from Xie Qiaoyue about the situation at Xiling. It's just that there's really no need, no one else's attitude.

He wouldn't let anyone give it to each other.

The ink man was answered by Lin Sheng to stay on foot.

“You're not allowed to…Who are you? ”

He looked at Lin Sheng through the mirror.

“You came to my place and you didn't know who I was?”Lin Sheng Hitdly said.

The mirror man is silent.

“Still don't want to say your identity?”Lin Sheng walked out of the compartment and stuck the ink mirror man up.

This guy seems very traditional. Wearing dresses, like a decade ago, are tight and even naked.

The clothing is also very serious and old, like a motorcyclist more than 10 years ago. Just one helmet.

“Again, are you sure you're blocking me?"The mirror man is crying again.

Lin Sheng lightly smiled, stretching.

His hands are as pure as corn and can be seen in the dark veins and arteries under his skin, and at this point he stretches his hand forward.

A huge intangible force, accompanied by his capture, was instantaneously surrounded by a mirror male formation.

This force is acting weird, and it's not safe to guard.

The ink man didn't react at all, and all around the sharp wire formed a defensive field to resist that power.


The two forces collide instantly and pass out the sharp noise when metals are distorted.

“Type one.”Lin Sheng was surprised by the slight bend of the ink mirror man, the massive build-up of the sharp wire next to him, into a tower shield.

Then he struck his feet, and his body hit Lin Sheng with a huge shock.

This shock is strong, and even Lin Sheng's natural powerful field can't be suppressed.


It's just a blink, and the mirror guy comes to Lin Sheng, and the right leg is sweeping.


Lin Sheng, get your hands out of the way. Hands at the same time want to grab each other's legs.

“Type two.”The mirror man is crystal again.

Under one umbrella, his body grew sharply, bringing together a series of Remnant Shadow.

Then he was sinked in the body and went around Lin Sheng moved towards Xie Qiaoyue.

“Good.”Lin Sheng issued a compliment, and the same instantaneous rate of escalation.

As ranker, he naturally does not rely solely on the ranker field that has been distributed by nature.

His true strength lies in himself.

It's just a body shake, and once again he's blocking each other, and his arm's ringing.

Bang bang bang bang!

The two guys collided under a brake.

The entire box was completely overwhelmed by the explosion that had been launched at the time of confrontation.

The tremendous wave shocked Xie Qiaoyue's three girls with a dizzy eye and a pair of ears.

Ten seconds short, just like a few minutes ago.

The victory is finally clear.

Lin Sheng has a light hand on the right shoulder of the ink man with a sword.

kāchā was screaming, the ink man was on the right shoulder bone, he was shattered, and he was stuck deep in the floor by hard life.


His face was white, and he sprayed a big piece of blood. The breath fell down soon.

“It hurts fast!”Lin Sheng was full of comfortable screams.

It's been a long time since that kind of activity was cradled.

Ever since Saint Force was rehabilitated, his boxing fur, the cold-weapons kung fu, has been around and has not been used in the land.

neither Demonic Ability, or Saint Force.

All because of the killing and destruction of these two forces, there is too much physical power.

Lin Sheng has been unable to kill people at all times.

But this is different.

The mirror man can ignore ranker's field without repressing himself, and he's got Rock Dragon Bloodline for more than a minute.

It's pretty hard already.

Lin Sheng himself, even though he did not use Demonic Ability and Saint Force, he did not use Rock Dragon Bloodline's prototype and innate talent capabilities to fight only on his own feet.

It's probably enough to fight him for so long, and this man, at least six Wings level, has power.

“It's hard…”Lin Sheng looking towards the ink man.

And then suddenly a six-Wings high hand came out, and now the world seems to be getting more interesting.

Six Wings is not a big white dish. Even in 7 Locks Tower, six Wings is sufficient to serve as the centre of a small battle.

It's the elite who belongs to the general level.

But now, after a Xie Qiaoyue, a six Wings was used.

“Tell me, where are you from?”Lin Sheng looked at him as a serious wound, deep into the ink man in the floor, sparing a pleasant question.

“…"The ink man does not speak and does not seem to have any meaning of answering questions.

At a time when the Xie Qiaoyue three people were seen chasing their mirror male monsters, Lin Sheng's hard life was reborn.

The three people are showing incredible colors on their faces.

“Don't you talk?”Lin Sheng raised his hand again. "Take it down. ”

Ha, ha.

Two groups of black cigarettes are shaped by him and turned into red Warrior.

“Yes.”The two people responded very low, and then up there, pulled the ink man out of the floor, down the stairs.

Fighting is taking place here, and the patrols are coming out of the tea building, as are regional patrols.

The ink man was taken away soon by a regional patrol downstairs and detained in dangerous and cruel clean-up trials.

The so-called Cleaner Court, in fact, has changed a name in prison.

Lin Sheng once again left the sight on Xie Qiaoyue when he solved the mirror.

“Say it. Who is he? How did he get it? ”

“He's seven Locks Tower's top hand.”The twin tail girl side by side can't stand to speak out.

“If it's 7 Locks Tower people, it won't be so kind to enter Hindrikara. It is also possible to use such a difficult range of capacity under the general public of the Tribunal.

So tell me everything, I can give you asylum if you want. ”

Lin Sheng will do whatever he wants.

After all, Rikara has eaten a great deal of money at the temple, and why not send his hands so easily.

And most importantly, Lin Sheng didn't see that ink guy knew himself.

It seems completely unclear to each other what Etrikara means for other superiors.

A silence at the door of the box.

Xie Qiaoyue's eyes shine, apparently she just lied.

(This chapter is over)

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