435. Chapter 435 Recruitment 3

Chapter 435 Recruitment 3

The atmosphere was quiet for a while.

Finally, one of the three girls can't stop talking.

“In any case, the letter of elder sister Yueyue is in peace throughout the world, and you're helping her out, so you don't make it our own business?”

“elder sister Yueyue is struggling for us all. How about a little help? ”These horses girls don't get along.

“Kim, stop it!"Xie Qiaoyue, pull the corner of the tail.

“I'm going to say! I've had it for a long time! All of them, one of them, that's all! It's clear that that thing is safe for all, but at the end we're just struggling.

So many people, so many more powerful than us, where are they? Why must we be in trouble with this thing on our back? Why? ”

Double horses seem to have suffered much in other places, the more sad, the more angry.

“And then?”Lin Sheng, look at this little guy, "You can lose it. Someone forced you to take that thing? ”

Double horses stagnated.

“Throw it away! Who's responsible for the consequences? You? ”She screams. “And once the world really falls down, you're responsible for this? "


Just remember the light on the cheeks of the twin tail girl.

Her head was drained by great power to turn a half-circle, with a bloody teeth throwing out of her mouth.

One ear after the other.

Everything, quiet.

“I can't say you.”Lin Sheng laughed, “But I can kill you."

The twin tail girl is shaking, and that makes sense that this man is not a good man or woman.

The methods and forces of each other just now clearly belong to individuals that are not subject to any restrictions.

“This is a message!”

Xie Qiaoyue on the side of the plane. I don't know where to touch a piece of yellow rock.

If this rock is thrown in the ground, no one will bend.

At this juncture, rocks lie in the hands of Xie Qiaoyue and have a living heart vibrant.

“If you want, I can give it to you.”Xie Qiaoyue is serious. “Once taken over, however, the forces behind this thing will continue to send strong men for murder. ”

“This thing…”Lin Sheng looked closely at this yellow stone. It's a funny color on your face.

“Who told you that this was about 7 Locks Tower's big ceremony?”

“Well…”Xie Qiaoyue, come quickly, listen to Lin Sheng's tone, which does not seem to be as he knows.

“What do you mean?”She can't hold her voice down.

Lin Sheng laughed.

“If I'm right, this thing should be one of some kind of powerful creatures, in the body's central organs. Or heart, or other.

And 7 Locks Tower or something big ceremony, it should be a little bit of a relationship. ”

“What? It's not possible! ”Both horses and another girl on the side are unbearable to change colors.

They had worked hard to protect good stones, and were now told not to be a big ceremony.

Isn't that what they've been protecting and trying to do all this time?

“Something I took first.”Lin Sheng, you're welcome to take that mysterious yellow stone and turn around and leave the box.

As far as Xie Qiaoyue is concerned, as long as they are still here, they cannot escape his surveillance.

Get out of here, come back and get a good piece of stuff that doesn't know how to go.

Lin Sheng is in a good mood.

Throw stones into the holy water and then he went into Demonic Spirits again. Go to Kaffepo.

The one who did it…

The one who did it…

Redwing, Southern Plateau.

Broadly green grass.

There are countless black air rolling, and there are sometimes variable horses in the black air, walking on the grass, and screaming sharply.

In the depth of the grass, seven Locks Tower's seven lockers, standing in a circle, singing a magic spell of unknown languages.

A black cigarette under their feet is constantly moving around them.

Time goes by in a second.

I don't know how long it took.

Finally, throughout the grass, countless black air speed movtowards a few people came together, forming a black lake under their feet without a waist.

Seeing this scene, a few people singing harder, seems to be faster.


Suddenly the earth shakes up.

In the dark fog beneath the feet of several people, it slowed up with a giant object.

That giant thing first showed up a head. And then it's the body, and it's the bottom seat.

This huge giant of over 30 metres.

It's a giant rock arch that's shattered with grey fog.

“First, finish.”

Somewhere far away, a pair of eyes stare at this huge stone door.

“Three, once successful, everything will be reworded. Everything! ”

That vision is too strong to be human.

“So, what about Locks Tower's request?”Another voice is late to doubt.

“Tie it first. The monarchs are not sealed, and we're not going to be able to do anything again. "


Two voices are slowly silent.

The one who did it…

The one who did it…

Lin Sheng had Degar magicians, and the King of the Demon, the two strong.

These two are six Wings, one ranker.

And now he's ready to open the third Demonic Spirits hole.

Good for the demonic Spirits. At this time, his exclusive harvesting of gardens has been achieved.

Because Demonic Spirits is a source of recurrence.

These regenerated Demonic Spirits will be shot on site, and then Demonic Spirits will be collected for Lin Sheng.

Large land is in hand, Lin Sheng can absorb hundreds of Demonic Spirits almost daily.

Although they are ordinary Demonic Spirits, they are better than pure and stable.

The third Demonic Spirits corridor was soon opened, and access to conquest was not a major obstacle.

This Demonic Spirits hole has hardly formed a strong Demonic Spirits.

Only some of General Demonic Spirits fought around and were directly crushed by the forces ordered by Lin Sheng.

The third hole was occupied in half a day by the coalition forces of Kafibo and the demon empire.

The short reality lasted two days and a half a day.

Lin Sheng was a little delayed, then he went in, and the third hole was over.

And then we're looking for the fourth hole.

Lin Sheng ordered that the demon empire be centred and searched for four sides.

The classics are good, and the clues are good, and Lin Sheng is not missing as long as they are about the fourth Demonic Spirits hole.

Just searching for two days in a row.

That's the Demonic Spirits hole over 12 days.

Finally, the coordinates of the fourth hole found a clue from a strange stone in the demon empire.

Lin Sheng remains an old rule to rectify the high hands of the first three Demonic Spirits caves. And then a massive influx goes in and say it.

Just this time, it seems different from the previous one.

Major Demonic Spirits, who entered the first place, suffered extremely serious shocks and suffered heavy losses.

Only two General Demonic Spirits died because they were defensive.

But that's the case, both of them, General Demonic Spirits, are also scars everywhere.

The two seem to have been frightened, with some weird words in their mouth. Spirit is a little uncomfortable.

Lin Sheng stood in front of two General Demonic Spirits, and the face was somewhat ugly.

He sent a grand army before! But now, just two in front?

So many Demonic Spirits have been swallowed by the fourth Demonic Spirits hole?

(This chapter is over)

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