436. Chapter 436 Preamble

Chapter 436 Preamble

Fourth Demonic Spirits hole.

The red clouds of the sky, when they come together, spread apart.

Ground dry heat, full of crack tattoos. The earth is a blood red, and there is no margin.

This is not the same as the other caves.

The land here is a positive shape, floating in the right center, all around the dark Tide fog.

On the land, there is a tiny hill.

Without countless bones, a mountain of bones up to several hundred meters.

around the bone mountains of pure-white colored, the same creatures are flying around half of the transparent bugs.

These bugs drag long snakes, long wings, with a white skull on the top.

They danced on the one hand, and they screamed like human crying on the other.

hua la.

At the top of the Mountain, it suddenly slowed up a red hair man with scars.

Men were upside by side, and a long hair was tied to the top of the horse and placed behind it.

He's full of unknown scars and blood. But in their eyes there are lazy and indifferent.

“Ah…It's over again. ”

Men look at the sky, furans.

“Just feel like there's a living here, and I'm coming right now. As a result…I don't want to kill you at all.It's boring… ”

He had a residual bone knife in his hand and stood up on his shoulder.

Then take a private look around.

“I think it's okay to do it again…Why don't you sleep? ”The man's heart swept out of this idea.

He's ruled this Demonic Spirits hole for too long.

At first, he was a good ruler, the handsome Demonic Spirits. But as time moves, he's boring.

He could no longer be happy with pure rule. So he ruined everything he created.

In countless pain, fear, and mourning, he slaughtered his own Demonic Spirits cave and, together, several of the surrounding caves.

There was thus a strong response immediately.

In the last Demonic Spirits hole in his massacre, the strongest people there, united, launched a taboo that completely blocked the hole in which men were located.

Such a ban is strong, leaving men completely out of the interior.

So time has slowed down the past.

Until the previous few days, an unknown channel was opened to exports.

A lot of Demonic Spirits came in here, and the team had just completed the prototype and had been hit by men.

And then it's stopped massacres.

“Funny…That's ridiculous. ”

Men rise up and are ready to sit down again and continue to play how many bones are under their butts before they go on.


Suddenly there was a slight flash, coming from the ground near the bone mountains.

Although there were several hundred meters away from men, he was still standing up and looking for it.

“Is there something else?”His eyes are full of expectations.

If the boredoms of the previous millennium made him almost crazy, then the massive influx of Demonic Spirits, who was a long time ago, once again gave him a sense of curiosity and expectation of the world.

“What is it? I'm looking forward to…It's boring, it's a little bit of water this time, and leave a few things behind. ”

Men lick some dry lips, stepped down, and the whole man flew away and moved towards that direction of quiet.


Soon again, it's a scream.

Uh-huh.A red light burned out of the sound, forming a round diagram.

the red light slowly appeared, and then, the Demonic Spirits of a fantastic monster struggled to get out of red light.

These Demonic Spirits have some kind of wolf cats or lions tiger. Others are completely a mixture of creatures.

And there's even a lot of weird shape, like one of them, Demonic Spirits, and his head is a big teapot.

There's also a Demonic Spirits hands, a soft organizer whip like a nose.

More Demonic Spirits is basically the lights, no human face.

Demonic Spirits, the sea volume, was haunted out of a big crowd.

They opened their teeth, like a monster flood, into this demonic Spirits hole full of bones.

“Here we go again! Hahahaha! ”

Men laugh, eyes come out of intense black air.

He pushed the bone knife down from the air and crashed into a large flood of Demonic Spirits.

There are no counts, no secrets, just pure skulls, and every one of them he can wave out of terrifying's giant knife.

The invisible violent force blade seems to have some unknown power to unite all the Demonic Spirits involved into two.



A man cuts two pieces of a big Demonic Spirits, two metres tall, kicking his back and kicking up Demonic Spirits, who wants to poke it.

“It's useless! That's my ability! The touch is a cut! Hahaha! ”

He laughed at a knife and then a knife, and crazy killing came out of Demonic Spirits.

Whatever it is, Demonic Spirits is fine, the Demonic Spirits attack is good, even the pure energy attack.

They can't support half the round under his knife.

“That's it!”

It is at this point that the red light swing suddenly fired a green light, precisely beating a man's skull.

Soon, the vortex loaned out of the demon King's perfect, pure fibre silhouette.

She was dressed with a brand green palm with green crystals on her head that symbolized the Lord of the Demon. Hands hold the natural legs that twist like the dead trees.

“In your power and position, the killing of these ordinary Demonic Spirits is so much less than the bottom line?"Prince coldly said.

Men stopped the massacre, and Demonic Spirits around them withdrew from fear and dared not to attack again.

Demonic Spirits, while withdrawing, did not dare truly flee.

Because once they get away, Prince Demonic Spirits, Lin Sheng, behind them, will never let them go.

The only end that awaits them is to be killed into Demonic Spirits, and King Demonic Spirits.

“The bottom line?”Men laugh, “Just fun, bottom line or something, meaningful?"

“It seems that it should be you who massacred the advance troops before. So, take it! ”The Devil King no longer speaks, raising the cane lightly.

A circle of green rings spread sharply from the top of the cane, at an extremely exaggerated rate, immediately covering the range of thousands of metres of the square.

“Spinning words!"

The Devil King started surgery.

Thousands of Black Green Fury spreads from the ground of a thousand metres, growing out for no reason, and dead and dead surrounded men's legs.

“The fog of depletion."

And then a circle of blurred blackpurple was turned into an arrow, and it died on the throne of the demon.


And then a little bit of transparent blue light goes away.

“Break the flowers.”

The last is a pure black, and the surface is left with a little flower, which is naturally open in front of a demon.

(This chapter is over)

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