437. Chapter 437 Preamble 2

Chapter 437 Preamble 2

In a very short period of time, the Devil King released a number of tactics.

During the same period, there was a black purple tattoo on men, and blue fluorescent was flowing in the forehead. Behind it is a great black flower.

This is all the power of a number of magic laws that are gathered at the same time as men. Such a result, instead of being a general superintendent of Demonic Spirits, is definitely a dead situation.

But the man raised the knife, and he yelled at the front knife.


The bone knife in his hand was crushed into countless powder. At the same time, at the expense of skulls. Instead, it is a dangerous force of wild sharp power.

The ravage and transparent blade of the skull crossed several dozen meters in an instant, and the pen directly hit the invisible spiritual barrier in front of the demon.


The barrier was broken, the demon was creepy, retreated, quickly lifted the cane, just before it came.


A little crumbling, the cane's surface is invisible, a little crumbling. Apparently cut out.

“Have you ignored my magic?"She's got a hard eye, she's moving the cane, and she's releasing the energy again.

In the case of Demonic Spirits, she has the same heterogeneous abilities as her own unique and unmatched.

well, normally, she never had to do that, but at this moment, she was really heartbeat. Because of the demonic Spirits, which had previously been slaughtered by men, there were soldiers belonging to her demon Empire.

“So…Fuck you! ”The Devil King is about to redeploy completely to the body's abilities.

“Forget it. Let me do it.”

Suddenly, in the red light vortex behind her, she stretched an arm, steadily on the shoulder of the demon.

“The blade of hunting!"But no matter how many men are, he's tall, he's got drunk smiles on his face, and he's got a bone knife again in his hand, and he's up and down.

A little brown light, shining out of his skull blade.

“Storm increase!”


The skull suddenly grew up, over two metres long, to more than five metres. At the same time, the size of the blade has become more and more extensive.

The giant bone knife fell to the Dered light King before the turbo.

“Nice power.”

Behind the Devil King, a prick of silhouette stepped out the vortex and stretched his hand.

The pure eyes burn up in his hand. silhouette's hand is perfect to catch a bone knife.


The knife was interconnected, and strong air flows were blown all around.

“I appreciate you.”Lin Sheng slows his head, and black hair shines in a dark golden eye.

“Come to me and surrender your strength to this, just wasting your life."

Men laugh and want to pull back the bone knife, but find out that their power is not Lin Sheng's opponent.

And he looked at it, and showed it more crazier smile on his face.

“I am the devil, Sayuta! Are you trying to make me obey you? Subordinate to you? "

He's got all his muscle crazy worms, and the bones under his skin make a lot of crystal noises.

a Subject to his skin Breakthrough Thrust.


In that brake, countless skeletons burst out of the devil.

Every scratch goes far beyond the impact of artillery shells, densely packed bones stabbing at least hundreds of lines, and the hectares cover all the perimeters.

Up or down, there's no missing or dead corner.

“Is that your response?”Lin Sheng stood still, and the overlapping erection of the front raised a solid wall.

A wall was stabbed by bones, followed by a second, third, fourth…

Uncounted land walls also appeared around and began to surround them.

Bombs and walls confront each other and consume them.

Lin Sheng was just standing still, not doing any more. His Rock Dragon Bloodline today has been added to the floor because of breakthrough ranker.

breakthrough ranker, after numerous chaos in communication, has a crucial role to play in the enhancement and upgrading of Lin Sheng's physical integrity.

His Rock Dragon Bloodline is now able to manipulate itself.

Even the unimaginable land walls continue to float, even beginning to extend to the sky, where the man who calls himself evil is to be packed.

the wall formed by the dark red soil is likewise dark red.

At this point, dark red's mud is about to form a hemispheric cover. Throw the evil king in it.

“On the bones of the stab!”

The two hands of the devil, the twin bones, were quickly integrated together, twisted into a sharp white bone.

He tightened his bone stab, and he went ahead with all his energy.


The sharp bone stabbed through a continuum of 3-Layer earth walls. He was also carrying him through the 3-Layer Wall.

“Break!”The evil king laughs.


A massive shock, accompanied by countless skulls, broke out in the mud hemisphere.

The whole mud hemisphere collapsed under the Big formidable power explosion.

Lin Sheng didn't manipulate mud anymore, but just stand by and watch.

“You…A little harder to keep it locked. Why didn't you just… "The Devil King can't hold his voice down and ask.

“No need.”Lin Sheng calmly said. "I want him dignified right on my knees. Obey me, obey me. "

He went forward and moved towards the evil king who just struck out of the walls.

As we move forward, Lin Sheng has slowly covered a pure Saint Force.

As in the case of Saint Force, the ocean in general, under his strong soul control, is covered by hard-working repression. The same exaggeration effect as the institutionalization of Saint Force.

This is not the magical effect of the rendezvous, but the protection of Saint Force, which Lin Sheng was able to carry out in purely large quantities of souls and hard life.

“Kill!"The evil king shouted, hung up a bone knife in his hand, jumping up, moving towards Lin Sheng.


Lin Sheng raised his hand alone, blocked the blade and dumped it with his hands.


The devil Wonton time was thrown out by the great terrifying rocks, wrecked over ten circles on the ground and dragged out a deep black divide.

“Kill!"He didn't stop, just climbing up, shaking up, swimming at speed, cutting down to Lin Sheng.

This time, he launched his own special abilities – touching the severance.

Everything he touches will be split into two, and cut into two.


This time, under a special capacity, the bone knife of the devil cut off the thin Saint Force on Lin Sheng.

But he was shocked by the fact that he had just cut a layer of Saint Force, and that there was about 2nd-layer Saint Force.

Cut 2nd-layer Saint Force, and there's three rd-layer Saint Force on the top.

In that tiny distance of only a few centimetres, a layer of Saint Force, has continued, until 7-Layer.

The bone knife in the hands of the devil was finally powerless and firmly embedded by the death of a powerful, substantive Saint Force.

He has not yet reacted, and he has been hit by an intangible force field.


He flew out, fell far on the bone mountains, and smashed a bone dust.

Aaahhhhhhhhh!He climbed up, swept up rapidly, all the bones of the body, all flown to the surface of the skin, and turned into the same shape as armor.

And then there was a lot of white bones around the skull hills that floated towards him.

The crowd of white bones brings him around and makes him a giant bone of more than 10 metres tall.

“Eventually! The bones! Dead! ”

The evil king brings together a giant bone knife, and lightning is like breaking towards Lin Sheng.

“Holy Sea.”

Lin Sheng stretched right hand, lightly.


The endless Saint Light came out of the ocean and drowned the entire skull together with the bone giants and his knife.

(This chapter is over)

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